I am neither a big blogger nor an elite runner.  I don’t receive millions of views and it certainly doesn’t pay my bills.  Nor do I post times that put me at the elite level of running.

Yesterday, I found myself extremely frustrated.  I had written the Wineglass contact page twice.  I had asked if they had time standards for elite runners.  Now I know full well that my half marathon and especially marathon time will not get me a lot of comped entries but there is never harm in trying.

I’m not blogger famous that I get many race entries from that either (Actually I have never received a race entry for blogging).  But I did think it would be a good idea to ask.  My running expenses are fairly high and I am trying to rebuild the savings I lost from not having a job for 8 months.  Long story short I filled out the form twice and left my email address twice as well as other means of contacting both times.

If they had sent me an email saying “no we don’t do comped entries” or “no you aren’t fast enough”, that would have been fine.  I would have signed up that same day to secure my spot.  I was waiting for an email to give me a definite answer.

But the fact was I waited for an email that never came.  I did, however, get a text message from Laura  yesterday asking if I had signed up for Wineglass.  I knew exactly where this was going…she was going to tell me “it sold out”.

She didn’t, she told me it had five spots left.  Immediately I panicked and tried to register on my phone.  I got past all the screens, registration and put in my credit card information.  When I went to register, the race was sold out.  It said error this option is no longer available.

So there I was: so excited to run a race I didn’t even sign up for.  In the back of my mind, I knew I should have just signed for it and now waited for an email telling me yes or no but I didn’t do that.  I waited.

Immediately I stormed the internet.  I tweeted that I was devastated, I was upset, etc.  Do they know the rage I will create?

Then I realized: Who have I become?  I’m upset because I’m an average runner and a smaller blogger and I’m hoping for a free race entry?  I felt whiny and as if I almost felt entitled.

I felt immediately like an entitled dramatic toolbag. 

Everyone signing up and toeing the line for a marathon works hard.  You have to put in work.  I realized I shouldn’t have waited for an email and should have taken initiative to sign up for this race a long time ago.  In my personal opinion, I think a simple “no we don’t do that” would have been nice…but it didn’t happen.

I started to think about various other races I could do.  There were many fall marathons that were still open.  Despite my heart being in Wineglass I had dug my grave.  I had put off signing up. After crying a little bit I looked for various marathons I could run in its place..

I wanted a marathon either the same weekend or later (not sooner).  I wanted flat, fast, etc.  I had two narrowed down.

Then I saw someone a few hours later had registered for Wineglass.  How was that possible, it gave me the error message earlier.  Again I was not home and tried to register from my phone.  This time it went through.  This time my credit card was charged 107 dollars and I was in.

I guess you could say that Wineglass is still on then.  I learned my lesson that I can’t sit and wait for a company or anyone to respond.  I also gave myself a nice reality check that blogging is still just blogging.  I am not a super star because I blog.  I am not famous and I’m not an elite runner because I blog.  I’m still Hollie, a normal person blogging their way through life.



  1. I am relieved you got in. It also makes me even more grateful for our local race directors who are very forthcoming about information and always reply to emails immediately. Oh and you know you’re an elite big blogger to me 🙂

    1. I agree. The Hampton Roads Race directors and especially J&A, are so great.

      I always appreciate your support Kris and I can’t wait to see you soon. 🙂

  2. i’m not going to lie, I was devastated for you! Literally, as I was reading it, I was like NO! I’m sooooo happy everything worked out doll!!!

  3. I second Lee’s comments. I’ve always learned that if my heart set on something, I make a decision and go for it, rather than waiting for an answer. If they comp something after the fact, hopefully I’ll get a refund 🙂

    So glad you got in! This is going to be a great race for you and it sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!

  4. I love your honesty here. So glad you got in. You know, sometimes you have to email the director directly…who knows who checks those forms. I’ve received a few comped entries in exchange for blog and social media exposure. And I think you’re blog/social media influence is probably way bigger than mine at this point. But I’m new to your blog…and I kind of dropped off the blogosphere the last year (off and on)…not like I used to be with a a post a day. I wrote up a few paragraph email and sent it despite the voice in my head that said “who do you think you are?! Why would they give YOU free entry?! Don’t even bother.” and I was surprised at what came of it. I think it helped that I was an ambassador for a local marathon here but I think sometimes I tend to think on the other side of the entitlement where I doubt myself and the possibilities and then don’t end up trying or starting. Anyway, long comment short, I enjoyed your vulnerability here in sharing your thoughts and happy that you got in!! Oh, and I’ve enjoyed finding your blog! Happy Friday!

  5. Wow, what a candid and fanastic post, Hollie. While I am nowhere near your speed, it can be really easy to get caught up in the blog and race chaos at times and want to get things. I appreciate that you could take a step back…not everyone can. And I’m bummed you won’t get to run a race that clearly was exciting to you, but like you said, there will be other races. Hope you have a fabulous training run this weekend to burn off that frustration! 🙂

  6. You are one of the most sincere and humble bloggers out there, I would never associate you with entitlement. You’re an extremely accomplished runner, we all have those moments where we look in the mirror and ask “WTF, who do I think I am, princess Di? Get it in check.” It’s the genuinely good people who have the self awareness to recognize this and check themselves. The fact that you went one step further and put it out there for everyone, you’re awesome. Glad you got in, love your blog and attitude, and thanks for keeping it real, Ms. speedy runner!

  7. The suspense! What a pleasant ending to your post. I’m so glad that you got in. I got into Wineglass a while ago and started thinking as I was reading – Hollie should get my spot!:)

    I wonder if next time if you REALLY want to run a race and want a comp then maybe sign up first and then ask for a refund explaining your situation? This race director/team does not seem responsive but one time I signed up and paid for a half marathon and they realized I came in top 10 the year before (top 10 receive free entry the following year) and they SENT ME A CHECK! I didn’t even ask them for a refund! Now THAT is service 🙂

    And yes, you are an “elite” blogger!

  8. Glad to hear you got in!

    I also love your honesty and perspective on this. Most people wouldn’t have been able to realize the reality of the situation they had themselves caused. 🙂

  9. I think this post demonstrates that you have elite-level self awareness.

    I’m being serious, most people in your situation would throw a tantrum and blame the race directors, but instead, you were like “this is kind of a sucky situation.” Glad it wound up working out.

  10. I am loving your honesty, here. I think you should get a comped entry on that alone! I’m really happy you got in, eventually. I heard so many good things about Wineglass and I think that it will all come together for you on race day–it was clearly meant to be! Cheering you on from Md!

  11. So… I can’t see into your brain and your emotions, but as a reader, I would never assume you were inquiring about a comped spot to be greedy or feeling entitled.

    First, you were already going to sign up for the race and would have done it anyway but wanted to ask (no shame in asking). Second, a lot of races ARE reaching out to bloggers and want to give them comped entries or discounts or benefits in some way- that’s very common (even some smaller races here do it). And even if you’re not fast enough to be considered elite… you are still very fast. Even if you’re not at the elite standards now, you’d know for the future and what you need to work toward for that particular race.

    I think it’s sad that they didn’t get back to you. Like you said, a simple no would have been fine so you could sign up without worries. After all… what if you were a known elite runner and just going about your business and they didn’t get back to you? That would also be bad on their part. When it comes to answering questions and inquiries like that, races need to think about the consumer (the runner) because with so many races… people can take their $$$ elsewhere.

    I am really glad you got in though. It’s not a fun thought that you were waiting on a response and would have to miss out =(.

  12. I’m glad that you got in! I don’t think there is any harm in asking…and I feel they should have at least responded to you. Race fees sure can be expensive and you train hard and are an awesome runner so there is a good chance a race could want to comp your entry! I have heard good things about Wineglass so I’m looking forward to reading about your training and your experience there!

  13. YAYA so happy you got your place after all that! I have recently experienced how your system works over there with races… I tried to enter the Disney half in Anaheim for August as that’s when I will be over there and found out that it was sold out and that I needed to go through a charity, not only did I need to pay entry but also raise over the amount they set, so yep I was like ok I will send them an email to see if there was seeded places/bibs/elite like here, the response a little vague and basically told me my only choice is going through charity… anyway looks like I wot be doing that one… bummer, wanted to see Disney!!! So there’s my ramble under your post… Hopefully your not too far from California and I will get to run with you when I’m there, I’m super excited!!! 🙂

  14. Gahhh life can be so frustrating when you have full plans on something and it doesn’t go as you saw it going. I am glad that it all worked out in the end, though!

  15. I’m glad you still made it in! You work hard at running and blogging, sometimes it’s nice to be rewarded or at least respected enough to receive a response.

  16. Wineglass is one that I’ve heard so many good things about, and I’m so happy that you got in eventually!! I think it’s perfectly okay to ask for things that are comped or free from companies. That doesn’t make you entitled! I think when you get to the point that you expect everything to be free, that’s not good, but asking for a free thing here or there is not bad. One of the best ways for companies to get their messages out is through bloggers (or so I’ve been told) so it’s perfectly okay. People often get sponsorships for conferences and such from companies, so please don’t feel bad about asking. 🙂 <– just my two cents but I hope it makes you feel better!

    1. Thanks Lindsay!

      I don’t exactly feel entitled for asking, I feel I handled it poorly. I should have kept better track of when the race was selling out and gone from there!

  17. So glad you got in-I know this is the one that you wanted. Frustrating you were never given a response though. I had the same issue with a jeweler I really wanted to create a his/hers deployment gift for…. now instead it’s going to be sent overseas way later and he probably wont get it until he’s been in country for 2+ months.

  18. I really don’t think you were being unreasonable at all…not in asking whether you could get an entry, or in your reaction to the race being full. It’s common courtesy to reply to enquiries, and it’s a shame that the company organising Wineglass couldn’t get back to you before the race was nearly full. To my mind that’s a failure on their part, not yours. You deserve a comped race entry more than ANY of the bloggers who seem to get race bibs thrown at them like confetti. Hell, anyone who doesn’t just run junk miles every day and/or have an obvious problem with compulsive overexercising (and cremating their food…) would be more worthy of free races than the cretins who currently get them. This sort of thing hasn’t taken off in the UK, and I actually hope it does because I know I’m going to get angry that the right people won’t get the opportunities…I don’t say this with regard to myself, but I find the blog world in general extremely unfair in terms of who makes it ‘big’ and thus ends up with a sense of entitlement.

    I think anyone would have been upset in your situation – give yourself a break! I’m just glad everything is sorted out now and the marathon is still on for you.

    If you think you’re entitled, there’s someone I follow on Twitter (she used to have a blog) who is the most entitled bitch you’ll ever meet. She thinks the world owes her so much, even though her mega-rich Daddy pays for everything, and has even set up a business for her so she can play at baking with voodoo blogger ingredients and never have to face the real world…and yet she constantly moans about people asking her for recipes and her Tweets are unbelievably rude. You are like the complete opposite of her. You’re way too humble considering all of your achievements.


  19. Well that had me in suspense!!!! I feel the exact same way!!! I am not an elite or a super blogger with a ton of page views….just a runner trying to race and get faster on a budget :)!!!!
    I am SO glad you got it! There are always other races…but when you have your mind and heart set on a race, it just isn’t the same 🙂

  20. Glad you got in Holly 🙂 I also am a small blogger and I admittedly have been lucky enough to get a few free entries (none for a half or full marathon). We (as bloggers and people) all need to remember to look at our glass or in this case “Wineglass” (and life) as half full and never as half empty. 🙂 Good luck on your race!! Happy Running! God Bless

  21. I’m so happy you got in! I did not read this post as you being entitled. There is nothing wrong in asking and they should have gotten back to you in a timely manner. I am a small blogger and also trying to blog my way through life. I do not see anything wrong with inquiring. Again, I’m glad you got in. I know you will have a great time and I can’t wait to read the recap.

  22. I found this post so refreshing especially since you ARE an elite runner! You are an amazing runner and there is nothing wrong with asking if you can be comped. They should have at least responded!

  23. Ugh, I was just the saddest! No moar lolz?! I’m super happy that everything worked out, but that lesson is a toughie! I’m not sure that I would’ve considered your attitude as “entitled”, so much as it was hopeful? I think you’re swell, and if you took more from this than we can know, then that’s cool. Just don’t be too tough on yourself. 😉

  24. First, I would like you say you’re a famous blogger and legit, super-speedy runner to me. 🙂 Wow, those must’ve been a stressful few hours; glad everything ended up working out. I’ve done a few races and used discount codes (from work or from my team), but I’ve never had an entry totally comped.

  25. Glad that you got in! Similar thing happened my first marathon. I got so excited to start training that I forgot to sign up! Ended up running as a 45 year old male (college’s athletic director got injured and couldn’t run so I used his bib). It worked but took the trill out of BQing my first bc it really didn’t ‘count’.

  26. Glad it worked out to you in the end, but at the same time, as bloggers, when you see others doing the same or getting rewarded/comped for things, of course you’d question it or consider seeing your options! You definitely don’t give off an entitled vibe and it’s so true- we need to realise at the end of the day- for many of us at least- it is just a blog.

  27. Too bad for the crappy communications – it is a small local outfit I know, because I have actually had great communications with them. I have run it a couple of times and it really is a great and gorgeous course with excellent local support and volunteers along the way.

    Glad it worked out and you got in. 🙂

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