Week Six and a Solidish 80 Miles

Another week goes by and another week closer to the New York City marathon.  Where is life going?  Oh wait, summer is hurling by and I’m quite okay with that.  Now if I can just get my packing act together and possibly have some quality races I’ll be good to go.

Monday: AM: 12.6 mile run 8:31 pace
PM: Strength class
Tuesday: 11 mile run (this was awful)
Wednesday: AM: 12.55 mile run untimed
PM: 6.25 treadmill tempo (7:12)
Thursday: Off
Friday: 10.5 easy recovery
Saturday: Allen Stone Run Swim Run total miles 14
Sunday: Easy 13
Total: 80


Thoughts of this week?

Well let’s see here, everywhere it was hot…that isn’t a secret.  It was pretty defeating for running for everyone I think but for me personally, coupled with having some GI issues made for an interesting week.  Tuesday’s 11 mile run was one of the worst runs I’ve had in a while but I was about due for one.  It seemed like everything that could go wrong did and I was just happy to put it behind me and move on.

Wednesday’s morning run was fine.  It was over 95 degrees after work around 4pm so I knew that an outdoor tempo run was not happening.  I wasn’t thrilled to do a treadmill tempo since it’s a lot harder for me to push the pace but I knew there was no way running outdoors would have been productive for me.  The run went smoothly and I tend to just keep making the pace faster on the treadmill starting from 8 minutes and going down.

Thursday my body begged for rest and Friday my body begged for a very slow easy run.

The race on Saturday, I’ll recap in more detail but it didn’t exactly go as planned.  The water was very chilly and my legs were not in the mood to run quickly. We all have those races stink, I just wish it wasn’t that particular race.

Today is Sunday and I am off to do an easy 13 before work.

Next weeks training?

I, of course, hope to stay injury free.  I hope to log more miles.  I’m running a 5k on Saturday which I’m glad I found…we will see how it goes. I’m working 11 hours Friday-Sunday next weekend which is going to make running pretty challenging.  We will see how that goes.   I want to get some more long runs in but my work schedule doesn’t allow for that for a while.

Questions for you:

1.       Is it supposed to rain where you are?  Are you as excited as me?

2.       Favorite workout of the week?