Mountain Goat Run 10 Miler (1:08.23)

I wrote a pretty lengthy recap on my dailymile a few days ago, I didn’t think I could possibly find more to say…but alas…I can always find more to say. 

The Mountain Goat is not a race you run to PR.  You run it because it’s hard and hilly and everyone in the Central NY area knows that…Coming off my half marathon at Nike last weekend, I knew I would be rolling in the pain train this weekend.   I wasn’t exactly sure where this race would go but really wanted to be under 70 minutes.  (That may seem like oh Hollie surely you can do that stop underestimated your goals…no this is a hilly hard course).  The gold standard for woman is 70 minutes and every female that finishes sub 70 gets a gold medal (males I believe it’s 60 minutes).

Moving on, so once I knew that placing wasn’t an option and that I would be hovering around 70 minutes I made that my goal. 

The race itself started at 10:20.  It was already extremely hot when I got there but found parking, mused around and did a 2 mile warmup.  I left at 7:45…because well I had nothing better to do and god knows I don’t want to frantically be there at race start.  (or speed there)

We all lined up and I got a glimpse of Jason (who had given me some pretty solid advice about the race and later broke an hour!  You go on with your bad self).  Also at the start, I saw someone from my Potsdam calculus class…it was super awkward because I was literally like (out of nowhere mind you…you went to Potsdam right?  We were in the same ACalc class some 3 years ago…)…creepings kind of my thing. 

So with that we were off.  Mile 1, I felt like I was not moving very quickly and was literally running elbow to elbow with people.  That is something I’ve never experienced in any race…I had to keep reminding myself that I did not want to roll out the pain train just yet.  So I hovered with a 6:41 first mile.  (I was secretly hoping some of these people might roll the pain train because it was a hot sweaty mess and it smelled).

Mile 2 we had the first set of hills and I passed 3 females… I really only pay attention to females…sorry dudes…don’t care what you do…minus I talked to a nice one for a couple sentences.  (7:03 mile)

Mile 3-5 had some serious brutal downhills.  I thought I might roll down the hill faster…since I run on my toes (literally a human ostrich…fun fact it’s how I walk too) downhills have always been a struggle.  Both these miles were high 6:50s.

Mile 5 was preparing us for mile 6 and was pretty flat..(6:46)

Oh mile 6…the mile I nearly cried on…the mile I passed 4 more girls…the mile I cursed more than a sailor…yes that is mile 6…(7:03)

Mile 7: The mile started to tell me I was almost done and also the mile I realized that 48:45 did not give me much run leeway for sub 70 minutes.  Oh and I saw 2 boys stop and walk…people running in the sub 70 minute range that needed to walk.  Oh hills. (7:05)

I don’t really remember mile 8 except high fiving a little boy saying thanks my main man.  (6:59)

Mile 9, I began picking it up…so I you know…break 70 minutes.  (6:21)

Mile 9-10 I literally said…oh yes we are getting that sub 70 and turbo charged it…literally one man said da faq did you come from little lady…I said (as I’m going into cardiac arrest by this point…must…have. medal…haha)

And I did.  Those race photos I probably look like I’m about to run to get some coffee or something, I’m pretty sure the only thing I had on my mind was a sub 70 minute time. Hashtag all that determined, focused stuff people do…(yes I realize I spelled medal wrong…but I’m over it)


It was nice to see so many familiar faces.  I’m looking at you Heather and Christine.  As well as a lot of others.  It was certainly a great final Syracuse race and I’m 100% glad I did it.  Did I feel awful the entire time?  Absolutely.  Is this a PR for me?  No, it’s 4 minutes slower…Did I have great time?  Duh.

Heather and I
Heather and I

Questions for you:

Hilliest race you have ever done?

Do you high five spectators, talk or anything during races?

Because I do all three.