King Davids Restaurant Review

I am a very spot orientated person.  Certain restaurants for me just jive and I could be a regular there forever.  That being said, I don’t do many restaurant reviews or recommendations but when I do (insert meme here) you know I’ve probably been there a lot and absolutely love it.

In Syracuse, NY there is such a place, a Greek Restaurant called King Davids.  First and foremost, I love Greek food (if you want to know the key to my heart outside of pancakes…there you go).  I think it’s especially delicious…I like gyro meat, I like dolmades and grape leaves as well as pita bread and that could be why I’m a bit biased.  Although it’s about an hour from my house, it’s always worth the drive.  I consider myself a restaurant foodie.  I’ll drive hours on hours for good food because I can’t cook.  Considering I go to Syracuse a lot anyways…I normally just stop there.

You would never suspect how good it is and honestly the first time I walked in I was like erm…okay then.  The food, however, has never disappointed me.   The service is always extremely quick.  I’ve been served my food within 15 minutes of arriving there several times and it’s never crowded.

Remember when I got this Greek salad?

Oh and the portions are huge too.
Oh and the portions are huge too.

Pita and Feta Cheese?


And these dolmades?


Gyro wrap…yes please?

Ignore this this terrible photo.  But do enjoy the gyro wrap with french fries.
Ignore this this terrible photo. But do enjoy the gyro wrap with french fries.

Oh and the Red Velvet cake that several bloggers lusted over came from there too…

We also split Red Velvet Cake

So if you ever come to the Syracuse area, know that is restaurant is the LOLZ approved.  Also know if you want to drive me there…well I will never complain.

Questions for you:

Do you like Greek Food?

Are you a regular anywhere?