Injury Diaries: Being Proactive

It’s really easy to blog when you are in a good spot with training and life.  When you get injured or when you are in a rough patch with life…it gets harder.  I hate to report negative news or be negative on my LOLZ space but I can’t paint a scene of rainbows and butterflies when it’s not.

And right now it’s not.

Last week I posted about needing some time off of running.  It seemed weird for me.  My legs were tight, my muscles were sore and something felt off.  I was right and as I took a few days off I realized my right plantar fascia hurt badly.  Not a good, hard workout bad but an injury bad.   Then on Sunday I logged a 0 mile week and admitted I was injured. While my heel doesn’t hurt, my arch hurts.

It’s Tuesday and I haven’t run in 10 days.  So far I’ve missed a 5k I wanted to do.  I know in another week I’ll begin losing fitness as well as missing the Boilermaker 15k (a race I have wanted to do for years).

Could I run the Boilermaker on July 13th and probably finish with more pain than I have now? 

Yes, but that isn’t worth it to me.  It’s not worth it to me to travel (or run) any race and further injure myself.  Maybe I’ll magically feel better but maybe not.

I would rather let myself heal.  That being said I’m thankful I’ve been able to cross train.  I’m going to do whatever I can to keep my base for a while.

Right now I’ve narrowed down my pain to only hurting when I run.  (I’ve run a few steps and it hurts) but I can walk, I do the elliptical, I could bike (LOL) or I could swim (also LOL).  I will probably stay with the elliptical, the AMT and weight lifting.  The pool is about 10 miles down the road where the gym is a quarter of a mile.  Plus I have no interest to get into the pool.

My goal right now is to go the gym daily and do an hour on the AMT.  On Sunday I’ll probably go longer to simulate long runs.  I want to keep as much fitness as possible but I’m not running until my body is injury free.  If that means eventually letting go of running my marathon this fall, so be it.

So right now my plan is something like this:

Monday: 1 hour AMT (high resistance) Core, strength for legs
Tuesday: 1 hour AMT (low resistance) Core
Wednesday: OFF  


I’m honestly playing everything by ear but I’m trying to be as proactive as possible. I’m not doing anything that hurts (which is running) but I am using recovery methods as well as cross training.  You can (and I have before) save a lot of your base by being proactive.  Yesterday I had an hour deep tissue massage focused exclusively on my right leg.  It hurt and I’m bruised.  I hope that is a god sign.   On Thursday I have a doctors appointment.

Oh and I’m attempting to stay positive but some days are obviously easier than others so I really appreciate people (Laura you are the best) dealing with my whining at some points. It’s not the end of the world and I know that but it still stinks.  I’m making the best of the situation right now.

Questions for you:

What is your favorite cross training method?



  1. I love the elliptical and the stairmaster for crosstraining. I found that my cardio got BETTER using the machines. Your running muscles might not be conditioned when you get back but your breathing and cardio should be a-okay keeping up with crosstraining. I stick a great book on the machine and go to town working up a good sweat. I’m sorry but what is AMT?

    1. It’s a mix between stair stepper and elliptical! I’ll add more information next post. It’s really a matter of personal preference between ellipticals 🙂

      1. Ah, got it. Thanks. I have yet to meet an elliptical-like machine i haven’t liked. And they all seem to work slightly different parts 🙂

    2. I’ve had the exact same experience! Spinning (blahhhh) helped as well.

  2. i LOL at the thought of getting back in the pool too, you’re not alone there. your transparency rules, but we all understand that it’s tough to stay positive on the brink of injury. but you’re a smart gal and won’t train through it, which is more than most people do. praying for a good doc appt tomorrow 🙂

  3. I hope that things go well at the doctor’s for you … definitely hate hearing about the injury 🙁

  4. I just tired to post this so sorry if it shows up twice! Anyway being injured is the worst! I’m so sorry for you. Feel free to complain and over-analyze as much as you want. We get it!

    I love to spin and swim. I don’t pool run. I hope I never have to, ha. What is AMT?

  5. I like to strength train and use the elliptical. Sometimes I swim. If they don’t aggravate your foot/ankle, I found that HIIT classes do wonders for your fitness level. I had my fastest running times when I was doing a HIIT class on a weekly basis.

  6. You are being SMART. I’m proud of you for how you are handling all this, I really am. The cross training WILL help you keep that fitness, and I think adding some more core/strength will also help. I LOVE elliptical and cross trainers just as much as you do, I feel like I could stay on there for hours. While I’m ridiculously bummed you won’t be coming up this weekend I 100% understand…we will just have to plan something else to look forward to!

  7. Hang in there. This spring I had the beginnings of a stress fracture so I took up swimming again and started biking on my husbands trainer at home. It was the best thing for me! My legs got crazy strong and the swimming helped my cardio and my arms started looking strong again :). Good luck and what is AMT? Perhaps a blog post?

  8. I did the stairstepper a few times during my injury (I mostly did spin, BodyPump, and elliptical, since our stair stepper was broken for 90% of the time and when it was fixed people were like OMG let me use this one machine)… stair stepper is a crazy intense workout! We don’t have the AMT though, or I would have used that some.

    Don’t blame you at all not to run races when you’re injured, feeling an injury coming on, etc. Right now it’s not worth it to risk making it worse before your marathon, which you have a long time until the full so I wouldn’t rule it out even if you rule out Boilermaker. Hopefully the deep tissue massage helped, and the doc can provide some direction, and you can get back out there in a week or two.

    Feel free to whine all you want or need to. If anyone understands, it is other runners. We know that cross training IS NOT the same… yes, it is fortunate that you can do so many activities, same with me, but it is just not the same when you are a *runner* and not just an *exerciser/active person*.

  9. I’ve had plantar fasciitis before and it it so painful! I hope that is not what you are developing! But if it is, the only thing that helped me was seeing a Chiropractor that practiced Active Release Therapy or ART for short. It seriously kept me in the game when training for my marathon. I hope you are pain free soon!

  10. “If that means eventually letting go of running my marathon this fall, so be it.”

    Blaspheme! 😉 There’s still plenty of time up. Chin up and keep doing all the right things.

  11. I am so sorry to hear that you’re missing some of the races that you wanted to run. However, I think you’re better of this way. I am sure that you won’t lose your fitness shape. I mean, c’mon, you’re a training beast! <3 Cross training is a great way to strengthen other muscles and you'll be running even faster once your injury is gone. Sending you positive vibes! <3 xoxo

  12. Hiya girl. I’m sorry you’re going through this right now. PF sucks, so I hope the doctor gives you different news on Thursday. I’m still trying to find my groove with crosstraining. I like the bike but don’t have a gym membership anymore to have access to it. Might see if I can borrow my mum’s so I can ride the trails in the burgh. I like yoga, too, but classes are out of budget for now again, sooooooo we shall see what I come up with haha

  13. I’m sorry you’re hurt. 🙁 I haven’t run in a week either due to injury and my chiro said no elliptical (pinched nerves). So I’m stuck on the bike, walking, and doing a lot of yoga and strength training. I hope you get better so fast!

  14. My favorite way to cross train is the elliptical. I like swimming, but only in addition to running, not as a replacement for it. Really elliptical is the only cross training I like!

  15. I consider my weight lifting and stretching routine to be my cross training. When I had an injury I used the elliptical and hated it.
    I went swimming this weekend and would love to be able to do that once or twice a week as cross training.

  16. Thank you for sharing this as I’m going through the same right now! I love stair master for xtraining – gives you awesome leg workout and you can read while you do it if you have to be on there a long time… I’m hoping to be running in another 3 weeka

  17. I did a lot of intervals on the elliptical when I was injured. I tried to do a different type of workout every day. It gets really boring doing steady state hour sessions, so I’d say that was my favorite cross training (besides sitting on my ass). Keep up what you’re doing, Hollie, and you will be able to maintain your fitness really well. It’s very tough to deal with injuries, mentally and physically, but you’re tough and you’ll be better before you know it.

  18. i’m so sorry you’re injured & having to go through the emotional roller coaster of recovering… but it sounds like you’re doing all you can, keep it up!

    my favorite cross training was pool running.. i actually got a good sweat in and didn’t feel like i lost much fitness. i’d be more than happy to share some of the workouts with you if you would like/need!

    keep your head up!!

  19. So sorry to hear that you’re still dealing with your foot injury. But I’m as inspired by your proactive approach to getting through this as when I read about your running updates. Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

  20. Your post came at the right time for me. I just got back from the sports medicine doc about my hip/leg pain and have to start PT, probably can’t run for several weeks. I’m supposed to be training for an October marathon. Boo. I need to focus on the long term, though, and will start cross-training like a boss so that I return to running a stronger person.

  21. Spin, weight lifting, and the stair climber was always my go to cross training method. Also, walking in the revenging helped me a lot. But I hope the best for you and this injury doesn’t sideline you for long!

  22. Bike, bike, BIKE! 😉 Glad you’re being positive and proactive. It’s definitely easier said than done.

  23. Ugh!!!! I am so sorry….being injured is the worst and I am really not a fan of cross training!!!!! Didn’t you used to swim all the time?! Do you not like it anymore?
    It is hard to be positive…but just keep thinking of how great it is going to feel to be completely healthy again!!!!!!

    1. I swam for 15 years but I’m very much removed from swimming. I would rather be at the gym right now.

  24. At leas you’re smart! All it’ll do if you keep on running is prolong your healing. I hope the doctor has some good news! I know I had tendinitis in the tops of both of my feet years ago and it went away in about 4 weeks. Long time not to run, BUT it doesn’t seem like it takes that long to regain fitness, especially if you’re continuing to cross train! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  25. All cross training sucks, ha! But I do exercise bike and pool run if nothing else will do. Pool running is safe for those really nasty injuries that allow no torsion or impact, but I doubt its usefulness. I never feel like I’m getting a workout.

    1. I agree. Pool running is the best for the nastiest injuries. I’m honestly really glad I didn’t get that far.

  26. When I was injured last year I swam. A lot! It’s nothing on running and to be honest, pretty dull doing lengths, but I felt overall much fitter for getting a different workout in. I think swimming is the exercise that uses the most muscles in your body? I came back and still ran my marathon that Autumn, despite taking three weeks out from injury in the Summer, so cross-training must work!

  27. Spin classes are my favorite cross training, it’s easy to slack off, but to mentally push yourself and keep the resistance high, when no one would even know if you didn’t…I guess it helps build mental toughness? Maybe? I don’t know. It’s also super easy to take a spin selfie.

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