Sometimes…Running Sucks

I’m going to say something may or may not blow your mind. First and foremost, I’m generally a pretty positive person on my blog and it’s hard to read between the lines of whether a run (or race) went god awful or it just wasn’t great.

I like it that way.  Let me tell you, I’ve had some seriously awful races that I could spend 500 words crying, whining and begging for attention about.  The distance series 20k.  Yeah that sucked (that’s why I took time off afterwords).  The Turning Stone half marathon last August…that was another awful one…thanks blood sugars and heat.  Oh and the 5k I ran in Binghampton wasn’t great either…as you see from this paragraph I’ve had my share of dropped the ball races.

running sucks.
running sucks.
running up whatever the hell this is sucks too...
running up whatever the hell this is sucks too…


But really, I go back and read them and I don’t think many of you just how awful they really were…unless you were there…but I literally had no friends at Turning Stone…so that is that.

Where are you friends?
Where are you friends?

As bloggers and athletes we may feel we need to report that every race is perfect.  The culmination of a hard earned training cycle…ending in complete perfection.  Let me drill it through your head…that doesn’t always happen and not every run or race is great, good, mediocre or even fun.  Some just flat out suck.  You will be in pain for no apparent reason for some.  You will die in some races just because it wasn’t your day.  Not because you are overtrained OR UNDERFUELED (which obviously has other problems in itself) but point blank…your race went badly because it wasn’t your day.

If you sit there and let it bother you…well you aren’t going to go anywhere in your training.  Every week I have at least 1 run that I want to give up or cry.  My legs hurt…my body hurts…really I’m just bored.  I question if I’m going to even make it back to my house.  I question all of my running ability and how I will ever run fast again.  Every week I can guarantee you I have one of those runs.  Some weeks I have 2…3..or all the runs are like that…wtf legs are you doing.

Every week I normally have a run that I’m just like wow this feels freaking awesome.  I am a runner, where is this energy coming from.  Did I ingest roids…I hope they don’t drug test me.  Wasn’t expecting this…okay then.  I normally have one of those and I tend to like it more when it’s a race.

But if I let those terrible runs ruin my day or sat there crying about my pace was slower, my legs felt heavy…I feel like crap…well I wouldn’t have time for good runs because I’m still caught up in the bad.

What I’m trying to say is this.  There is no secret…you will have bad runs. Do not be afraid to blog or tell others you had a bad run.  It makes you a human.  Learn from them or let them exit your mind once they are over.  If every run was perfect you would be Olympic World Champion in everything and even they have plenty of less than stellar runs.

Questions for you:  What has been your worst race to date?  Your best?