Skewing Proportion Size

I really enjoy going to diners.  As odd as this sounds, diners have taught me a lot of things.  I was thinking a lot about a salad I ordered at the last diner I went too.  There were two options of the Greek salad meal.  There was a small or large.  Generally I always order a large salad.  I have found that I’m hungrier (due to running) then a small.  There has never been a situation that I have honestly second guessed or regretted a large of anything.  (What is the worst that can happen…having to take it home?)

When my large salad arrived it wasn’t as large as I anticipated.  In fact, I finished the entire thing rather easily. I wasn’t still hungry afterwords but wasn’t full either.  What is the definition of large anyways?

My large and someone elses large could be completely different (TWSS).

It made me realize how much running and working out had skewed my perception of proportion size.  It’s not a secret if you are running high mileage; you need to eat a fair amount.  If you don’t, you aren’t going to excel.   You cannot get away on eating copius amount of vegetables and low calorie food.  For me personally, there have been multiple times I’ve consumed a 1000 calorie salad and not been completely stuffed.  For the majority of the population that is half their daily calorie intake and they would be full for hours afterwords.

Running and working out has really skewed my idea of meal proportions.  Now that I’m not running and I can see that.  I find myself not as hungry quite often.  I’m not longer continously eating or snacking.  My body doesn’t need those extra calories.

I must say it’s a weird feelingNow I am finding that 1000 calorie meals are just going to make me bloated and sick.  I don’t need that many calories right now.  I can see the true definition of small, medium and large meals and not my skewed perception (a runner’s perception I guess).

Anyways back to that salad.  The large salad wasn’t that big when the waitress brought it out.  (May 600 calories or so) but it filled me up.  It made me realize that while a salad might not seem large to me, my view of food is skewed because of working out.  To the average person, that is plenty of food.

Question for you: What has working out and running changed your view about?