Mud Monster

You would think with all my socially awkwardness I would have more running humor stories to share with you.  First and foremost, I am the worlds biggest drama queen when I run.  I won’t run in rain, hail, sleet…snow, if I’m chilly.  A bug bite?  Must be a running related injury…so yes I’m a pansy but that is my running style.   I do have lots of real life embarrassing stories though…

Moving on: My most embarrassing running moment comes from my first year of running actually…when I did go for a run in the rain.  It was warmer fall day and the rain and it was sprinkling off and on…nothing too terrible (that year we got snow on Halloween).  I had decided I would rather run in that then the treadmill with creepy meat heads watching me so that is what I did.

I put on my shoes like a normal run and went out running (imagine that?).  I was wearing my first ever pair of Nike spandex (which I still have) and some sort of other white running singlet.  (First, what I was thinking, I don’t know).

How convenient, I actually have a picture of them.   Go me for using good blogging technique.
How convenient, I actually have a picture of them. Go me for using good blogging technique.

So with that I headed over to the opposite university about 2 miles away for some trail running…you can probably see where this is going.  It wasn’t particularly raining at the time, just off/on sprinkles.

Mile 1.  Just over to the other college.

Mile 2.  Beefed it on a branch within a second of hitting the trails.  Mud on my face.  Mud on my shirt.  Mud on my butt…cute.  Mud on my shoes (ruined…just kidding). 

Do I continue running through the trails or go back home and shower before class?  (Which I notoriously always was the last person to walk into class).   Yeah I kept running…

Mile 3-5 were just in the trails still being muddy but there was no one back there thank goodness.

Mile 6.  Honk honk honk.  Hey mud monster go back to the cove!

In my mind: Gee’s 11am are you drunk…mud monster…really?

Mile 7: Honk honk honk.  Dammm girl, I like a girl that can get muddy.

Me hollering back: And I like men that get arrested for sharing those thoughts with minors (no I was 20 at the time but can still pass for 17…it’s great).

After a quick shower (pretty sure I still smelled) I went to class.  It wouldn’t be an upper level math course filled with more socially awkward people without someone saying, Hollie was that you covered in mud 15 minutes ago…

Questions for you: Most embarrassing workout story?