Marathon Training Thoughts

All of a sudden this week it hit me.  It was Monday really but I realized…I’m 20 weeks out from my first marathon.  20 weeks ago I was enjoying life and Spring Break and hitting my first of two half marathon PR’s for the year.

Laughing at those signing up for Marine Corps full thinking…not me…not this year.

Now I’m 20 weeks away from running my first marathon?


I thought at first I wouldn’t change any of my training until after Labor Day (ie: The Rock and Rock Half Marathon-VA Beach).  I’m already running 70+ miles weekly with a somewhat weekly long run and a tempo run and most of the time some sort of race.  So I tend to have two quality speed workouts (I like to hope so) and a longer run.  (I deem anything longer than my daily 90 minutes…a longer run).

Thinking about that, I don’t really think that is the greatest of training plans.  I don’t know if that will give me time (in my pretend knowledge of marathons) to find a good pair of marathon shoes (racing flats aren’t apparently “the way to go”?), work on nutrition for longer runs and just nutrition in general.  I can pretty much get away with eating most things the night before a 5 or 10k.  (That time I ate a 1 pound steak the night before a XC 5k).  Half marathons I tend to watch what I eat the night before and I would venture to think a full marathon would be as important.

So for the summer I am hoping to do roughly 4 or 5 longer runs (possibly between 15-20…and they’ll have to early or strategically on a cooler day) working on what I think might work for me for the marathon.  Trying new gels, new shoes, ect.

My biggest obstacle: Has always been to stay injury free.   Last summer, I trained my ass off.  I ran 70-90 miles weekly, peeking at a 96 mile week.  I PRed in almost every distance while running 80 mile weeks.  I worked extremely hard and was very hopeful on going to cross country nationals but none of that mattered because I developed a cyst and was injured for 90% of the season.  I stayed injury free until the summer was over but not throughout fall and my first week in Oswego I started complaining that my foot felt weird…though not related to running, I was still injured and one must think it developed in my foot…there has to be some sort of correlation.

I am normally primed for an injury in the summer or fall (whether it’s a stress fracture on my 21st birthday or an overgrown cyst development) so I need to be cautious of that.  Very cautious.  If I can maintain an injury free state, I truly believe 75% of the battle is done for me.

So what am I really saying out of all this?

I guess you can’t really pretend to train for a marathon.  I mean I could but I do have a goal to finish under 3:10.  I would like to finish strongly at 3:10, not oh my god I’m never moving at 3:10.  I think it’s an overzealous goal for NYC and also for my first marathon but I think it’s a good goal for me.  I don’t know everything (or really that much) about training for a marathon but I’m excited to actual commit and say: I am Hollie.  I am training for a marathon…not I am Hollie…yeah I’m doing a marathon in the fall for fun.

Questions for you:

If you have run a marathon, what do you remember most about your first?

When was the last time you had a “oh geez, what did I get myself into moment”?

I’d say Monday when I realized how close the marathon really was…but I tend to have these moments (possibly not as deep) daily.