Life is Full of Lessons

When Tim and I moved in together, I thought our relationship would get easier.  I thought because we were living together it would be easier.  After being in a long distance relationship for over a year, I thought moving in together would be a lot easier than a distance relationship.  With any relationship, there are good times and bad times but I figured there would be a lot more good times.

While it is easier than long distance, it isn’t easy.  Anyone living with a significant other can tell you that.  Anyone living with a roommate can tell you that. 

When I moved to Texas, I wasn’t working.  Not only that but I didn’t have any friends down in Texas (except for Stephanie) and I didn’t have a lot to do with my day.  Running only takes up so much of your time.  Before I found out we were moving, I would apply for jobs but I still had lots of extra time.

Fast foward to the first few months of living in New Jersey.  Once again running only takes up so much time and while I did have a few more friends to hang out with, it didn’t take up all my time while Tim worked.  I could now finally start applying for jobs.  (It makes it a lot easier to apply for jobs when you know you’ll stay in an area for longer than a month…).  Long story short, even with all of those things I still found myself with a good amount of free time.

For a few months I applied for jobs, waited in limbo land and did my own thing.  Tim and I still had plenty of time together because once he got home (most nights) we could eat dinner and hang out.

In March I started working at a local running store.  To say that I enjoy my job is an understatement.  I’m happy to chat running with anyone that will listen and help runners of all ages.  It’s a lot of fun.  (It’s different from anything I’ve ever done but it is a lot of fun).

For the last few months as I ease into my job, I find myself working a lot of later hours and weekends.  Unlike a desk job, retail is open later and on weekends.  It’s fine by me as I can pack a lunch and dinner and be set for the day.  However, working Thursday-Sunday 10-7 is new found large dent in Tim and I’s relationship time.

When I’m off work, he is at work.  When he is off work (Saturday and Sunday), I am at work all day.  Having opposite schedules has been hard.  We have however, found a balance in managing our lives and relationships.  We both need personal time, we both need relationship time and we both love our jobs.

I think with anything life is learning process.  You never really know what you are getting into (with a job, moving in with a significant other, graduating college, high school…moving…whatever).  You might have an idea but you never fully know until you physically do something.  I enjoy reflecting on changes (both big and small) in my life and this is has been one of the best.  Sure there have plenty of adjustments, but there was when I went to high school, college and worked in Oswego.

Quite honestly I’m very happy with the direction my life is going.  Life is full of lessons to experience along the way and I’m just blogging them.

Questions for you:

How do you balance your life?

Do you live with someone? 



I am neither a big blogger nor an elite runner.  I don’t receive millions of views and it certainly doesn’t pay my bills.  Nor do I post times that put me at the elite level of running.

Yesterday, I found myself extremely frustrated.  I had written the Wineglass contact page twice.  I had asked if they had time standards for elite runners.  Now I know full well that my half marathon and especially marathon time will not get me a lot of comped entries but there is never harm in trying.

I’m not blogger famous that I get many race entries from that either (Actually I have never received a race entry for blogging).  But I did think it would be a good idea to ask.  My running expenses are fairly high and I am trying to rebuild the savings I lost from not having a job for 8 months.  Long story short I filled out the form twice and left my email address twice as well as other means of contacting both times.

If they had sent me an email saying “no we don’t do comped entries” or “no you aren’t fast enough”, that would have been fine.  I would have signed up that same day to secure my spot.  I was waiting for an email to give me a definite answer.

But the fact was I waited for an email that never came.  I did, however, get a text message from Laura  yesterday asking if I had signed up for Wineglass.  I knew exactly where this was going…she was going to tell me “it sold out”.

She didn’t, she told me it had five spots left.  Immediately I panicked and tried to register on my phone.  I got past all the screens, registration and put in my credit card information.  When I went to register, the race was sold out.  It said error this option is no longer available.

So there I was: so excited to run a race I didn’t even sign up for.  In the back of my mind, I knew I should have just signed for it and now waited for an email telling me yes or no but I didn’t do that.  I waited.

Immediately I stormed the internet.  I tweeted that I was devastated, I was upset, etc.  Do they know the rage I will create?

Then I realized: Who have I become?  I’m upset because I’m an average runner and a smaller blogger and I’m hoping for a free race entry?  I felt whiny and as if I almost felt entitled.

I felt immediately like an entitled dramatic toolbag. 

Everyone signing up and toeing the line for a marathon works hard.  You have to put in work.  I realized I shouldn’t have waited for an email and should have taken initiative to sign up for this race a long time ago.  In my personal opinion, I think a simple “no we don’t do that” would have been nice…but it didn’t happen.

I started to think about various other races I could do.  There were many fall marathons that were still open.  Despite my heart being in Wineglass I had dug my grave.  I had put off signing up. After crying a little bit I looked for various marathons I could run in its place..

I wanted a marathon either the same weekend or later (not sooner).  I wanted flat, fast, etc.  I had two narrowed down.

Then I saw someone a few hours later had registered for Wineglass.  How was that possible, it gave me the error message earlier.  Again I was not home and tried to register from my phone.  This time it went through.  This time my credit card was charged 107 dollars and I was in.

I guess you could say that Wineglass is still on then.  I learned my lesson that I can’t sit and wait for a company or anyone to respond.  I also gave myself a nice reality check that blogging is still just blogging.  I am not a super star because I blog.  I am not famous and I’m not an elite runner because I blog.  I’m still Hollie, a normal person blogging their way through life.


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