Mud Monster

You would think with all my socially awkwardness I would have more running humor stories to share with you.  First and foremost, I am the worlds biggest drama queen when I run.  I won’t run in rain, hail, sleet…snow, if I’m chilly.  A bug bite?  Must be a running related injury…so yes I’m a pansy but that is my running style.   I do have lots of real life embarrassing stories though…

Moving on: My most embarrassing running moment comes from my first year of running actually…when I did go for a run in the rain.  It was warmer fall day and the rain and it was sprinkling off and on…nothing too terrible (that year we got snow on Halloween).  I had decided I would rather run in that then the treadmill with creepy meat heads watching me so that is what I did.

I put on my shoes like a normal run and went out running (imagine that?).  I was wearing my first ever pair of Nike spandex (which I still have) and some sort of other white running singlet.  (First, what I was thinking, I don’t know).

How convenient, I actually have a picture of them.   Go me for using good blogging technique.
How convenient, I actually have a picture of them. Go me for using good blogging technique.

So with that I headed over to the opposite university about 2 miles away for some trail running…you can probably see where this is going.  It wasn’t particularly raining at the time, just off/on sprinkles.

Mile 1.  Just over to the other college.

Mile 2.  Beefed it on a branch within a second of hitting the trails.  Mud on my face.  Mud on my shirt.  Mud on my butt…cute.  Mud on my shoes (ruined…just kidding). 

Do I continue running through the trails or go back home and shower before class?  (Which I notoriously always was the last person to walk into class).   Yeah I kept running…

Mile 3-5 were just in the trails still being muddy but there was no one back there thank goodness.

Mile 6.  Honk honk honk.  Hey mud monster go back to the cove!

In my mind: Gee’s 11am are you drunk…mud monster…really?

Mile 7: Honk honk honk.  Dammm girl, I like a girl that can get muddy.

Me hollering back: And I like men that get arrested for sharing those thoughts with minors (no I was 20 at the time but can still pass for 17…it’s great).

After a quick shower (pretty sure I still smelled) I went to class.  It wouldn’t be an upper level math course filled with more socially awkward people without someone saying, Hollie was that you covered in mud 15 minutes ago…

Questions for you: Most embarrassing workout story?


  1. Haha mud monster!? really lolz. There’s that time I crashed hardcore on my bike when a car was right behind me. They did stop to ask if I was okay..which I was but I had blood running down my legs into my shoe and probably looked like a MESS. And then had to peddle through a lot of people in a parking lot to get home. Yikes. Lol

  2. Hahahaha. I loved my awkward math friends. Oh, some of those people just made me laugh without even saying anything. I definitely have some really embarrassing running stories which are HORRIFYING (to me, anyway). I’ve never run in the rain because I’m a clutz and it would just be asking to fall.

  3. I can’t think of an embarrassing running story…that’s not to say I don’t have them. I am a very clumsy person so embarrassing is part of my middle name. I just come for a family that doesn’t believe in shame. It makes life interesting.

  4. Lol! I hate when cars honk and people yell. One time a college guy yelled something really nasty at me as I ran by. He was sitting at a stop sign so I turned around, ran back to him, and spit on his windshield. He deserved it, and I felt awesome 🙂

  5. Great story. I would say my most embarrasing was a run when I was in Nashville for a summer. I was probably 2 miles in and on a relatively busy side street. I get heat exhaustion / a sour belly really easily when I run in that hot of weather and I started barfing all over the side of the street. Well while I was barfing, a car full of mexican guys SLOWLY drives by heckling me “ayeee chica, muy bonita, oww owww” I was like ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME. Who hits on a chick throwing up on the side of the road?

  6. Haha oh that’s fantastic. And I’m pretty sure I’m an even bigger drama queen than you are when it comes to the weather – I don’t even like going out when it’s slightly windy.

    As for most embarrassing workout story… the first one that comes to mind is when I was running on the treadmill at the gym and I think I ended up hitting the emergency shut off cord thingy with my hand because the damn treadmill instantly turned off on me and I ended up running into the front of it and completely knocked the wind right out of me. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there wasn’t a cute guy on the treadmill beside me. Awkward.

  7. Bahahaha love it. Mud monster. Best name ever. One time, at an invitational (aka hundreds of swimmers), my warm-up suit was ripped down the butt and no one told me. Yep, first big meet of my college career. Go me.

    1. Oh my gosh. I knew someone that walked around with a seethrough suit. He didn’t know and no one had the courage to tell him. It was so awkward…but only when he was on the deck. The nice thing about the pool…staring at the bottom…

  8. Mud monster, lol! No super embarrassing running stories to share … yet, it’s only a matter of time ;).

  9. HA! This story right here is the reason I hate running in bad conditions. I have a really big aversion to getting my shoes dirty, I just can’t stand them being muddy. I’m a little OCD like that.

  10. Niiice. My most embarrassing story is on a bike rather than running. I was on a busy street with not much of a shoulder so I rode my bike on the sidewalk (as most people do at that stretch of road anyway). That day also happened to be trash pick-up day. I came to a point where there was a tree on my right in a yard and a trash can on my left that was juuuust barely on the edge of the sidewalk. Wasn’t sure what to do so I had to act fast… I went to the right, but I misjudged the space between the trash can and tree and I ran right into the trash can. I fell over and knocked the trash can over into the street. Did I mention it was rush hour on a busy road?! Fun times…

  11. All I can say is…there’s no reason to be embarrassed by that mud!

    My most embarrassing moments (yes, it happened more than once) would probably be the times I’ve run into things (fire hydrants, signs, etc.) while coaching groups of runners. Usually, this happens while I’m mid-sentence…

  12. Love you’re humor. You should be the hilarious “drama queen”. What an experience, huh? Makes life more spicy.

  13. Very entertaining 😉 You know you might think about writing a little book about running experiences girl. It would be interesting and fun to read because you have a unique way of looking at a lot of your runs.

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