Hangover 5k (19:42)

I knew eventually the day would come where I would get a solid reality check.  A solid reality check that my speed is not where it was last summer.  A solid reality check that I needed to move on and begin training again.  That being said I chose to take two solid months off after the marathon from racing (except the 10 miler because I really just like J&A races) and just focus on logging quality miles.  Easier said than done but I did get more mileage.  Now until the Virginia is for Lovers 14k, I plan to run 5 more 5ks and work on some speed.

But I should probably start with my first 5k recap. 

The Hangover 5k was pretty far north of me but the promise of finally meeting Ashley, Danielle and Amelia enticed me to drive the distance.  It seemed like a decent course and I have never been up there so that was that.


During my 2 mile warmup, my new nike watch decided it wasn’t going to link up to satellite.  Honestly I’m done with this watch and the amount of problems both of them have caused me.  I’m going to go back to my old Garmin.  I jogged two miles around the course as my warm up and then just waited for the race to start.

It was cold and I left all my clothing on until 1 minute before the start.   The command signal went off (ie: an air horn) and off we went.  It was extremely crowded the first mile and I tried not to elbow any little children so my blog title would become LOLZinJail.  The first mile I ran in 6:05.  There was a man calling out splits at the mile.  I believe he was probably one of the high school cross country coaches because there were a ton of teams there and he was writing splits down too.

There is one type of runner I like to pass more than any other, which is the high school male.  They think they are god’s gift to the world so cocky and arrogant.  I really try to hold my breath and look like I’m effortlessly passing them as well.  Anyways today while passing two boys, they bellowed “Good thing this is a recovery run.  Yeah RECOVERY, WE AREN’T TRYING AT ALL!!!!” (They were practically screaming it…).  I snarked back, good thing I’m not a lanky high school boy on my recovery run then.  Keep in mind we are going around a 6 minute pace…so yes not recovery for them.  I know the mature thing to do is not talk but I have a harder time biting my tongue when racing.

The second mile was rather uneventful.  I continued to pass a few more women and moved to second place female (where I stayed).  I saw the first place female way up in front (who later ran 18:40ish) and knew I wasn’t passing her.  I had dug my heels into the pain train and knew I just had to hold on for the ride.

Mile 2 I hit in 12:37.  I kept telling myself okay Hollie in order to run a sub 20 minute you must finish in less than 7:30.  I really fought to keep myself together and push to do so.  A little less excitement in the third mile.  I saw Ashley and she said good job.  I responded with I am about to die.  Aren’t I a bundle of fun?

I hit the 3 mile point in exactly 19 minutes.  By my previous life of math major calculations, I knew if I held the same pace (because lord knows I was not getting any faster or kicking it to the end) I would be under 20 minutes.

I finished in 19: 42.  Obviously not my best and nowhere near it but the reality check I needed.  I am ready to begin training again and ready to excel in hopefully many more 5ks to come.  This next month is dedicated to finding myself in this distance.  A 5k is not an easier distance (in my opinion) because it is shorter.  I find it harder with less room for mistakes.

I knew this wasn’t going to be anything close to a PR.  I really haven’t done many 5ks since the summer time.  I ran one in October but none in September or August.  I might run more this month then all of last year.  At least it gives me more content for my blog I guess.

I did pose with my second place trophy...trying to mimic it...but I failed.
I did pose with my second place trophy…trying to mimic it…but I failed.

Questions for you:

What sports watch do you use?  If you use Nike do you have as many problems as I seem to have had lately?

What is your 5k race strategy?

I honestly just go out like a headless chicken and prey to the high heavens that I don’t crash and burn.