Why I Should Not Run Marathons

Yet I signed up and got excited when I was chosen to run the New York City Marathon?

Yet I had scoured my email for 12 hours only and STILL HAVEN’T got that email saying I was accepted.

But my NY Road Runners account says otherwise as does my bank account has 255 dollars deducted and as we all know…the internet never lies.


So that’s that, November 3rd I will be hopefully running my first marathon.

It will be my first marathon.  I have one major goal:

Make it there first.  It’s a HUGE risk for me personally.  I’m not exactly the most injury free person and I’ll have to pay special account to anything and everything.  The last thing I need or want is to be injured here…or a week before.

And then I have one second goal:

To be under 3:10.  The website told me with the same training as my (1:24.49) half I could be around 3:00.  Maybe for a seasonal marathoner that is feasible but it’s 26.2 miles and anything can happen.  I’ve heard and seen plenty of people take out their first marathon and either injure themselves or add 30 minutes to an hour on the second half of the race.  I want to finish strong and I don’t want to pressure myself.  I think 3:10 is a smart and wise goal. 

There is one thing I know I’ll need to work on though:

Fueling during running.  I’ve run 99% of my runs and races in the last year without using gels, energy bits, powerbars…ect.  Yes that includes half marathons and yes that includes 20 milers.  I have not bonked yet but I think that is something I’ll really need to work on for the marathon.

It seems in the blogging and running community everyone is running marathons.  I’m sure I’ll get lots of unsolicited advice.  I wanted to wait until mentally I had a day where I said hmmm, I think I want to run this marathon.  No “oh so and so thinks it’s a good idea, or oh they are so I am”…ect.  I could have gutted out a marathon 2 years ago after running my first 18 miler with dad.  Would said marathon be glamorous?  No.  But I want to finish and finish  strong.  I want to put in the time, effort and energy it takes to achieve a time that I’ll be proud of.

Not a time that I can say and sidestep around “well yes I finished but I completely died the second half…I wish I had done x,y,z”.

Finally for those inquiring minds of where my “training” is going.  I still plan to focus on 5ks and speedier runs this summer.  It’s too hot to want to run 20 milers and I’m too injury prone to start serious training right now.  Honestly throughout the summer my training probably won’t change entirely too much.  I’ll still run 10 miles before work.  I’ll still run a 5k on the weekends and see all my Hampton roads friends.   This summer is all about maintaining a strong base and staying injury free.

After Labor Day and once it gets cooler I’ll climb back into running 18-20+ mile runs and take it from there.

Questions for you: 

Have you ever run the NYC marathon?  Or any marathon?