Happy Birthday Mom

For mothers day, I wrote a post about how awesome my mom is.  It’s safe to say after living at home with her the last month I still feel the same way and she has been an open ear for all my current worries.

Today is her birthday.


Happy Birthday Mom!

You should go like her facebook page with her doll clothes.  She makes American Girl clothes (We literally have about 20 American Girl’s), baby gifts and blankets.  Basically she is amazing at sewing and I didn’t inherent any of that creativity.  I really tried though.

My mom's American Girl Clothe Designs
My mom’s American Girl Clothe Designs
One of the rad set ups

So that is my shameless blog sponsorship plug.  Since my mom currently sponsors me and I don’t live on the streets right now, it’s only right that I link her page for you to like.  I’m really good at linking things, but seriously  it would mean a lot if you did.

*EDIT: I think I fixed the link .  🙂

So with that…

Happy Birthday Mom. 


  1. I tried liking her but it says page unfound?? My daughter has an American Doll so Im always on the look out for her. You should suggest Build-A-Bear style clothes too in case your mom is ever thinking of expanding. 😉 All the kids in our neighborhood are obsessed with dressing their Build-a-Bears.

  2. I couldn’t like the page either but the clothes are really cute. One of my friends’ little girls has a few American Girl dolls and she also runs so I would like to share the page with her, they are always on the lookout for cool clothes for the doll without having to buy the very corporate stuff.

    BTW, be glad I’m not in 4th grade here because I loved my American Girl. I had the Molly one and she is still at my mom’s house.

  3. I love American Girl Dolls!! I had two of them growing up but it would’ve been so cool to buy clothes for them from somewhere besides that company, gahh. Happy Birthday to your awesome mom!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mum 🙂

    I’ve always wished I could sew as well, but as no-one in my family has that talent (we’re all terrible) I don’t think it was ever on the cards for me!


  5. happy birthday to your mom! I will have to remember this when its the little girl I babysit fors bday! she loves american girl dolls

  6. Happy Birthday Hollie’s Mom! I think I need to talk to her about some American Girl stuff for my daughter, who (at last count) had 5 of them.

  7. Happy birthday, Mama Heimer! I am totally jealous of her doll things as I was bitty baby obsessed until like last year. Seriously, though. Where was she when I was dishing out hundreds of dollars for doll clothes?! Who am I kidding, when my MOM was buying me the clothing!

  8. Aw happy birthday to your mom, that is a sweet thing to do hehe… I miss my mom so much she was my best friend and I have to admit I get a little jealous… Anyway funny thing I never liked dolls when I was little I loved cars and with dolls Id rip the dolls heads off and go out and climb trees hmmm 😀 Ok useless bit of info for you right there, stimulating stuff szzzz haha ok, well I’m going to read some of your other posts, I need to catch up! 🙂

  9. Happy birthday to Hollie’s momma! We are definitely an American Girl Doll household. Both of my sisters and I have dolls–and so does my mom!

  10. Heyyyy, look who’s got a new blog layout! Looks good, lady! And can I just say that I’m kind of jealous that your mom is so crafty? I always secretly wished that my mom was more like Martha Stewart when I was younger… It was hard enough to get her to bake cookies for me!

    Happy Birthday to your mum!!

  11. wow I need to comment on this post. First it is your mum’s birthday (yay!) and second, your blog design looks GREAT! Love how simple, clear it is, and all the white space. And I love your main photo on top. You look beautiful.


  12. I hope you had a good birthday day for your mom!! That is awesome that she makes American doll clothes. We certainly would have been best friends! I have 4 different American girls lol

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