Top 10 Fitness Items

Last week the famous Janae posted about her top ten fitness related things.  Some items we share, some we don’t.  I always enjoy reading about what other people enjoy using for their workouts so I thought I would share.  All thoughts and opinion’s are mine.  I’ll start from ten and work myself to one.

  1. Garmin 10

For me I use the Garmin 10.  I don’t need to buy a fancier watch because I don’t even use all of the Garmin 10 features.  It does exactly what I want (track mileage and pace when I choose).  I don’t necessarily need one (mapmyrun works too) and when my Garmin dies it really isn’t a big deal for me.  That being said the Garmin 10 is a nice tool.

  1. Body glide

I get serious thigh chaffing.  Without body glide, it’s painful.

  1. Foam Roller and Golf Balls

Right now I use them both twice a day to work out knots, kinks and whatever else are in my muscles.  I’ve always been an avid foam roller user, trying to keep my calves calm.

  1. Nalgene

My nalgene is full of water at all times.  I think I must drink 6-7 daily.  It’s that swimmer past I guess.

  1. Newton Gravities

These in reality should be number 1 but since I’m currently injured they aren’t at the top of the list.  I’ve gone through 21 pairs of Newton Gravities throughout my running career and they’ve always worked for me.  To me running shoes are the most important expense.  If you can’t afford anything else, you need quality running shoes before beginning to up miles.

Before donating last year.
Before donating last year.
  1. Injinji socks

My feet get pretty sweaty and end up causing blisters.  For me, my worst blisters used to come from between my toes. Having a toe sock allows it to protect my toes from blisters. I haven’t gotten a blister since using these socks using injinji.  (Bonus: I can wear them with flip flops too).


  1. My iphone

I like music when I run.  All of my music is on pandora which is on my iphone.  It’s always really nice to listen to music.  I don’t normally run with friends so music is nice.

  1. A Gym Membership:

Some people don’t feel they need a gym membership.  It’s really important to me.  I’m a fair weathered runner.  I don’t like running in the pouring rain, ice, hail and wind.  I would prefer to run on a treadmill.  I also like to cross train (or I’ll get injured).  I also like meeting new people at the gym (like my friend Jamal).

Post running with Jamal
Post running with Jamal
  1. Compression sleeves

My calves get really tight.  Without compression sleeves (combined with other things to loosen up my calves) I would be injured.  I know that.


  1. Runderwear…

It wouldn’t be LOLZ blog without runderwear would it?  Seriously though, if you’ve never raced in briefs you should try it.  It’s the most liberating experience behind streaking.  Oiselle does a good job making briefs that cover my butt completely.  (TMI but I have not had good luck with asics or saucony briefs).

As seen here
As seen here
and 26.2 miles of runderwearing here
and 26.2 miles of runderwearing here
And here
And here
Also here
Also here
Even in college here (Flashback...Monday...)
Even in college here (Flashback…Monday…)

Questions for you:

What are some of your top fitness items?

Do you use a gym membership?

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  1. Oh fun! My nosiness loves these posts 😛 Things I never leave home without for a run…. garmin (unless I need a break), iPhone (although I have been doing more runs sans music recently), 3 water bottles (I get thirsty), and my sauconys. I need to do a review of those soon, although I have a feeling that will be highly entertaining since I’m still not sure about 90% of shoe lingo

  2. I have kept my gym membership even though I dont go all that much but I do like to have it just in case I want to cross train or take a class. I have thought about discontinuing it but then I realized if I get hurt I will have no way to work out. I use alot of these items too but I have never tried runderwear! Not sure that they’re for me:)

  3. So we’re on the same wavelength today apparently since I wrote almost the same post a few days ago that I scheduled for later in the week. My go-to items are definitely the water bottle and compression socks, and my mizunos.

    1. Great minds think alike. I actually tried mizunos on at work the other day and just cannot get into them LOL.

  4. My Soleus GPS watch, bodyglide, Brooks Pure Drifts, and cep compression sleeves depending on the distance or workout 🙂

  5. Same list over here pretty much, except the runderwear. I can’t do it. I lack a ton of self confidence and just couldn’t. You my dear rock them however. Anyhow, I would add cinnamon gum to the list. It keeps my mouth moist. I usually ditch it after about 7 miles, but I can’t stand not having it to start a run. Crazy. In my swimming days I swam with it too, I’m a rebel that way ;). I’m also crazy about visors. Not hats, visors. I’m a sweating machine and it helps keep the sun off my face and sweat out of my eyes. Fun post!

  6. I am loving the Garmin FR-15 (formerly had the 10). The 15 gives you heart-rate monitor and foot pod capability, and at least double the battery life!

    Other than that – band-aids (for MY key chafing spots), my Camelbak bottle, new Russell tech socks (super-thin, I am lucky to not be blister-prone), and my Saucony Kinvara 5s (also love the Virratas).

  7. between my bubba cup and compression sleeves i’m set! when i ran i depended on my garmin to a point where it became obsessive. now as i ease back into running again i’m going off of feel and amount of time running 🙂

  8. I suspected that runderwear might be no.1 before I even read the rest of the post 😉 You can carry it off, but even though I will run in a crop top/sports bra and longer shorts, I just don’t have the confidence for runderwear. My legs are…definitely not an asset 😛

    I think running shoes always have to be the most important piece of fitness kit, closely followed by my Garmin. I’ve never bothered with compression gear or anything like that, but I’m thinking that perhaps I should give it a shot.

    I need my gym membership like I need air. It’s the only place I can socialize to any extent and feel even slightly normal. Given that I can barely run right now it’s also a lifesaver for cross-training.


    1. I recommend compression. My legs have always benefited from them. I would say they are in my top 3 of recovery tools honestly.

  9. would you believe me if I told you I’d NEVER had a thigh chafe problem until this summer? I’m now a firm believer in body glide.

    Things I love – my newtons (of course), my Garmin 610 (like you, I don’t use hardly a quarter of the features, but I won it so I don’t really care), my PC socks and my Oakley women’s sunglasses. Oh and my inhaler. Sorta can’t run without that sucker.

  10. Must have: Body Glide, Saucony Guides, Garmin, compression sleeves (on longer runs), iPhone & Yurbuds (need music!), and sunglasses if its bright out.

    I have a gym membership and I love my gym. I’m a fair weather runner too. I also have a trainer at the gym, take yoga there, and like to cross-train.

  11. I like the runderwear and if I was going to be a good runner, I would wear them all the time. I live in my Nike spandex shorts though and cannot imagine wearing shorts to run! There is SO MUCH FABRIC!!!!

  12. I had a gym membership and swore by it! Now I do the T25 dvds at home and cancelled my membership. Im sure one day I will be back at the gym 🙂

  13. I don’t currently have a gym membership, but I’m actually considering getting one once the weather cools down. I’ve tried workout out at home, and while it’s doable, it’s definitely a lot more difficult. I love the atmospheres in gyms, and being able to feed off other peoples’ energy when you’re feeling a little bit lazy. That and it’s a great place to meet people as well.

  14. Oooh I’ve never run in runderwear! I don’t think I’m brave enough, so you go girl! And I’ve never tried Injinji socks either, shame on me for being a brand snob and not branching out! Must try those!

  15. Ok so I am maybe one of those few runners who have never actually used body glide :)…but I don’t really have a chaffing problem….well maybe a few times from my bra (which is VERY painful in the shower!!!!)
    I can’t handle socks that have the toe thingies…
    For me it would be Garmin, my sunglasses (right now I have Oakley’s that I got as a gift but any would do), feetures or Pro compression socks, runningluv, and my Saucony Ride’s and Kinvara’s…oh yeah and gum! I never run without gum…like never!

  16. I HATED toe socks when they were a fad in middle school? But I gave iniji’s a try and LOVE them. They have helped a ton with blisters and even black toenails for me. I also dig compression sleeves for long distance running. I have worn them recently when my legs have just felt “gunky” <—- hate that! I also 2nd some of the comments – my sunglasses are clutch for summer running. I wear them for golf and biking too. They're awesome and it's hard to imagine running or doing anything in the sun without them!

  17. Great post! My mom has the Garmin 10 and I pretty much borrowed/stole it from her for good. I seriously love it! My other top items are a water bottle, dog leash (I love to run with my brother’s dog but don’t get to often haha), ear buds, and pepper spray!

  18. I love this post, I feel like there are SO MANY things I love. Two top ones are Sparkly Soul headbands (the ONLY ones that stay on my giant head) and long, but tight shorts. I just got a pair from Athleta that I love.

    1. I’ve always had issues with headbands actually. They give me a headache if I wear them too long. Maybe I’m wearing them too tight LOL.

  19. I love this post. And those socks look awesome! I’ve never heard of them before but I think I need to get some.

  20. If I didn’t have a gym membership I don’t think cross training would happen. Although lately I haven’t done anything but running. My half training schedule is on the same days I used to do spin.

  21. Huge YES to BodyGlide. It saves lives. And you know I’m right there with you when it comes to sneakers.

  22. You are so thin! I”m surprised to hear you chafe or for that matter can run in Runderwear. I always spend most of the summer trying to find ANY shorts that work (I buy all lengths, styles etc.) Even with body glide I chafe 🙁 Thanks for sharing your must haves!

    1. I have narrow hips so I get chafing almost every run if I don’t prepare. Have you run in spandex? That is what saves me the most from chafing!

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