UnMotivating Weeks

It seems like every summer I hit a huge wall.  I wonder, why am I getting up this early.  All my friends go to bed at 11 wake up at 7 (at the very earliest) for work, yet here I am day in and day out up no later than 5:30 every morning solely to run.  I hit this wall of misery every single summer that I’ve run, questioning why I’m even doing it.  Waking up early stinks.  Running by yourself at ungodly hours in the dark…stinks.

In 2011, I got a stress fracture because I gave in and ran in the afternoons on the treadmill.  I became to concerned with pace and miles versus anything else…I was a little baby runner then and I have since learned my lesson.

In 2012 I hit this wall pretty hard as well.  I was stressed with waking up to run before work so I wouldn’t run on the treadmill post work.  I was stressed with a newly created long distance relationship.  I was stressed with doing some open water swims to prepare for my 2 miler and also 5k.  I was, of course, biting too much too chew.  Needless to say I made it through the summer logging huge miles and made it somehow through the summer injury free.  Though I did hit the wall pretty hard.

This summer is no different.  I’m still biting off more then I can chew.  I’m working two jobs to pay for everything.  While no my parents are not making me pay rent at home, I am responsible for paying almost everything else.  Including food I like, running related fees and clothes…and basically everything else.  So I want to be able to afford that as well as having some extra spending money.  So what am I even saying?  I’ve hit that point in the summer (mid july as it always is) that I’m over running.  I just need a mental break.

Last week I gave myself a couple days off, nixed any speed and it seemed to really do the trick.  Though I’m not one to ever pressure myself from pace, if I consistently ran slower then normal it does take a mental toll.

My motivation is pretty much at a-5.  So why do I keep running?  Well, we aren’t always going to motivated running.  Sunshines and butterflies will not accompany all of your runs and it’s actually getting out there and powering through mentally tough times that make you a stronger runner.  Sure, it’s not optimal to run in the humidity, nor is it optimal to run in the NY winters…nor Texas summers.  You aren’t going to have perfect runs every day or even half the time so if I can remember that like last year somehow I’ll hopefully make it through and injury free.

Question for you: Do you see times when your motivation goes down?