King Davids Restaurant Review

I am a very spot orientated person.  Certain restaurants for me just jive and I could be a regular there forever.  That being said, I don’t do many restaurant reviews or recommendations but when I do (insert meme here) you know I’ve probably been there a lot and absolutely love it.

In Syracuse, NY there is such a place, a Greek Restaurant called King Davids.  First and foremost, I love Greek food (if you want to know the key to my heart outside of pancakes…there you go).  I think it’s especially delicious…I like gyro meat, I like dolmades and grape leaves as well as pita bread and that could be why I’m a bit biased.  Although it’s about an hour from my house, it’s always worth the drive.  I consider myself a restaurant foodie.  I’ll drive hours on hours for good food because I can’t cook.  Considering I go to Syracuse a lot anyways…I normally just stop there.

You would never suspect how good it is and honestly the first time I walked in I was like erm…okay then.  The food, however, has never disappointed me.   The service is always extremely quick.  I’ve been served my food within 15 minutes of arriving there several times and it’s never crowded.

Remember when I got this Greek salad?

Oh and the portions are huge too.
Oh and the portions are huge too.

Pita and Feta Cheese?


And these dolmades?


Gyro wrap…yes please?

Ignore this this terrible photo.  But do enjoy the gyro wrap with french fries.
Ignore this this terrible photo. But do enjoy the gyro wrap with french fries.

Oh and the Red Velvet cake that several bloggers lusted over came from there too…

We also split Red Velvet Cake

So if you ever come to the Syracuse area, know that is restaurant is the LOLZ approved.  Also know if you want to drive me there…well I will never complain.

Questions for you:

Do you like Greek Food?

Are you a regular anywhere?

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  1. There is so much steak on that one salad. Brilliant. And I agree, Greek/Mediterranean food is amazing.

  2. Your food all looks super tasty :). We are regulars at a few places nearby, like the local soup/sandwich shop and pizza place. Clay is a regular at a local burger place too, but I’m not bc I rarely eat burgers. I love it when people at the counter remember you, that’s the best. Haven’t really found a good Greek restaurant here yet though!

  3. I’d feel like a phoney if I said that I liked Greek food based on my pretty limited experience with the authentic kind, buuuuuut I will say that I was a huge fan of the gyro that I had at a food festival last summer. And the only place that I’m really a regular is Starbucks. I walk though the door and they just start making my order without me saying anything – feels like coming home.

  4. I loveeee greek food, there is a greek diner near us that has baller greek salads! I am not really a regular anywhere only because we go out to eat like once a week so I like to rotate things. I would be a regular at a lot of places if I could afford it!

  5. KING DAVID’S!! First Funk ‘N’ Waffles and now this–you are killing me with these CNY spots! When I was home for the summer during college, my sisters and I would go there once a week to hang out, eat lunch, and spend some quality time together. Sometimes we’d let our mom tag along too. 😉

  6. Holy Mother of Peal, take me with you! Greek or Mediterranean are my all-time favorite restaurants to eat at, and judging by the size of those chunks of feta cheese, this place looks legit!

  7. very nice to find your blog Hollie. I love Greek food in general but dont have a fav restaurant yet. Yesterday went to a very famous restaurant in Dallas told by few friends- had a bad experience though. Have a great weekend!

  8. OH MY – I love Greek food. It’s simply heaven. Sadly, the greek restaurant in town closed – the food was great but I have no idea what happened there…luckily, I live 20 minutes from downtown Chicago and Chicago has GREAT greek restaurants!

    I am a regular at the local coffee shop and the local seafood restaurant!

  9. You always talk about this place and it looks amazing. Going to have to try it out sometime!

    I’m totally a regular at Starbucks ahhaa, oh and my favorite Thai food restaurant.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one who will drive hours just to try out a restaurant. There’s a pancake place in New Jersey I want to go to SO badly. Seriously, it’s probably like a two hour drive but I’ve been wanting to go FOREVER. Plus, my mom and I are guilty of driving to Waynesboro just to go get Zoe’s Chocolate…. It’s about a two and a half hour drive. Oops? Lol.

    1. Oh my lanta. I love to stop there when I’m in the area. I have driven down to Syracuse though a few times to get it and then gone shopping after. I feel it is a worthwhile adventure that way. HA

  11. I remember way back when you first started your blog how much you loved Greek food. NOM! I actually never tried a Greek salad until last year LOL.

  12. OMG I’m obsessed with Greek Food. Probably my favorite international cuisine of all time outside of Italian. Dolmades, Baklava, gyros, pitas…..yes to all of it. I especially like it when a restaurant does a fusion of middle-eastern and greek, so then I can get falafel too lol.

  13. I’m super hungry right now and these pics are making it worse. I really like Greek food but haven’t found a great Greek restaurant nearby. I am pretty much a regular at Salsa a la Salsa, an amazing Mexican place… I’m pretty sure I would eat there every day if I could!

  14. I love Greek food! We went to a really authentic place in St. Petersburg Fl my senior year of high school. I was a vegetarian though so I have yet to try gyro meat. AKA we need to find a Greek restaurant ASAP

  15. I LOVE greek food!! Definitely one of my favorite types of food. Greek salads are always great and pita… oh so good.

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