Marathon Training Week 9: Injury

This makes two posts this week I’ve started with “I’ve always wanted to be transparent with people”…

Last weekend my foot started to feel stiff.  Stiff enough that I was concerned post race.  It wasn’t a sharp pain but rather a dull pain in the arch.  Cue the mini freakout.  My entire body had been sore so I decided to get a deep tissue massage as well as rest on Sunday.   That didn’t seem to help my body soreness at all.

So I sit here a week later still sore, my arch is throbbing.  At first I thought I had  a minor case of plantar fasciitis.  Although my arch hurt, it didn’t hurt more in the morning.  It didn’t hurt in the back of the heel.  Just the arch.  It was more localized in the actual arch of the foot.  After doing more research, I found myself more related to posterior tibial tendinitis.  It makes sense in my case.  I am a supinator which puts pressure on my inner calves which connect to the muscles in your arch.  My inner calves are something that has always gotten extremely sore.

Where my pain is…

Not admitting I am injured and running through pain won’t get me anywhere.  I am not going to run until I’m healed.  I’m not a runner who can or will run through injuries.  It’s not worth it to me.

Since I’m on the honesty train, Plantar fasciitis (besides being the hardest injury to actually spell) is my most feared injury. You could do everything right as far as promoting healing and being proactive but it still gets worse. I’ve seen people who can’t walk without pain.  Posterior Tibial Tendinitis is essentially very similar so I’m adding this to one of my most feared injuries.

Last Saturday was my last run.

I’ve gotten two deep tissue massages since.

I’m icing, stretching and rolling with a golf ball.

It’s honestly not getting any better and I have yet to see any improvements.

If it still bothers me by Friday I’ll go to the doctor.  I know it’s a muscle related injury and due to the location and other symptoms I’m confident it’s posterior tibial tendinitis.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty devastated right now.  It’s only been a week of not running but I’m pretty bummed.  I hope it doesn’t interfere with my marathon training (or worst case scenario:  not being ready or still injured to run the marathon).  But it is what it is.

The only thing I can do right now is stay positive and proactive.  It stinks a lot.  Personally, I would rather have a bone break than muscle injury but I was dealt these cards. With a bone injury, you know it takes a certain amount of time to heal.  Who knows with a muscle injury?

Long story short, the only thing I can do is rest and be proactive in recovery.  This is my first injury since October 2012 so hopefully it’s a minor speedbump. It stinks and I’m rather miserable to be around but here is to hoping this week’s better news.  

Question for you: Have you ever had plantar fasciitis or posterior tibial tendinitis? How did you recover?