NYCM Peak Week 1 (102 miles)

I cannot believe we are three weeks out from the marathon and I have finished peak week number 1 (out of 2).   I had a great week and focused on quality and recovering.  I continued to take my baths, foam roll and keep my legs feeling as good as they could after running that amount of miles.

Monday: 12.72 miles (8:22 pace)
Tuesday: 12.71 miles (8:08 pace) last 2 miles <7:30
Wednesday: 13.21 miles (8:37) recovery, easy
Thursday 15.7 miles mid week long run
Friday: 13.1 miles untimed but perfect half
PM: Core work
Saturday: 13.5 miles untimed
Sunday 20.5 miles (last 7 at sub 8 min) overall pace 8:02.
Total: 102 miles

Training thoughts:

Wow my first 100 mile week.  My first and possibly only 100 mile week.  As I type that out, I am honestly in shock with it myself.  This was a perfect training week as far as mileage goes.  I felt great when I should and I felt tired and sluggish when I should.  I recovered well and did exactly what I was supposed to.  It was honestly my best week of the cycle.

I wanted to get my faster runs done in the beginning of the week because I knew it would be a lot easier.  As far as any niggles or injuries I had none.  Someone asked about my knee the other day and I’m happy to report I have felt no pain or twinges in the last two week.  (Knock on wood) I’m still injury free.  It was a little hard for me this week going from running 6 days a week to 7 (something I haven’t done in a while) but I know that is what I needed to do in my two peak weeks.

My shift and focus for training has gone from speed week to just huge amounts of miles.  Hoarding all the miles is what I’ve done best this week I suppose.  Something I keep in mind with these huge mileage weeks is that in another week I’ll begin tapering and I honestly can’t wait.  I know a lot of people hate taper or are grouchy during taper but I like nothing more than to relax and recover.  I’ll be busy looking at houses and enjoying family time so it really will be nice not to worry a lot about high mileage.  It all balances out between peak weeks and taper weeks.

My goal for New York is still to hopefully come in around 3:10.  My primary goal remains finishing and finishing happy and injury free but I would be absolutely ecstatic with a 3:10 finishing time as well.

So that is that.  My best and most productive week is done with.  Knock on wood, I’m still injury free and I feel ready.

Questions for you:

What has been your best week of workouts ever?

What is your favorite workout ever?