Run The Bridge 10k

My first “race recap” in a while but no I didn’t run.

This weekend I volunteered at a water stop for the Run the Bridge 10k. The Run the Bridge 10k is a race (as it sounds) that runs over a bridge. You start in Camden, NJ and run over the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia and back over into Camden.

Ben Franklin Bridge



It’s a pretty tough course and the elevation profile reflects that. Not only is the course tough but it seemed like the temperature dropped 30 degrees this weekend and the wind was pretty brutal. So it was a rather tough day.  It was the same day as NYCM.

As a volunteer, I was wearing a base layer followed by arm warmers, a long sleeve and jacket (with gloves and my signature beanie) and was still frozen. Nothing that a bit of coffee couldn’t fix (for about 10 minutes).  Then I was freezing again.

run the bridge 10k

We manned the mile 5 waster stop along the water. We were attempting to set up cups and half of them blew over.  We were along the water so it was forcing more wind towards us.  Cups were flying everywhere!  After figuring out the best method for the actual cups we were set up and prepared to hand them out.  By that time, the leaders were already coming around mile 5.

The leaders came by in a nice tight pack. None of them accepted water.  They were dressed in typical race attire and I froze a bit thinking about them. How do I even race in runderwear? This weather was miserable…I have no idea sometimes…

Shortly after the female leaders came in as well.  They were more spread out. We began passing out more and more water. We were all freezing and weather miserable but having a great time cheering on runners.  I made some successful water passes and unsuccessful but I think that is the nature of running.

I side fived many people who I had helped out with shoes, read LOLZ blog and just liked side fives. I had a great time! By the time 90 minutes passed, people had run past us. It was time to clean up and warm up.  A few friends even stopped and took photos with us!  Shoutout to some out favorite customers!

run the bridge 10k 1

We headed to the Phily diner for coffee, brunch and drinks before work. We watched the NYCM on TV for a bit before heading to each respected store of work.

I had a blast volunteering. There are many blog posts, articles obvious reasons why to volunteer so I won’t ramble away. Without volunteers a race fails to happen and I encourage any runner to do it. You’ll never regret volunteering and helping fellow runners out.

Questions for you:
Have you ever volunteered for a race?
I’ve volunteered for many races but never for a water stop. It was fun and I’ll definitely do it again.

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  1. I agree with Laura, I’ve thought so much about volunteering at a race but haven’t done it yet. Winter probably isn’t realistic for me to do this, but spring, I’ll make time for it!

  2. I’ve volunteered for a lot of races, that’s what I did for the ones I was signed up for when I was injured. I did the registration table and I also did the final water stop. It’s a lot of fun to give back to the running community and it gives me a pretty big appreciation for the volunteers at the races I run, too.

  3. I haven’t volunteered yet but I definitely need to! I always try to thanks all of the volunteers I see, water stops, traffic directors etc a race definitely would not work without their support!

  4. I’ve never volunteered, but I definitely want to! I always appreciate the volunteers – they don’t know how AWESOME they are!

  5. It’s always nice to volunteer and be on the opposite side of things–makes you appreciate what goes into planning and facilitating a successful race!

  6. I ran that race, it was brutal but I still managed to PR 😃. Too bad I didn’t know you were there I would have stop to say hello.

    1. I agree Joe! That’s really awesome you ran and PRed. Are you doing the Rocky 10k in a few weeks, I bet you would PR in that too. 🙂

  7. I bet you were the best to have cheer! I know i remember many people who helped and encouraged me 🙂 was it strange being on the other side?

    1. It wasn’t really strange at all. I’ve volunteered for a few races before…I have a bit of a harder time (honestly) if I’m injured but this was a lot of fun. 🙂

  8. I did that race last year! I think the weather was better though. I had signed up to run the Philly marathon on Nov. 23, but since I can’t anymore I signed up to volunteer instead!

  9. I’ve never volunteered at a race but used to help out at a summer recreation program organizing relay races and other things for kids. Sometimes children are the best to watch race because they just go for it and then eat a popsicle. Nothing more complicated than that.

  10. I love volunteering for races – I’ll be working a water stop for the Philly Marathon in a few weeks. Thanks for coming out it was a super cold miserable day but still not a bad race 🙂

    1. Did you run the Bridge? Maybe we can meet up at Philly, I think I’ll be volunteering as well!

  11. MAJOR kudos to you for being a race volunteer! I haven’t never volunteered at the race before and that’s not something I’m super proud of.

    There is honestly no and I have more respect for in the volunteers on a course when the weather is cold and miserable!

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