Training or Recovering…Who Knows…

I’m hesitant to continue to call my issue an injury.  It is mysteriously getting better.  As mysterious as it appeared, it seems to be disappearing.  I really won’t complain about that though…As I said on Friday, while I still feel soreness, it is definitely going away.  So I guess that is good news.

When I got deep tissue massage number 4 (two weeks ago), my masseuse also recommended using a spiky tennis ball and yoga block.  I would be able to put the most pressure onto my foot and break up more scar tissue.  That is something I have been really working on as of late.  I can honestly say being proactive, stretching and doing this routine twice daily (as well as foam rolling) has loosened up my muscles a lot.  I have noticed the biggest improvement in my foot in the last two weeks.  I think it’s a huge reason I’m recovering like I am.

I sit with the block behind me and my arms propped on it.  I then just roll my calves.  It normally hurts (for me) a lot more than normal foam rolling.  Then I massage both plantar fascia.  I’ll do a long post and collect everything I’ve been doing to get rid of this issue sometime next week. 

I actually find the spiked ball digs into my arch deeper than a normal tennis, golf or lacrosse ball.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Easy Run Nike Training Club Core
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday: Easy Run with 10 second striders Nike Training Club Ab Burner
Friday: Cross Training Nike Training Club Core
Saturday: Short Run
Sunday: Hopefully Longest run (around 2 hours?


If things keep going the way they are, I’m confident that my lingering soft tissue damage will go away.  I wish I could tell you I got a definitive answer…but I still haven’t.  Seeing as I’m not feeling pain, I guess that isn’t a problem either.

I have been keeping my exact mileage off my social media accounts for a number of reasons.  One, I’m not running with a watch.  I don’t actually know where my watch is right now…it’s somewhere in the house

Questions for you:

How are you proactive in recovering?

Have you ever had an undiagnosed or mysterious injury that seemed to disappear?