Michael’s Family Restaurant and Diner

Last week, Melissa and I went to lunch at Michael’s Family Restaurant and Diner.  While we didn’t meet or see Michael, we did have an enjoyable time.  It’s funny, we both lived in NY and now both live in NJ.  Anyways we decided to meet almost exactly half way in Lawrenceville, NJ at Micheal’s Family Restaurant and Diner.

Melissa is an amazing woman.  She is really humble but I’ll brag for her.  She has completed an ultra marathon, several marathons and a kickbutt runner.  She used to blog a while ago but now sticks to the twitters.


Atmosphere: C

The inside is a typical diner.  You walk by a small bakery section and we were immediately sat into a booth. There were a few regulars sitting and staring at us like we didn’t belong.  It was nothing unique or interesting, but nothing bad either.   It was just a normal, plain diner.


At first I would have given the coffee a D but (finally) after flagging the waitress down she gave us a refill pot.  It wasn’t overly good coffee but it wasn’t bad.  This is another category that I will end with another normal, plain diner coffee.

Food: B

The menu was extensive as all diners are.  At first the waitress gave us just a breakfast menu.  I thought that menu was large (without realizing there was no lunch).  Then she gave us a lunch menu and both of us ended up ordering salads.  I ordered the Greek salad with chicken and pita bread. (As I do in about 99.9% of my first times to a new diner).


It also came with a bowl of split pea soup with their signature croutons.  Honestly their croutons were fabulous and I could have filled up on them.  Their croutons alone bumped up the food rating from a C to a B.  I should have taken a photo but it was gone to quickly.

The Greek Salad was a little bit smaller than I was hoping.  I think I was a little jealous because Melissa’s salad was massive and my mine was dinky.  It came with lettuce, egg, tomatoes, onions, tomato and grape leaves.

Price: $$

At Micheal’s Diner, it was 32 dollars for 2 coffees, 2 meals, pita bread and extra chicken.  It wasn’t the most amount of food I’ve gotten but it wasn’t the least either.  It was a decent price.  It adds to another average rating.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back?

If I’m in the Princeton area again I will probably go to the Princetonion over Michael’s Diner.  I didn’t think Michael’s Diner was bad but there are better choices in the area.  If I do go again, I’ll try the all you can eat salad bar and see how that is. The service was a little bit slow (I thought maybe the woman forgot about us).  Once again, just another average diner in NJ.  The company (Melissa) made it a lot of fun though.

I give Michael’s Diner an overall rating of C.

Questions for you:

What is your favorite soup?

Mine is either split pea or lentil.

What is your favorite restaurant dish?

I love Greek salads and omelets at diners.  I never have any of the ingredients on hand to make a great salad.  My omelets just turn out to be scrambled eggs.


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  1. I also like omelets at restaurants because they’re so pretty, and I always fail at making them! Turns into an egg scramble.

    I get salads often too, especially Greek salads (but no chicken).

  2. Cool – last Saturday I was in Princeton visiting my brother and his daughter & son, so we were right around the corner!

    I enjoy these reviews even if I never comment … but after having an amazing diner breakfast at a new discovery in our area I thought about reviewing it, but unlike your area people don’t just stroll through our way.

    But then I was thinking – for people coming to Wineglass (cough cough) it is fairly local, so maybe 🙂 If you do end up coming I will definitely forward the info! 🙂

  3. Mm my favorite soups are French onion, tomato, and chicken noodle, but between the variety you mentioned I’d pick lentil. And breakfast is typically my favorite thing to get at a diner, but if I’ve already had it, then I like to go for their Greek salads and French fries. Those croutons sound so good….much can be made up for with good croutons 😉 Slow service, though, and being forgotten about by a waitress is no good, so I’m glad there are other options for you guys in the area! I’m pretty sure I used to skate at a rink in lawrenceville every so often. It was a huge complex, and we liked going to camps and trainings there

  4. Maybe I’m cheap (highly likely) but when I spend more than $10 on a salad, I expect to leave full. I could eat soup and salad for every meal, and often order those when I go out.

  5. You’re too sweet! I still say your salad should have been in the size bowl mine was in…it didn’t make any sense. I like ordering salads, gyros, and omelets usually. I have been on a soup (esp french onion) kick lately though. Can’t wait to try out another diner with you!

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