On Tuesday I posted about cross training using the AMT.  Something I struggle with (both in real life and internet life) is assuming people know exactly what I know.  For instance, I’ll cross train on the AMT and quite a few people asked what it was.

Visual reference (me watching grimy realityTV with no nose):


Cliff notes: It’s another cross training tool and very similar to an elliptical.

Anyways I thought I would just give an overview of why I chose the AMT and what it is.

I’ve used an elliptical for fitness long before I started running.  I would use elliptical to stay in shape during the swimming off season, to supplement miles when I was coming back from injury and of course when I was injured.

I’ve used a standard elliptical.

I’ve used the Arc trainer.  (Similar to an elliptical but can go into much higher resistance).

And right now my current favorite is the Precor AMT.  The AMT is a stairstepper crossed with an elliptical. To be 100% honest, the reason it’s my favorite cross training device is because I have the option of the AMT or the elliptical at the gym. Since I’m a member of Anytime Fitness, it’s a smaller gym with fewer options.

On any elliptical, I like to do one of the preprogramed workouts.  I don’t care to be messing with the buttons once I begin my workout. There are a number of different programs from cardio to weight loss to hill workouts.  Personally my favorite is to do the cardio setting.  I normally click the program and then workout an hour.

Honestly a lot of people make cross training a lot harder than it has to be.  Yes, it stinks being couped up inside but most have a TV, music or something to keep you entertained.  It isn’t as if you are staring into a blank wall.  If anything you can buy a relatively inexpensive music player to bring for yourself if your gym only provides a wall to stare at.

The fact about cross training due to injury (or just cross training in general) is that you have to put in the time.  You cannot expect to cross train for 10 minutes and think it’s equal and going to preserve the fitness of a 7 mile run.  It won’t.  You must put in the effort.  I’m not saying go crazy and pretend you are running your fastest mile ever, but you do have to commit to putting in the time and effort.  Otherwise, like anything without effort you won’t see results.

Cross training does work if you put in the time. If you dedicate time that you normally would be running (or doing whatever) it will work.  If you half ass it or dedicate less time…it will work for the effor you put in.

Questions for you:

Have you tried an AMT before? What is your favorite type of elliptical?

On another note, I’ll be writing an “all about me” post soon.  If you have any random questions (about anything in life, favorite movie, color, college, high school, did I collect pokemon cards (yes)…feel free to ask.



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  1. Hahaha you and your drawings lol 🙂 I typically just go with the standard elliptical during cross training but you’ve my interest peeked in the AMT trainer

  2. No AMT at my gym but I used to use the arc training to crosstrain when injured and I liked it much better than the elliptical. I could never get used to the motion of the elip it just felt weird. AMT sounds interesting though. But blah to gym machines in general!

  3. My favorite sentence “you just have to out in the time!” I so agree – and while I’m not injured right now, I know that if I can just put in the same time on an elliptical (I prefer the ARC trainer because it’s easier on my knees) I won’t lose significant amounts of fitness and may even recover! That being said, we have have these machines at the gym, so I definitely want to give them a try!

  4. I like the arc trainer best, but I don’t think we have the AMT at my gym. I’ll have to look. Anywho… I would like to know who your celebrity crush was in 7th grade and what was the first concert you ever went to.

  5. Now that I know what it is (awesome pic!), yes I have used that machine. I repeat myself a lot in my comments I realize… but I love all elliptical-like/stairmaster-like machines. My gym has a few of all the types – my favorite one is the Precor Elliptical with the arms that move. Not a fan of rowers/stationary bikes because I don’t like sitting.

  6. We have an AMT at my gym, and it took me awhile to get the motion right. It’s a lot different than the elliptical. A great workout, though! I like what you said about the effort — it’s so true. I’m sometimes unmotivated to put in the time because I watch the seconds slowly tick by, but just mentally sticking to it will keep fitness intact.

  7. I’ve never tried the AMT nor do I use the elliptical. I have bad hips and the Chiro has advised me to stay away. Leaving me with cycling and swimming to cross-train.

  8. Our gym doesn’t have this machine. We have lots of ellipticals, one star stepper, but no AMT. My last gym only had like 2 of em and one was always broken. I mostly stick with spin and BodyPump for cross training, but I do like the stair stepper. I think with ANY cross training, you have to do it longer for it to be the intensity of a run.

  9. I think I used the AMT at one of the LA Fitnesses and I hated it. I also hate the stair steppers because I seriously can’t figure out how to use it. The machine keeps shutting off. I’m dumb. But I LOVE the elliptical! It’s definitely hard to stay on there for a long period of time and I work up a sweat. But I haven’t been on one in awhile now 🙂 Ooops!

      • I think the stair stepper is just totally different all together, right? The gym has a cool looking one that I think I could do (where the stairs are like real steps but just go in a circle and the machine is HUGE), but the regular old stair stepper (the one that is always available), I really can’t keep it on. Every step I take it goes off and I get so confused. So I’ve given up. I’ll just do squats to get a nice butt.

      • Yeah! The AMT is like a cross between an elliptical and stair stepper. You can do an elliptical motion or stair stepper motion. Whatever you are feeling!

  10. Hahaha thank you for clarifying because I get all the different trainers confused and usually forget to ask which is which. I’ve used that before and like it a lot better than a regular elliptical. Good reminder for getting out of it what you put into it, too. I’m not a huge gym fan, but you’re right….it’s necessary for various reasons and it isn’t that bad if you go into it with the right attitude

  11. I have a lot of love for the AMT! And love your drawing. I was on that sucker for a 90 minute session this week for my cross training. I do find that I wish it had a higher resistance though like the Arc does (my other choice on a XT day).

  12. I have tried the AMT before. I feel like the biggest dork on it because I can never get the motion right so I basically just use it like a regular elliptical. I usually go back to the stair climber.

    Personally, I love the fact that their is a TV. I hate when people say you shouldn’t watch tv because you aren’t getting a good workout. If I’m still sweating and going hardcore, I’m burning calories. The fact that I’m watching GMA shouldn’t matter.

  13. Wait, you mean I don’t already know all about you already??? 🙂 I’ve not tried the AMT before, but the next time an Act of God, injury, or both force me inside to do my thing, then I’ll check it out.

  14. Everything about your last two paragraphs is so true! You really do just have to suck it up and put in the time, like it or not.

    I have tried the AMT and honestly, I suck at it!

    I like the armless elliptical and to put it on the 3-interval setting and then just up the resistance as I go. I agree that I definitely prefer not having to mess with buttons.
    My gym just got rid of it (right when I got injured of course) but luckily, they have another location, even closer to me, who knew, that has plenty!

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