The Metro Diner (Brooklawn)

Sadly the Metro Diner (Brooklawn, NJ) has now closed for good. South Jersey Observer sited the lot would be made into either a “Super Wawa” or Royal Farms.

Driving to the Metro Diner, I had no idea what to expect.  The Metro Diner is located on route 130 in Camden County. Across the street is an adult store.  I wondered if I should have checked out the Metro Diner myself before inviting others to have lunch with me.  Once we got inside, we realized how nice it was.

My date Erin and I
My date Erin and I

Metro Diner Atmosphere: A

The Metro diner is two huge rooms.  The actual building of the Metro Diner is nice outside, and inside it’s separated so you can either walk left or right.  They took us left to a beautiful big spacy booth.   Both sides seem similar.

Metro Diner Coffee: A

The coffee at the Metro Diner was excellent and kept it refilled the entire time.  I asked for whipped cream, and the lady was able to bring me coffee and whipped cream.  What was most impressive was that she also brought me whipped cream on my refill too.  She even brought the can over. It was brewed fresh, hot and I had whipped cream.

Metro Diner coffee

Metro Diner Food: A

The menu at the Metro Diner is one of the largest of any diner.  Every food imaginable they have.   I ordered my standard Greek salad but this time with chicken (since they didn’t have salmon).  Erin and I were chatting about often diner salads are filled with white lettuce and a few random vegetables.  (This happened to me at the Cherry Hill diner).  So the salad looks like more than it actually is.

This salad was a reasonable amount of lettuce with lots of toppings.  My favorite part about the Metro Diner salad was that they gave me two full pieces of pita bread.  (Double then most diners). My only question was what kind of salad dressing it was.  It stated on the menu it was a house Greek.  To me, it tasted like oil and vinegar (which is fine) but not house.

Metro Diner salad

It was one of my favorite diner salads to date.

Metro Diner Price: $

For my salad with chicken and coffee at the Metro Diner, the total was 13 dollars (not including tip), which was an excellent value.  I left feeling full and having a great time.

Would I come back to the Metro Diner?

Yes, I’m surprised the Metro Diner (Brooklawn) closed. They had a lot of different options I want to try. (Plus their desserts look amazing).  The Metro Diner food was filling, it was inexpensive, and it had good coffee.  Though it’s about 45 minutes from my house, it is worth the trip.  (Especially since it’s close to Philly.  So if anyone from that area wants to go, you know where to find me!).

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite salad dressing?

Mine is either balsamic vinaigrette or Greek.

Have you judged a book (or restaurant) by its cover only to be pleasantly surprised?