October Running

I’m not sure where to begin with my running in October.  I actually ran more then one mile so that is a head start.  I wouldn’t consider it “training” because I’m not training for anything right now. I’m training to recover.  While my runs are injury free, I still consider myself in that awkward limbo of recovering from an injury.  I never know to classify myself as healthy or not in this stage.  I’ll classify myself as healthy with a *.

Last month’s goal was to be able to keep recovering and hopefully run more.  I did run more than September because September I ran one mile and in October I ran 60 miles.

Between running on the Alter G and running outdoors I ran 60 miles.

Total miles: 60 (I ran 60 times more than September)

Alter G miles: 20 (Alter G running thoughts and part 2)

Outdoors miles: 40

Range of paces: 8:45-12:02-untimed

Overall thoughts:

I’m so glad to be getting back on the running track.  The last month has been a  big motivator that I am healing.  I know it sounds repetitive but I am ready to run again.  I will continue to say that.  I am still having dull aches now and again but I have been told that is normal.  The weather this weekend got drastically cold and I could physically feel my foot aching a bit.  I’ve been told that is normal.  Has anyone else noticed they can feel their bones with the weather drastically changes, or am I going crazy?

This month has begun to build my confidence.  As I said on Sunday, it will be a long road to PRing and having any major confidence but it’s a road I’m ready to take.

My goal this month is simple: Build my base.

I want to run easy miles and not worry about time or pace.  Last month I ran miles anywhere between 8:45=12+ pace per mile but I still ran.  I enjoyed my running and I will continue to do the same.  I am in a critical point right now that running too many miles with injure me.  My bones are strong but at the same time, I still have a point that is weak.

All of that being said, I may sign up for a  race.  I would like to get a baseline and see where I am and where I want to go.  It’s hard to create any goals if you have no idea where to begin.  It’s also hard to pick a goal race with no base line.  I have started to look at possible races in the future but I want to get a good sense of where I am right now.

I am hoping that 2015 will be my year of running.  2014 was a great year (life wise) but I am leaving the year with a somewhat sour taste with running.

Anyways this has been my most exciting training post for the last 3 months.  Here is to moving forward and hopefully a more exciting post for November!

October (outside of working out):

Outside of working out, life was all over the place.  Tim got back from a deployment and we had a great time going to Cape May.   I ended up moving 50 minutes down the road (still in NJ).  Work was another solid month and I’ve continued to enjoy that.  I also went to my first blogger event, FitBlogNYC.  Other then that I have truly been a boring person outside of the internet this month.  I haven’t been stressed and I’ve enjoyed life. November will probably be more interesting because of the Holidays and more time to actually do fun activites.

Questions for you:

How were your October workouts?   How was life in October? 

When is your next race?