Majestic Diner Review (Long Island area)

While visiting my brother Matt in the New York City area last week, we discovered a little gem of a diner.  Diners are one of my favorite types of restaurants because they are barely ever crowded (if they are then the food is out pretty quick), they normally have huge portions and I’ve honestly never had a bad experience with a diner.  Greasy spoons are kinda my thing. 


That being said, we saw the Majestic Diner and I knew we had to give it a try.

The first time we had gone to Sunken Meadow Park to run a nice (and quite hilly) 10 miler and then came back to where we saw this diner.  I immediately honed in on the Greek salad and it had all my favorite credentials (2 huge pieces of pita bread, double dressing, grape leaves, salmon and duh feta cheese…I think everything I like about salads…are the actual not salads).  It did not disappoint and we were stuffed afterwords.  We literally waddled onto the train.


Matt wanted to pose with his Cheese steak sub which was also great.


We had scoped out the breakfast options too (none of us were in the mood for breakfast the day before) and decided we had to stop back in the morning before dropping Matt off.  It was honestly the best decision we made.

I got the lox (salmon) omelet with rye toast and also pancakes.  I had nothing bad to critique the restaurant on food wise.  The food was amazing, the portions were huge and kept me full for an entire 8 hour drive home and well…  I don’t often eat pancakes at restaurants as well (because I enjoy to make my own) but these were extremely good too. It was a little bit expensive but it was worth it.  The only negative response I had was that I went periods without coffee but I can’t complain too loudly about that.





So would I recommend the Magestic Diner?

Um, well my budget is very lucky that I do not live near there because I would be at this restaurant every day trying everything.  They have so much options.  It is a little bit pricey but well worth it.

Questions for you: What is your favorite greasy spoon?  


  1. As you know, I love omelets so that look amazing. And I could facedive into Matt’s meal right now. What I would do for a french fry at this exact moment (8 am).

  2. Diners are my favorite kind of restaurants too. I’m not an egg fan so I don’t eat omlettes but I always get pancakes when I go out for breakfast. I’m pretty sure I could be a judge for good restaurant pancakes at this point.

  3. Oh wow that cheesesteak sandwich looks phenomenal. I think I have to find one for lunch….My favorite local greasy spoon is either Matt’s Bar (juicy lucy heaven) or Moose Country (prime rib sliders).

  4. I love diners…we have one just down the street that we hit up whenever Eric feels the need to indulge in his poutine cravings. The food’s always large, cheap, and tasty. I’ve never had smoked salmon in an omelet before, definitely intriguing!

  5. So yes, It does seem like you would recommend such a place, and I would concur 🙂 Cheesesteak sandwich… umm yes, a good decision to say the least. When I was a youngin, my friend and I would go to this place in my town called Minos and order cheesesteak subs… about 4 out of 7 days a week (summer vacation). it was real cheap so my 11 year old budget could afford it, oh and we always asked for extra cheese. Heart attack on a roll and I would have it no other way!

  6. Diners are the best, and well…I’m jealous you got a lox omelette without me, and that really makes me crave one from Jines right now. Boo.

  7. I LOVE little, greasy diners. I wish we had more in my area because diner pancakes are pretty much one of my favorite things to eat out. I really love the diners with the vast selection of pancakes which are SO extreme and filled with all kinds of toppings. Yum. There’s a place about 20 minutes away I want to go to because their pancake list is about two pages long. Yeah, you’d probably like it. 🙂

    1. PA has some seriously good diners as well. I have eaten at a ton in Chambersburg, Shipp and Harrisburg. I love diners LOL. And Tim loves them…well no Tim lets me choose and then says oh this is good…so I take that as “yes I love them”

  8. The fact that I have lunch sitting in front of me right now is NOT making me want that plate of fries any less. My only saving grace is that I packed some cookies for dessert, but still… dang. And I have to admit that I was totally waiting to hear your opinions on the coffee 😉

  9. There’s a place near my work called the Brass Compass that does B, L, & D and everything’s delicious & cheap. Handout fries. Mmmmm! Buffalo tender wrap. So good. There lobster club – the best!

  10. I love diner food! Drew and I just found this one near his house by Assategue called Decatur was a fabulous breakfast! and thankfully they kept pouring me coffee lol

  11. I love in your reviews you give the portion thoughts because I like my portions big at restaurants in order to feel like I am getting my monies worth! We need to find a real diner in Chesapeake or VA Beach ASAP. Everyone in always surprised I like Bob Evans. But I do and would choose it over anything else when it is available 😉

  12. I love, love, love diners! Like you wrote, tasty food and huge portions. I’m also a fan of the salmon-based meals you ordered. 🙂

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