Happy Birthday Mom

For mothers day, I wrote a post about how awesome my mom is.  It’s safe to say after living at home with her the last month I still feel the same way and she has been an open ear for all my current worries.

Today is her birthday.


Happy Birthday Mom!

You should go like her facebook page with her doll clothes.  She makes American Girl clothes (We literally have about 20 American Girl’s), baby gifts and blankets.  Basically she is amazing at sewing and I didn’t inherent any of that creativity.  I really tried though.

My mom's American Girl Clothe Designs
My mom’s American Girl Clothe Designs
One of the rad set ups

So that is my shameless blog sponsorship plug.  Since my mom currently sponsors me and I don’t live on the streets right now, it’s only right that I link her page for you to like.  I’m really good at linking things, but seriously  it would mean a lot if you did.

*EDIT: I think I fixed the link .  🙂

So with that…

Happy Birthday Mom.