Oh July “Training”

July has always been my favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday month, it’s in the middle of the summer and there is an overall abundance of joy. I can say with full confidence, July has been my least favorite month of 2014.  I can also say it’s been my worst month for running so far this year!  Wahoo, to have a best month, you must also have a worst month.  So I’m glad to hopefully get this out of the way.

With being injured and not having any clear answers, of course it’s not going to be my favorite month. I like to keep consistent and blog through the best and also worst of times. This is by no means the worst of times (in the end, it’s still just running) but isn’t a joyful and glorious tale of a great great running in July.

Scratched Races:
July 4th Firecracker 5k
July 13th: Boilermaker 15k

I could have run through those races but it wasn’t worth it to me.  I had been looking forward to Boilermaker for the last 2 months.  Oh well.

Paces: All my runs (100%) were (and will continue to be for a while) untimed.

Despite being injured, I’m continuing to progress towards being healthy.  I do believe I am getting better. It’s hard to tell because I’m around my injury so much.  When I went out to run the last day of June, the pain was so sharp it stopped me at a quarter of a mile…I’m now running with no pain and it feels like a soreness, not pain.  When I physically type that out, it seems stupid to think I’m not slowly getting better.  I don’t have a lot to say about this month but I did keep my cross training up and I’m hoping 2 months is still plenty to train.

I said I was making up my mind about continuing to “train” for my marathon in October.  My new plan is to wait until my results of my MRI (scheduled for Monday) come in and decide.  At the current state my foot is sore not painful.  It almost seems like a waste to get an MRI.  It will be nice to have an exact problem to work with and an answer.  Who knows, my foot could be one deep tissue massage or ART from getting better.

As I said yesterday, I’m having a hard time explaining my injury.  There is something that isn’t quite right in my foot.  I can feel it when I run.  It’s not a sharp pain, nor does it change my gait cycle at all…but it is there.  One thing I’ve wondered a lot is if I’m being a baby.  At one point (early in the month) the pain was too sharp to run.   As time continued, the pain became less and less so now it’s a noticeable awareness.  Is it even a “pain”?  Am I being a baby about it…it’s so hard to compare pain tolerance.  I digress but long story short I don’t know what the MRI will tell me.  I’m just glad I have insurance that is allowing me to get an MRI.

Since I have no idea what they’ll tell me, it’s silly to make any August plans now.  To be honest, if there is something seriously wrong in my foot that I should absolutely not be running…that would be okay too because I would have direct answers.  I doubt that will happen, but in my life there are always surprises.

Questions for you:

How was your training and workouts for July?

Do you run through dull aches and pains?