NYC Marathon Training Weeks 4-5

Ah yes the marathon that I’m training for…the whole point of my blogging.  I skipped a post about training last week since I was out busy living my life so I guess I’ll catch you up to speed on how my training has been going. 

Here is two weeks ago:

Monday: AM: 11.11 miles untimed
PM: 6.5 miles tempo (6:47 pace) and Strength class
Tuesday: Elliptical shakeout
Wednesday: 12.25 untimed
Thursday: Independence Day 5k (19:10) total miles: 15.5
Friday: 11.0 untimed (hilly) Lake Monticello with Tim
Saturday: 11.2 untimed (hilly) Lake Monticello
Sunday: 12.2 (8:31 pace)
Total: 80


What are my thoughts about that week?  Well it was pretty much perfect…it just feels like so long ago I don’t remember.  Plus i was also on vacation so I try to think less of running when I’m doing that. I was really happy with my tempo run Monday since it was in the dead of the heat and I was so unmotivated to do it.  My race is recapped so not much to say about that.  I was also happy to get to run with Tim and get some hill training in when I was vacationing to Charlottesville.

This week:

Monday: AM: 12.2 miles untimed (legs felt heavy)
PM: Strength class
Tuesday: 12.6 miles untimed
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Elliptical
Friday: 12.6 miles with Dave (8:29 pace)
Saturday: 12.6 miles (8:17 pace)
Sunday: 12.5 miles untimed
Total: 62


I guess this last week could best be described as my cut week.

On Wednesday, I became suddenly unmotivated to run in the morning.  I just wanted a rest day…not because I had had any hard runs the day prior just because I wanted to sleep in.  So I did.  Then while researching my training a little more in depeth, I realized that I had logged 70+ mile weeks for the last 6 weeks and I could use another day or two from running.

We have been hosting one of my brothers classmates as he does an internship with the Navy so I was able to run with him Friday morning otherwise I probably wouldn’t haven’t have run Friday either.  That somewhat sparked my interest back into running again and I felt a lot better then the beginning of the week.  I won’t go into depth on my thoughts of recovery weeks and how I don’t think the body is made to run all year round all the time because they are just personal thoughts.  Anyways, so I cut out all speed and a long run this week in turn for some easier runs.

Training next week?

I hope to get back on the speed bandwagon and I’m doing the Allen Stone Run Swim Run on Saturday.  (1k run on the beach, 1k swim in the ocean and 5k run on the boardwalk).  Past that I’m not sure.

Questions for you:

How often do you take easier weeks?

What was your favorite workout of the week?