Phoenix Diner

Tim and I planned a trip down to Atlantic City.  It gave me another perfect opportunity to try a new diner.  We stopped just outside of Atlantic City at the Phoenix diner.

When we pulled up we got the very last parking space.  It was 11:30 on a Sunday (My least favorite times to go out to eat at diners).  I thought there would be a wait.  To my surprise we were quickly seated and there were even open tables and booths available.  Starting on that note already made the diner a winner in my books.  Diners are like black holes, there is always somewhere to sit even if the parking lot is overflowing.

We sat next to the bar.  Tim read a previous diner review I wrote that the waitresses hung out there…he made the joke if the waitresses would hang out at the Phoenix Diner too.  They didn’t and we found ourselves comfortable enough to have conversation.

Atmosphere: B

It was a big open diner.  I was really enjoying the wood decorations.  It was a nautical themed diner.  Cute, cleanly but nothing out of the ordinary.

Coffee: A

The coffee was good.  I was able to get my coffee with whipped cream.  I enjoyed the coffee except it was in such a baby cup I needed a refill almost immediately.  I wish restaurants gave bigger coffee mugs but I think that is a problem that I only run into.  The coffee was good, had whipped cream and I was refilled enough to give it an A.

Phoenix Diner Coffee

Food: Me: B Tim: C-

The menu was huge.  I swear it could have been a taller menu then me.  Like I have said, it’s not a true diner unless the menu contains at least 10000000 items.  They had everything from seafood, to salad, to steak to breakfast…

Phoenix Diner menu

I ordered the large Greek salad with chicken.  When it came out I was surprised because I thought it would be a lot…larger.  Because of running, I know I have a skewed perception of what is actually a large meal and filling and what is not.  It isn’t uncommon for me to eat a 1000 calorie salad.  That is over half of some people’s calories.  I digress and that is a post for another day.  Anyways I was hoping the salad would be a lot larger.  It did however, contain an insane amount of feta cheese.  The salad was 1 part lettuce, 2 parts chicken and 100 parts feta cheese.  I had close to 30 cubes in there.

I was full after just from cheese overload.

Phoenix Diner Salad

Long story short: It was a great size for an 11.50 salad but it wasn’t large by my standards.

Phoenix Diner Cheese

So much cheese…(This is about 1/3rd left after I finished everything else)

Tim ordered the blueberry crepes.  He is almost never disappointed with a meal but he was still hungry afterwords due to the size.  He said he wouldn’t be ordering crepes again.  It’s important to note, Tim and I have gone to over 20 diners now and he only hasn’t been a fan of two (including this one).  So I guess that is of note.

Price: $

It was 25 dollars for 2 coffees, my salad and Tim’s crepes.  Not a bad price at all but then again it wasn’t the massive portions I’m used to in a diner.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back?

Yes, I would come back to the Phoenix Diner at some point.  It was good food for the price and I have no big complaints. It wasn’t huge portions like the majority of diners in NJ but it also didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Since Atlantic City is a pretty touristy town, if you are ever in town I recommend it.  (and invite me too, I’ll meet you there).  Tim won’t be coming back though.

Questions for you:

Has your perception of “a large meal” changed since working out?

Crepes, pancakes or waffles?


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  1. Oh yes! I’m always concerned with portions when we eat out because I require loads of calories from all the swimming and running I’ve done in my life. And the coffee cup problem? I get that. It’s funny. I also hate getting coffee and they ask me if I want room for cream. I say no and they don’t fill it to the top! I don’t know why, but that bugs me! I need my coffee filled to the brim! Have a great weekend!

  2. Have you ever been to what use to be the Crystal Diner(or something like that) in the Toms River NJ area? There’s a “New Crystal Diner” now, but when I was little my Mom always took me to the Crystal Diner. It had stone outside on the exterior and inside it was mostly pink, I loved the rotating dessert display and we always ordered blinzes with sour cream. I’m sad it doesn’t exisit but did you ever get there or as a child? This is going back 20 years ago so I don’t know how long ago it was closed or switched over. Just curious!(or if you’ve been to the New Crystal Diner too)

  3. Random question, but I noticed you order Greek salads and from memory, the times I visited there was alot of ‘Greek’ inspired dishes like lemon chicken etc- is there a reason for that? I just noticed a picture of the Parthenon on the menu too. I think it’s because here we perceive diners to be classic American food lol. Excuse this random ethnic query. lol

    • No reasoning that I know of…I think diners just always dabble in Greek food too. LOL, they have burgers, steak, seafood….why not add Greek too? (In reality I think they are overzealous).

  4. Watching non-athletes eat fascinates me … because they eat so little food, and I’m like, “that looks like a good appetizer!”

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