Triple R Ranch 5k (19:34)

Triple R Ranch 5k

My what a mouthful of a race title…but really…

I don’t know where to begin with the Triple R Ranch 5k…so many enjoying moments.  Sorry I didn’t announce that I was running a 5k on Memorial Day on the blog…that’s because well, I didn’t know either…and I’m not sorry because who really is that upset.

Sunday night while eating 1 pound steaks, dad asks “Hey there is a cross country race tomorrow at some ranch near North Carolina…want to do it?” Nevermind the fact that we ran the ERR 10k with the Tidewater Striders, two days ago and I did a long run yesterday and we are eating 1 pound steaks (by 1 pound I mean they were 16 ounce t bone steaks).  Why not add the Triple R Ranch 5k into our race calendars? 

Dad goes: The race is led by horses and that is just so cool…I’m so intrigued. Once dad is fascinated…there is no stopping him.

Yeah sure dad…why not…my legs will probably be on the pain train anyways.  So we drive out there and the area begins to get more “country like” and rural…oh great.

The Triple R Ranch 5k, is all cross country. I appreciate cross country runs because time is irrelevant.  The Triple R Ranch led by horseback riders along trails winding through beautiful tree lined paths and open pastures.

The Triple R Ranch 5kwas supposed to start at 8:30. I’m in the bathroom putting on my spikes at 8:25 and we hear go…and everyone started the race…while I’m still in the bathroom not wearing shoes.  (When I saw this was how it was going to be, I just thought to myself LOL, the Triple R Ranch 5k will be one of those races…alrighty then…nothing I can do about it now).

So I started the Triple R Ranch 5k behind all walkers and with 10 or so seconds already on the clock.I spent the entire Triple R Ranch 5k moving up in the field because we were running in the horse fields.

The first mile of the Triple R Ranch 5k was on a trail back behind the fields.  It was a bit cut up because it’s a horse trail.  There were huge mud holes (during warm-up Dad and I determined we might indeed be doing a steeplechase race at the Triple R Ranch 5k).

Around mile 2 of the Triple R Ranch 5k, we do a perimeter around a large field, I catch up to a guy and he says alright will you pace me for a sub 20 and I said okay sure.

I planned on going sub 20 anyways so I figured if he just stuck with me he would too. So I start pacing him, but he was slowing down, so I kept going. Then he shouts to his friend, don’t let that girl pass you.

Gee thanks…

I honestly think I’m at a point in my running career that if I’m uninjured (which why would I race injured) and under pretty normal circumstances, I should think that a sub 20 5k is pretty standard for me…

Around 2.5 of the Triple R Ranch 5k, my shoe comes untied and we run through some sort of mud trap that I was pretty positive I might lose my shoe…but I didn’t.  Yet another factor that was included in the Triple R Ranch 5k.

Then finally, we crossed the Triple R Ranch 5k finish line in 19:34.  I felt satisfied with my time.

Triple R Ranch 5k Thoughts:

I knew for a fact the Triple R Ranch 5k wasn’t going to a PR after my last two days of running and nutrition the last week. Plus, of course, the Triple R Ranch 5k was a cross country terrain.  In all, I had a fun race and I’m glad I went out to the Triple R Ranch 5k.  I would go back.  The Triple R Ranch 5k is well put together and a lot of fun.

I did get to photograph with a horse at the Triple R Ranch 5k so that was fun.

I realize I am straight up cheesing and this photo is oh so cute...
I realize I am straight up cheesing at the Triple R Ranch 5k and this photo is oh so cute…

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Questions for you:

Have you ever missed a race start? Have you run the Triple R Ranch 5k? 

Do you like horses?

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  1. I almost missed a race start and it wasn’t a chip timed race either! My car stalled on the way to a 10K I was running and I literally walked to the start with Greg (yeah, I know the race timing staff on a first name basis… small town probz) when he was going to blow the air horn! But I’m glad you still got to complete the race and enjoyed it, and I love the horse picture too.

  2. Hahaha that’s so insane. I haven’t run enough races to miss a start (and I’m SO scared of being late that I end up getting there way too early.) but that race sounds… intense? Haha it sounds like the farm version of a tough mudder 😉

    Can’t wait to see you next week!!

  3. I’ve never missed a race start…yet 😛 But I have come pretty close – I’m always the sort of person who is running late, but the times I nearly missed the start were once due to getting lost, and I turned up at the start line of a 7 mile race back in 2009 right at the start of a five-second countdown to the word ‘go,’ and the second time was for the Thirsk 10 miles this year, when they decided to lead people to the start (it’s a bit out of the way) 10 minutes earlier than stated, so I was otherwise engaged in the toilets (ahem) and had to dash after people so I’d know where the start was.

    I wish I could be in a place where a 20 minute 5K was easy. I mean, I haven’t run one since 2008, but that 20:12 of mine is the only time in a race where I genuinely thought I was going to be sick.

    Horses…I have a healthy respect for horses. I don’t think they should be ridden or raced – I’ve seen too many horses at the sanctuary a mile from my house that have been damaged by humans. It’s disgusting the way we treat them – no wonder horses tend to be quite moody. They aren’t designed for humans to ride them; they should be free to roam wherever they want (within reason of course). The difference in the horses at the sanctuary when they realise they have lots of space and will never have some stupid human hitting them with a whip or digging them in the ribs to make them go faster is incredible – they are much happier and healthier animals.


    1. If they had started the race at the appropriate time I wouldn’t have missed it but I’m not too concerned. I’ve come close to missing race starts before but never actually been so far away. If I was any bit more concerned about this race I would have been more upset but lucky for me it was a definite fun race.

  4. Holy hell, I saw your 19.34 on a commentluv link and had to stop by and say congrats! That’s almost 1/2 of my pace! I really need to work on speed work. Thank goodness running will be here forever.

  5. I was laughing my ass off when you text me about this race and the start… I’ll let you do cross country runs, I don’t think I could ever go sub-20 5k on cross country, no way Jose!

  6. I get so stressed at the start of races (I think it’s nerves) so that start would have killed me. Ridiculous I know but that’s me!
    I can’t believe that guy. What did he expect you to do, drag him??
    Nice run though considering all the factors against you!

  7. I could totally see myself missing the start of the race for being in the bathroom. Despite having an un-tied shoe (so uncomfortable), you definitely had a good time! I hope you beat the guy’s friend’s time!

  8. It doesn’t sound like you missed the start…it sounds like the start missed you! Nonetheless, that sounds like a cool race.

    1) I’ve never missed a start – but I was within a minute of it in Boston back in 2011. That wouldn’t have been good.
    2) Do l like horses? Well, I was born and raised in Wyoming. Went to the University of Wyoming – home of the Cowboys. So…yeah…I love horses!

    1. LOL, you mean Texas isn’t the home of cowboys. I’ve never actually ridden a horse myself.

      If they had started the race at 8:30 like stated, I definitely wouldn’t have missed it LOL!

      1. Texas HAS cowboys…Wyoming is the home of the Cowboys. (I guess some Oklahoma State fans might be able to say the same thing…) You should learn to ride a horse! (After your marathon, of course) 🙂

  9. The horse photo is truly adorable. That’s so funny that the guy shouted to his friend to not let you pass! People are funny. Question: did you have to dodge horse doo doo?

  10. Wow, that’s one race you’ll never forgot! Is it bad that I’m glad you dropped that guy? Lol. And now the picture with the horse makes much more sense! Saw it on Instagram and was like, “what in the world …” 🙂

  11. You definitely are straight up cheesing in that picture (which is adorable)! Thanks for putting the LOLz spin on this recap because you totally could have ragged about how horrible, awful, blah-blah-blah this race was. I love that you carpe diem’ed it, laughed at the things that went wrong, and you still managed to crank out a sub 20!

    1. If I was that concerned with the race I would have known it wouldn’t be terribly great since I raced two days prior and had a giant steak. No need to get terribly upset due to so many other factors you know?

  12. Hahaha that’s nuts that you missed the start! And that you were so whimsical in signing up! Horses freaking rock. Love the recap…totally sounds like you speaking the whole time 🙂

  13. I am pretty sure I will miss the Berlin marathon race start a billion times. In my dreams. The whole month before the big day. However, great story!

  14. SOME RANCH!?! Triple R hold so many memories for me! And I think I rode that horse too 😉 You were racing in my country where we party in fields and ride horses to school 😀

  15. Are you the cutest human ever? Yes! That picture is so cheesy and cute, I love it. Also, what was that guy’s problem? I didn’t realize people acted like that.

  16. That picture is adorable! Sounds like a pretty fun race. I’ve never missed a race start in running – haven’t done enough races – but for sure I missed swim starts! Haha.

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