More Miles, Less Problems

More is not necessarily better.

That is something I’ve been struggling with all week.  I want to run more miles because I’m feeling awesome.  I don’t want to jynx myself but it’s hard when the sun is shining, your body feels awesome while running and life is going according to plan.  Then the weekend comes and it pours rain on Saturday…even resulting to feeling awesome on the treadmill.  That being said I’ve kept to not overdoing it, despite being hard.

This last week of running has felt great.   My biggest problem has been physically stopping my runs.  While I have been adding distance, I have not been pushing the distance.  For instance, Monday I felt extremely good when I ran.  I wanted to keep running.  I had time to keep running but instead I finished right at my house.  I’m really trying not to overdue it right now.

This week it was all about adding miles (but not too many).  I feel like I’m playing a tug of war game with myself.  I have one side pulling for more miles because I feel good and one side pulling for less miles and to build up slowly.

sun is shining

It’s hard for me to believe this time last year I was running the New York City Marathon.   The marathon was certainly a humbling experience and today has made me really want to get out there and run another one sometime soon.  If I give you no life advice (should you even trust my life advice?) but always smile for the cameras.

Marathons are so fun!
Marathons are so fun!


Monday: 3.35 miles
Tuesday: 4.3 miles
Wednesday: 3.35 miles
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 4.3 miles
Saturday: 4.15 miles (treadmill)
Sunday: 5.2 miles (50 minutes)
Total:  25 miles


This all seems like a random amount of miles I’m running.  In reality, I’m just running around my neighborhood trail and it ends up being that long.  On Saturday I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes.  My pace has been between 9-10 minute miles and that is fine by me.  I felt really good during my long run this morning.  I felt cold but good.  I didn’t have any major aches or pains.  I truly feel like I’m beginning to recover.

This has been my best week of running in the last few months and I hope it only gets better.

Next week: 

My goals for next week are to continue to build my base.  I am hoping to get out of the mindset of injury recovery and more into the mindset of getting back in shape.  It’s a long road before I begin PRing again but it’s a road I’m finally excited to get back on!

Questions for you:

How do you build confidence after injury (or baby, or time off, or in running)? 

What was your best workout? 


  1. Building confidence back after injury (or babies!) is tough but I’ve found the less-pressure approach works well, which is exactly what you’re doing. Just run what feels good and don’t run too much too soon. I can relate to having to hold back and I’ve never been great with that, I get impulsive when I’m feeling good! I think you’re being smart and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling so well!

    1. I think not having pressure is smart too. Even having any sort of looming race could force you to feel pressured for injury!

  2. My best workout was a fartlek around the science building. I like the sidewalks around the science building because it’s exactly 0.2 miles. People probably think I’m crazy though for doing laps around it!

  3. I so totally understand that tug of war – I battle with it even when I’m not coming back from an injury. On Saturday, I really wanted to run forever, but I knew that would increase my chances of an injury and negatively effect my recovery and runs the next few days. It’s tough when it’s feeling good (although tougher when it’s not), but I think you are being so smart to take things easy!

  4. When I was coming back from injury, my confidence was boosted by making sure there was nothing that was going to set me back. I only added 10% new mileage from one week to the next and made sure every 4th week was recovery. Only after about 12 weeks did I start to bring speed and tempo back into the picture. Then I went out that fall and ran PR. My best workout was the one that got me to the next one without any strain or pain. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re on your way back!

    1. I think with stress fractures it’s so important at this point to relax and not worry too much about speed. That is really awesome to hear and I hope I’m as fortunate!

  5. I lost quite a bit of my confidence as I was coming back from my knee injury but you’ve always got to start somewhere. I’m slowly easing into building up my mileage again but I’m staying hyper aware of how I’m feeling during my runs – you don’t want to push it too hard at this stage!

    1. That is my thought too Nessa! I keep worrying that I might be pushing it too hard if I try anything more!

  6. It looks like you had a great week of workouts. Any miles are good miles when you are running healthy, regardless of how short or what the pace is. It all beats injuries.

    Sometimes I think recovering your confidence post-injury is harder than recovering physically. My friends and I run and eat and drink and muse over injuries and setbacks and sometimes it’s hard to get out of the recovering mindset that comes after you’ve been training awhile. It’s hard to know when to take risks and actually take them because you have to learn what to run through and what not to, and it’s tough :(.

    My best workout was my Wednesday interval session. I was really happy with my splits and I think the coach was too.

  7. I build my confidence after injury by starting like a complete newbie. For me that means walk-running, very slow jogging and having no expectations.

  8. It feels so good to finally get out of the injury recovery mindset! I’m there and honestly I feel like I could run 100 miles! My best workout was my long run yesterday. #strongcomeback

  9. I have been back to running since June and I am STILL being cautious and taking it easy. It just gets in your head, ya know? Keep holding yourself back. Always better to be safe than sorry!

  10. Sing it, sister! More is always worse! I should have remembered that, maybe I wouldn’t be feeling like my leg was going to snap in half. Hmmm.

  11. Aside from Saturday’s rain, we’ve had some great running weather, right? Fall running is the best!

  12. Soooooo I think you are officially a responsible grown up now…true self control is feeling amazing and having the maturity to hold back!

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