Wedding Planning Update

When I went back home last month, I was more than successful for wedding planning.  With the exception of save the dates, I’m on a roll.  Once the big stuff is done (catering, venue and dress) then the less fun, smaller things will be the focus.  I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about my wedding and it’s obnoxious but my parents reminding me this is a once in a lifetime thing.  You are supposed to talk a lot about it.

So what have I done wedding wise?

First Tim and I picked out the venue.

We took engagement photos.

engagement photo 2

We found a wedding planner who has been nothing but help.

I have also knocked a few more things off my big to do list…

My parents and I went and tasted food.  Food as well as alochol has been an important factor for me.  Not because we want everyone to get drunk and forget about our wedding ceramony, but we want people to enjoy themselves.  We also want to have good food.

In the majority of weddings I remember:

Did I have a good time (DJ)? (or did I take a lot of photos in a photobooth)



Was there food good (food)?

Was there coffee (or alcohol)?

 I told the caterer that I would walk down the aisle in runderwear if it meant good food for the guests #sacrifice.

Long story short we were able to put together a menu and find some good food.

We also found a great DJ that I’m quite excited for, especially now that the song Anaconda by Nicki Minaj is out (has anyone seen that music video?   I dressed as Nicki Minaj from the video Superbass for Halloween senior year of college…I’m glad she hadn’t released this song).

Last but not least, I got a dress!

Wow, I’ve gotten a lot done.  I would like to think I can relax but I still have these Save the Dates to get out.  Wedding planning has been really fun and I’m enjoying this chapter of my life.

I suppose the final two big things we have to get done are flowers and wedding cake.  If anyone knows any florists in VA Beach area let me know.  I’m not a big fancy flower person (sorry they die anyways, I would rather go on vacation) but I do want and need some flowers.

Then all the smaller stuff like decorating but that’s why I gave that a solid 6 months to actually do.

Questions for you:

What kind of decorations did you do for your wedding?  Do you like flowers?

What were your favorite and least favorite parts of wedding planning?


  1. This is so exciting! You can talk about your wedding as much as you want cause as you said, it’s YOUR day and only happens once 🙂

    I love all the pinterest ideas out there but I feel like by the time I actually get married the amount of ideas will just stress me out and not even help..

    1. I did candles for my centerpieces… I like the look of flowers but they are sooo expensive… if I were to ever marry again or renew my vows, I would def go with flowers….

      I love all aspects of wedding planning… I love dress shopping bc it’s sooo amazing. I love food testing because I love food and trying new things. I love the bridal showers and bach parties that lead up to it. I love what weddings mean and the joy they bring… if I ever get the opportunity i’m totally starting a party planning company!

  2. I’ve always enjoyed wedding talk! I know nothing, but it seems like you got a lot done already and that this is going pretty smoothly. There definitely needs to be good food and other things to help with the party atmosphere. And maybe you can still bust out the runderwear at the reception.

  3. Yes, this is the only time you will talk about weddings so let it fly! When I was planning my wedding it was all encompassing but afterwards it’s like a switch clicked and I lost interest in all of it. Enjoy this time now!

  4. I don’t really like flowers at weddings…they remind me of a funeral HA.

    At the last wedding I went to they had a happy hour before going into the full reception. I really liked that – I love mini foods! They had a great dinner as well, but really I’m all about the drinks and apps.

  5. Oh I wish I could plan a wedding again! #kiddingnotkidding There does come a point when once all the big stuff is done – you feel like there is nothing to do and you get nervous that you forgot something. I liked planning my wedding, the only thing I didn’t like was having in-law drama with his sister-in-law. (that’s a loooong story)

    My venue was indoors with high ceilings and chandeliers and we didn’t do anything other than the table centerpieces for decor. The venue set out some other things. I like flowers, but because they are expensive and they do eventually die, I didn’t go all out with them. I did get my bouquet preserved though. It was a last minute decision and I love having it hanging up in our bedroom now.

  6. At least you have most of the big stuff out of the way. 🙂 The smaller things are tedious but still important. I, like you, feel meh about flowers. They’re nice and all but also over-rated and too expensive IMO. 😉 I had my ceremony and reception on a boat (at The Sagamore on Lake George) so we had minimal decorations. I really can’t wait to see what you picked out for your dress (and food)! Do you have a coffee bar at your reception?

  7. I basically despise wedding planning. If I thought I could get away with a destination wedding, I would do it! We are keeping ours really small and I think that has helped a lot to cut back as much as possible on the stress, but it’s still more than I like to deal with or think about. I did buy my dress this weekend, though! Next up for us is confirming the catering for the rehearsal dinner and reception (we already know what we are doing, just need to put down a deposit), get engagement pictures taken, and get those save the dates out! I’m tired already.

  8. I really believe a good wedding is food, booze, and music. I don’t blame you for wanting all of these things because, really, you want to have fun celebrating this day with everyone! And uhm, if you need someone to help you with the cake testing I’m available 😀 😀 😀

  9. I am still waiting for you to announce that you’ve been selected to be on Four Weddings! I can’t wait for that! 👰 👰 👰 👰

  10. My venue had some basic decorations included: lanterns with leaves/crab apples and ivy – I didn’t do anything else because it just isn’t my thing. I don’t really care for flowers – so other than for the wedding party – no flowers were ordered. We picked the venue because of the amazing food – it cost tons but was totally worth it.

    Wedding planning wasn’t that bad. My venue did almost everything so it was just clothes and transportation (which didn’t matter because everything was in one place). I spent most of my budget on the food/entertainment. I did not do open bar – but rather issued drink tickets as each drink was charged by the venue – we also had to pre-pay for the alcohol. The venue did provide after-ceremony alcoholic punch and cider – plus 2 glasses of wine per person, included in my base price. Other drinks were extra. There were many people who did not drink so they were told to give out tickets to people who wanted them. We basically said, if there is a ticket, use it. Both my husband and Dad went home with tons of unused tickets and we even got a refund.

    1. That sounds absolutely gorgeous. I am thinking something simple is more of my thing as well.

      We are having an open bar at my wedding so that makes is easy. I’ve never heard of that option for alcohol but it seems pretty interesting.

  11. I’m going to be one of those people who spends WAY too much money on flowers and lighting. I’m not sure why but I feel like those two things make/break a celebration. But I totally see where you’re coming from – if it comes down to a vacation vs. flowers I would definitely pick vacation!

  12. I didn’t have any flowers except for one on each table with candles. Flowers are pretty, they just weren’t a priority for me. My venue did everything for me, so all I had to worry about was attire and transportation, which was really nice. I would get overwhelmed thinking about renting tables and plates and setting everything up. I didn’t want to be stressed out on my wedding day. But good food and good music are probably the two things I cared most about, and our food was delicious. 🙂

  13. I am not itl spending a lot on flowers either. I picked a modest budget and negotiated hard with my florist and got a great deal. Just be straight up and tell them what you’re willing to spend and they will work with you!

    My favorite part of planning was the sentimental stuff my husband and I planned together like our first dance and what not. And the dress shopping was super fun!

  14. Look at for flowers! They were cheap and we had TONS of flowers! I think I got 150 stems for $125 of the gerbera daisies and it was waaaayyyy more than I had imagined! The night of the rehearsal dinner, all the girls cut the stems and put them in mason jars and they threw the bouquets together (otherwise a simple bouquet of babies breath could be cute too). I didn’t care at all about the flowers but they ended up being perfect for the wedding! WAY cheaper than some other flowers I looked at! If you care that much to see them, they’re on my Facebook somewhere. Or I can text you a picture… My Costco flowers lasted a good week after the wedding and I read GREAT reviews about them being delivered on time and in good shape too!

  15. I’m not married or engaged but just went to 1/4 weddings in the next 4 weeks so I’m an expert. Food and drink is the most important. Oh and I LOVE wedding cake so that’s really important. And music and dancing is good. Flowers, favors, decorations I can do without!

    1. That’s more weddings I’ve been to lately. Maybe I should go to some to get ideas…I guess you need to be invited though LOL

  16. I love flowers! But I agree, they die. but sometimes they are nice to get 🙂 What are your colors going to be? I have never planned a wedding, but I hope to have fun with it, but I know it can be a stressful time, but you seem so relaxed and go with the flow!

  17. Talk about your wedding planning as much as you want! I always felt like I would be annoying if I talked about planning on my blog, so I didn’t… now I wish I did more because I would love to look back on those posts and read about how the plans came together and how excited I was!

    As for flowers, I just had them for the wedding party, and none for decorations to save money, lol. I liked my flowers though–they were off-white with some with blue spray paint stuff and some pearls.

    My least favorite part about wedding planning was just waiting for the big day to come! Everyone told me how stressful it would be to plan a wedding, but it really wasn’t! I’m sure you’re feeling the same way (not stressed) because you’re organized and excited! I’m super excited for you and Tim and I can’t wait to read more 🙂

  18. for my wedding i was SUPER original and did some Pinterest DIY stuff. (did my sarcasm come off okay? i’m knew to it!) as for flowers, my bridal party had baby’s breath and then i had a bouquet that i loved! baby’s breath bouquets can be dressed/bunched up nicely and significantly cheaper than flowers.

    my favorite part of wedding planning was the cupcake tasting! 🙂

  19. Wahoo!! Wedding planning can be a blast; my advise is don’t get stressed over little things bc you’ll never remember them the day of! Congrats again!

  20. I 110% agree on what make a great wedding as a guest! Well, food, drinks, and a reasonable-length ceremony.
    I am deffinately not a details person, and the little extraneous tasks always get to me.

    That’s awesome you have so many items checked off the list!

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