Week Six and a Solidish 80 Miles

Another week goes by and another week closer to the New York City marathon.  Where is life going?  Oh wait, summer is hurling by and I’m quite okay with that.  Now if I can just get my packing act together and possibly have some quality races I’ll be good to go.

Monday: AM: 12.6 mile run 8:31 pace
PM: Strength class
Tuesday: 11 mile run (this was awful)
Wednesday: AM: 12.55 mile run untimed
PM: 6.25 treadmill tempo (7:12)
Thursday: Off
Friday: 10.5 easy recovery
Saturday: Allen Stone Run Swim Run total miles 14
Sunday: Easy 13
Total: 80


Thoughts of this week?

Well let’s see here, everywhere it was hot…that isn’t a secret.  It was pretty defeating for running for everyone I think but for me personally, coupled with having some GI issues made for an interesting week.  Tuesday’s 11 mile run was one of the worst runs I’ve had in a while but I was about due for one.  It seemed like everything that could go wrong did and I was just happy to put it behind me and move on.

Wednesday’s morning run was fine.  It was over 95 degrees after work around 4pm so I knew that an outdoor tempo run was not happening.  I wasn’t thrilled to do a treadmill tempo since it’s a lot harder for me to push the pace but I knew there was no way running outdoors would have been productive for me.  The run went smoothly and I tend to just keep making the pace faster on the treadmill starting from 8 minutes and going down.

Thursday my body begged for rest and Friday my body begged for a very slow easy run.

The race on Saturday, I’ll recap in more detail but it didn’t exactly go as planned.  The water was very chilly and my legs were not in the mood to run quickly. We all have those races stink, I just wish it wasn’t that particular race.

Today is Sunday and I am off to do an easy 13 before work.

Next weeks training?

I, of course, hope to stay injury free.  I hope to log more miles.  I’m running a 5k on Saturday which I’m glad I found…we will see how it goes. I’m working 11 hours Friday-Sunday next weekend which is going to make running pretty challenging.  We will see how that goes.   I want to get some more long runs in but my work schedule doesn’t allow for that for a while.

Questions for you:

1.       Is it supposed to rain where you are?  Are you as excited as me?

2.       Favorite workout of the week?  


  1. Oh yeah–we’re getting some rain this week! It actually poured yesterday afternoon, and the sun was still out, so it was a hot and humid drizzle. Meh. I had a really good bike ride yesterday, so fingers crossed that momentum carries over to this week! Can’t wait to hear more about your run-swim-run race!

  2. Solid week, I know you had a few rough workouts but your better for it and it will make awesome workout this week that much better. I’m doing a 5k next weekend too, boo I wish we were doing the same one!

  3. We’re meant to be getting raging thunderstorms for the majority of next week :/ That will make running fun…I’ve been dying in the heat wave we’ve had in the UK, and it’s absolutely nothing compared to the temperatures in the US. I don’t know how people manage – I’ve been struggling a lot and the worst I’ve had to run in was around 90-92F….I must just be a wuss.

    But yes, heat does make for GI problems as well, I’ve found – honestly I think it’s messing with everyone’s runs, so your ‘bad’ one was probably down to that, and not a failing on your part.


  4. We got rain this past week. I live in Dallas, so we DESPERATELY needed it. It was very nice, but threw off my running groove. That’s okay, I got it back yesterday! Nice week for you! Very impressive, and something I look forward to one day getting to!

    1. I can understand that. My boyfriend lives in Texas (Del Rio…where I’m moving after Labor Day) and they have been needing rain as well. I will run in rain, even pouring rain…but not thunderstorms!

  5. Nice work, the heat isn’t making it easy. Yes on the excitement for rain (finally!) – wednesday here. Favorite run this week was Tuesday night, an easy 3mi after running a hellish 5mi fartlek that morning. 🙂 Good luck this week!

  6. I’m sorry the race didn’t go so well. Meh, there’s always the next one and hopefully it won’t be so hot you feel like your freaking lungs are on fire. I’m excited for rain and I’m getting sort of (okay, really) excited for fall. I’m surprised I haven’t started to hallucinate after laying out to tan on the day it was 104 degrees outside.

    My best workout this week is being able to walk/run even the slightest bit!!

  7. Nice miles!

    I think it rains here most days. Usually, thunderstorms, AS SOON AS I LEAVE WORK, which is really frustrating. I can deal with rain, but I’m not dodging lightning.

    When is the move?

  8. I was sad to see Allen Stone didn’t go how you wanted. I know work is stressing you out, just get through this week and August is here and quality training and less work is here! I think a week or two of looking ahead is a good thing since it can keep you positive!

  9. Looks like you had a pretty solid week, you’re a badass. We had rain last week, it made me incredibly happy, I think I might be kind of crazy in how much I love the rain. And to weather stalk. I’ll run in the rain anytime…But here it’s not always safe due to flash flooding and the whole lightening thing. So, depending on the type of rain, I’ll happily run, but sometimes opt for the couch.

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