Hashtag Blogger Problems

I hope I still have readers after this post…whoops not really.  I made a list of things that quite frankly, if you have ever chatted with me in real life than you probably already know…but those who haven’t need to get a taste of a LOLZ rant.  I like to blog…I really enjoy it but there are a lot of things I hate and don’t care for.  Sure I could stop reading said blogs (99.9% I have) but the very few are just a nice train wreck waiting to happen.


  1. You comment on 100 blogs.  Please, you are being fake, do you tell 100 friends they are your best friends?  No, shut up.
  2. Also with commenting, if you read bigger blogs…fine.  Who cares?  Don’t hide it and be the first to comment every single time.  I DO read bigger blogs but when did I say I didn’t…I also shop at Walmart and department stores a lot versus small stores…oh no.
  3. You write to please your readers.  I know for a fact this post will probably get some criticism…oh well.  We can’t be mature and please all the people all the time.  Be true to yourself.
  4. That being said, I read the comments of blogs as equally as I read the actual posts.  An example: Oh my stars LOLZ, you make the best recipes…I love you.  (That is a waste of a comment…stop it now, it’s borderline creepy…I want to hear I love you from hm…5 people in total).
  5. This right here in every situation.  If two people comment on a post:
    1. LOLZ, you make a valid point here…I don’t like peanut butter the texture is weird.  I respond with: yeah peanut butter is gross and I haven’t eaten it in years.
    2. LOLZ, I love peanut butter how could you say such a thing, my heart is shattered into 1000 pieces?  I respond with: It’s not that I don’t like peanut butter, I just don’t purchase it a lot.  It’s still awesomesauce bomb.com material.

Either you like something or you don’t.  Stop changing your mind to please every commenter or blogger.  Stop kissing ass.

  1. You blog for the people and only for the people.  Just to be clear, noone blogs solely for themselves.  Duh.  However, when you start to say…well I stopped writing about my hobby (mine is running) because no one was reading…how do you know?  Because no one commented on my training log?  Oh no…
  2. I’m not saying post everyday about your personal life…but stop with these every day blogger themes.  Of course you don’t have a personal life, you are too busy commenting on 10000 blogs and writing 100000 word themed posts.  How about Wake the Fuck up Wednesday…that can be tomorrow.

That’s all I have to say for now but I’m sure there are more.

Question for you: Most obnoxious blogging problem?