Still Training (70 miles)

On Friday, I touched up more about my marathon training progression so that’s that.

Monday: 10.65 mile run.  Recovering from my 8k, I do remember this run being not so fun and the most painful run of the week.
Tuesday: AM: 11.2 miles (8:33) progression from 8:45-7:45 pace
PM: 5.3 miles tempo  on trails (6:47 pace)
Wednesday: 1.5 hours cross training on the cybex 100i
Thursday: 11.2 miles easy shakeout (8:50 pace)
Friday: 17.35 Long Run at 7:42 pace
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 13-14 mile easy
1 Mile Open Water Jack King Swim
Total: 70 miles

Thoughts on this week:

I haven’t had a sans road race week in quite some time now (about a month) and now I have two in a row.  I’m not racing at all next week either.  That isn’t a bad thing though because I have needed (and wanted some quality training) versus worrying about when and how I feel on Friday if I’m racing on Saturday.

With that, Tuesday I did my normal speed workout which I hadn’t planned for Tuesday but was feeling good.  If I had planned, I would have done 10 in the morning versus 11.  So yes, 11 in the morning that were done easy and 5 in the afternoon (more like noonish at lunch) done at an overall 6:47 pace which I was shocked (but pleased with).

Then rest and recovery Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday was my first productive long run.  I plan to do roughly 5 of these this summer where I experiment with gels, fueling, shoes and also run at a quicker pace then my average day to day runs.  Friday fit with my work, training and life schedule so it was a great run for me.  I progressively worked my way down from 8:45 to the last two miles at 6:50.  (It was a big confidence booster) and I took a gel which sat fine at mile 8.  I didn’t feel any magical energy from the gel but also didn’t die and never felt bad (clearly I kept hammering down at the pace) so I guess it worked.

Then the rest was just easy recovery and rest.  I had to w0rk all day Saturday and I couldn’t muster up the injury free confidence to run at 6am after Thursdays 17…so that’s that.

That Swim:

Yes, I am probably drowning while you are reading this.  My dad and I have a tradition of doing the Jack King 1 mile swim.  You probably know if you follow my training for any amount of time I’m not really prepared, but alas I do it a lot more for fun.  College swimming is a very distant (pun intended) past of mine and while I do enjoy swimming occasionally, it’s not something (right now or for a while) I’ll put on my marbles of training in for.  Well really I give it 1 point of dedication but that might be a bit of dedication.  I take it as more of fun than anything else…painful fun I suppose…

Thoughts for next week:

I will probably do something extremely similar to this, sans fast long run (it will be easy miles) and sans long swim…but maybe I will swim.

Questions for you:

When do you take gels?

Do you like to race a lot or a little?