Hashtag Blogger Problems

I hope I still have readers after this post…whoops not really.  I made a list of things that quite frankly, if you have ever chatted with me in real life than you probably already know…but those who haven’t need to get a taste of a LOLZ rant.  I like to blog…I really enjoy it but there are a lot of things I hate and don’t care for.  Sure I could stop reading said blogs (99.9% I have) but the very few are just a nice train wreck waiting to happen.


  1. You comment on 100 blogs.  Please, you are being fake, do you tell 100 friends they are your best friends?  No, shut up.
  2. Also with commenting, if you read bigger blogs…fine.  Who cares?  Don’t hide it and be the first to comment every single time.  I DO read bigger blogs but when did I say I didn’t…I also shop at Walmart and department stores a lot versus small stores…oh no.
  3. You write to please your readers.  I know for a fact this post will probably get some criticism…oh well.  We can’t be mature and please all the people all the time.  Be true to yourself.
  4. That being said, I read the comments of blogs as equally as I read the actual posts.  An example: Oh my stars LOLZ, you make the best recipes…I love you.  (That is a waste of a comment…stop it now, it’s borderline creepy…I want to hear I love you from hm…5 people in total).
  5. This right here in every situation.  If two people comment on a post:
    1. LOLZ, you make a valid point here…I don’t like peanut butter the texture is weird.  I respond with: yeah peanut butter is gross and I haven’t eaten it in years.
    2. LOLZ, I love peanut butter how could you say such a thing, my heart is shattered into 1000 pieces?  I respond with: It’s not that I don’t like peanut butter, I just don’t purchase it a lot.  It’s still awesomesauce bomb.com material.

Either you like something or you don’t.  Stop changing your mind to please every commenter or blogger.  Stop kissing ass.

  1. You blog for the people and only for the people.  Just to be clear, noone blogs solely for themselves.  Duh.  However, when you start to say…well I stopped writing about my hobby (mine is running) because no one was reading…how do you know?  Because no one commented on my training log?  Oh no…
  2. I’m not saying post everyday about your personal life…but stop with these every day blogger themes.  Of course you don’t have a personal life, you are too busy commenting on 10000 blogs and writing 100000 word themed posts.  How about Wake the Fuck up Wednesday…that can be tomorrow.

That’s all I have to say for now but I’m sure there are more.

Question for you: Most obnoxious blogging problem? 

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  1. When you know they didn’t even read it and just pick a random thing to comment on. It’s like why even comment? (Commenting on a thousand blogs probs) Not like I would care if they did read or not, by all means- don’t if you don’t want to. Lol ohhhh well

    1. I’m a huge exclamation point user and I don’t deny that one…but you are right. Next time I write a depressing post it will be titled I hate my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wasn’t going to comment but this is the first blog I have read today.

    I have just about stopped reading all blogs because of the nonsense I was reading. It was getting to be the same from everybody and it turned me off.

    1. I agree with that…I’ve gotten some bloggers confused before because they are so similar. Not you and your fantastic waffle recipes though 😉

  3. Freakin’ link-ups. Every damn day. It’s WIAW, and weekly chase Monday, and Feature Friday, and vegan month, and I’m beautiful…….. and I am such a hypocrite. But there are blogs that have a damn link up every day, and it drives me nuts.

    …also, I totally switch my answers around on comments to avoid offending people too much. I’d look down sheepishly, but I think I’ll just be loud and proud and accept my reatardedness.

    1. Link ups are fun every once in awhile but what gets me is when that’s the only posts the person makes! if you can’t think of anything else to say besides a link up, you should not blog, you are just writing because you feel like you are obligated to…

  4. I completely understand your gripes with the blogging world. There are so many things that annoy me I could write a list like you’ve done.
    But I also stand by my taking part in WIAW every week because I like the fact that loads of bloggers get involved and it’s a nice way to find new recipes and connect with new people. I blog for me but I mainly blog for the community feel. That may sounds rubbish but I like connecting with other people, especially as I live in the UK it’s nice seeing how you guys live on the other side of the pond – or in the world!
    But one-liner comments are sooo irritating. Don’t bother commenting if you have nothing interesting to say!!

    1. I think WIAW is what started all the link ups. It’s certainly the most widely known and I don’t think it’s a bad idea…I think with anything many people take it to far and there is only so much you can post if you eat the same thing everyday…

  5. I also hate when someone links up everyday and doesn’t ever think for themselves. I do the WIAW but that’s about it. I don’t like when you can’t ever come up with your own post topic. No one wants to read the same thing every week!

  6. I agree with every single one of these. I have NEVER understood the “first comment” thing. Are we back in elementary school? I understand that everyone is different, but there are some trends and aspects I just don’t understand. I could go on and on about things that annoy me.

  7. so in a little over two weeks we get to rant together right? OK good! lol. The thing I hate most about blogging is the pleasing factor and the constant mind changing. I know people who have said it is not healthy for them and then they keep on doing it… It doesn’t sound right to me and really annoys me. I wish people were not afraid to be themselves and and would break away from the need to follow the crowd or please the world. If you don’t like PB ok if you do that is awesome too.

  8. I used to feel forced to comment on every single post that popped up in my blog reader. Like, even if it was for some stupid sponsored post I’d still comment… I try not to do that anymore because like you said it’s fake. I comment only on blog posts that I can relate to (besides WIAW… I still may have an addiction to commenting on all of those delicious-looking posts. Lol). I definitely perform some of the blogger problems that you mention like doing themed posts. *Sigh* However I don’t really follow the rules anymore, I’ve just always been one to like a topic and a way to connect with similar people! 🙂

    Oh, and I suppose I should answer your question because I hate when people skip that and just say: nice-looking recipe! Urgh… Well, I guess that’s my blogger peeve- When either it’s obvious that commenters didn’t actually read the post, or they did and only leave a two word comment like Oh yum! Really? That could be applied to (almost) everything…

  9. I think it is weird when readers make comments/ask questions about a bloggers family members, like they know them or something (who knows, maybe they do? but still). And re: daily blogger themes- no. I usually skip reading blogs that have WIAW because their food isn’t that interesting. I also hate when people do “product reviews” and there are only amaaaaazing things about the item and nothing bad and its perfect and will change your life…seriously? How about some honesty?

    1. I kind of agree with that, though if you chose to post about relationships, families…ect then you do open yourself to that. I don’t mind product reviews if they are different products…but it is so obvious when a company contacts 100 bloggers and sends them free samples.

      1. Yes…when all of a sudden there were a ton of reviews for chobani yogurt. I agree that if you post your family you should expect comments about them occasionally- and hopefully your family/friends are cool with that!

  10. Your oatmeal looks delicious!! Oh wait… 😉

    I agree with pretty much all of these, but I have to admit that they don’t really get to me as much as they used to – they just make for some good laughs and eye-rolling. One thing that does piss me off, though, is when the comments that some bloggers leave on posts don’t line up with the image they try to portray on their blogs. They blog about life being all sunshine and rainbows, and admit to the opposite in various comments that I come across. Not cool.

    1. I didn’t post about the topic because it would point blank call some people out and that isn’t what I wanted to do ha ha…but that gets to me a lot.

  11. OMG…i almost fell out of my seat laughing. I stopped following blogs that continually say the same thing pretty much every freaking day. It annoys the heck out of me. This post is exactly why I continue to follow you…you make me laugh. You keep it real and I appreciate that.

    BTW…I only comment on blogs when I REALLY like something someone said. For the most part, I don’t think the blogger really cares about my 2 cents anyways…

    1. I feel famous you commented on my blog then. I unsubscribed to all blogs that were essentially the same…or the same as other blogs. Mostly because I’ve gotten bloggers confused before. HA HA.

  12. oh Hollie, you never cease to amaze me. I needed to read this today… P.s. I hate peanut butter, I only eat it every day.

  13. So much love for this post (sweetie, mwah, *air-kisses* and all that :P)

    I never know whether to comment on these kind of things any more, because it seems there are rules about who can snark and who can’t. Apparently, I can’t because it makes me bitter/jealous/twisted and I should just stop reading the blogs…but who polices/snarks on the snarkers, eh? Maybe I always make my issues with blogs too emotive; take things that little bit too far. IDK, I never know where the line is anyway and I often think I should go back to being a hermit living in a cupboard who never talks to anyone.

    That said, I still HATE the million hashtags thing. Particularly #yolkporn. NO. Personally I find eggs disgusting anyway, but the idea of equating food to porn just illustrates how utterly obsessed with food some people are (not that you’d know by looking at them). And that’s okay – I’m obsessed with food! But I don’t prance around with a #recovered sash like some kind of prissy blog beauty queen.


    1. I have never heard of yolkporn but that sounds like the grossiest thing I’ve ever heard. I hate the hashtag foodporn but yolkporn takes the cake by far.

  14. Hahaha wake the fuck up Wednesday. That was too perfect. I agree. Life exists outside of the blogging world and if you’re reading 1000 blogs, you wouldn’t know that. That why I only read like 5 blogs. That and be ause the majority of all blogs are the same bull shit. Stop giving away shit and talk about things important to you.

    Sorry for the typos butim typing while on the elliptical. I couldn’t NOT post a comment!!

  15. I will get on board with WAKE THE FUCK UP WEDNESDAY anyday.
    Like you said-I just really despise when people write posts solely to please other people and there’s no validity in what they’re saying whatsoever. Keep lying dumbies.

    & all the giveaways that are the same on every blog at the same time. Don’t get me wrong sometimes there’s some great giveaways (not like i’d win anyways…) but do they really have to go to all ‘HLB’ (another nuisance) at the exact same time?!

  16. I’ve told you before the most annoying thing for me is people who obviously don’t even read posts. The comments makes me laugh because I’m just sitting and wondering why the people even comment to begin with… To get more readers? Cool… Now where did it get you? I took notice to some people ALWAYS being the first to comment on some blogs and it kind of freaks me out because it’s every single day. I mean, I sit around all day but I’m not stalking my blog reader to be the first to comment. It’s just weird. I do the themed posts because I just suck at choosing a title for my post so it makes it easy to make things rhyme hahah.

    1. Always the same people to comment first, in their defense I post at the same time every morning so that could be their time to read blogs…but then again some people are the first at every single one.

    2. OH! I second the not reading of the blog and just commenting. I have people who do that ALL the time. I feel like they read some of the comments and just paraphrase into their own words. Why bother?

  17. My biggest blogging pet peeve is definitely too many posts. Like c’mon two per day for two weeks? Here, let me help you find a life 🙂
    But yeah, I pretty much just died laughing. Thanks for the pick-me-up, and validation that I don’t need to post everyday, or post about what people ‘want’ to read, or reply to every comment. THANKS!

    1. It was refreshing for me too! The people who want to read will read when you do post- they aren’t waiting around. I would love to post more if I had more time, but for now I will stick to a few times a wk 🙂

  18. I am glad I stumbled upon this.. I am new to BLOGGING but not new to blog reading. I never felt obligated to write on peoples blogs just because and still don’t. Only when I feel I have something important to say/ chime in. I wanted to join blogging because I felt the community love just by being a reader and thought why not? I love fitness, food, and meeting people! and maybe what I learn from other bloggers- they can learn from me. I don’t expect comments or anything like that- but im sure people may read and soak it in. And quite frankly with school I don’t have time to write millllliooooon word posts or comment everyday! whose got time for that?! 😉

      1. Well yes ! Of course when there is something you want to say and get off your chest- I’ve read blogs where it seems they pull things out of their @SS just to get a post- that’s what I meant 😉

  19. I think like everything else out there, blogging is exciting at first and eventually begins to grate on you. I know when I first meet a new person that I really relate to I love everything about them and then start to realize that there are things that annoy me. Blogging is kind of the same way to me. It takes time to realize what works and what is a major turn-off. I personally read blogs at 8 most mornings and that’s when a lot of people post, so I happen to be one of the first to comment a lot. That’s just the way my schedule works out, so I can’t say I completely agree with that one but there are a lot of things on your list that I do agree with. I’ve definitely started to cut way back on the number of blogs I’m reading because they’re all starting to mesh together.

  20. The worst is when the person comments with FIRST! I see this a lot on couponing blogs. Or they call out the person writing the couponing blog because one of the matchups is wrong. I mean seriously, with all the math and store differences with coupons, who can get it all right? And will paying that extra 55 cent *really* break your budget that bad?

    The one that saddens me is those people who stop commenting as soon as I can’t comment. Now, if I stop reading a blog bc I don’t care for the blogger, that’s different. But there have been a few blogs I haven’t commented on or read in awhile just because I couldn’t get to them with moving. They haven’t visited mine either. It’s only been about a week- so clearly they are in it for themselves and blog comments rather than a reciprocal, caring blogger relationship. But hello?? I bought and moved into a home- a little bigger priority than commenting on a blog.

    1. I’ve never seen someone comment first on a post before. That seems so silly LOL.

      Like I said yesterday, someone literally thought I had stopped blogging because I stopped commenting on their blog…ha ha…I am quite happy for you and your recent house purchase!

  21. “how bout wake the fuck up wednesday” hahahahahahaha yesss. We are so on the same page. I also can’t stand when someone keeps blogging about the same thing that annoys them, like “oh I can’t stand to see so many bloggers eating little food, restriction, it bothers me”….like yeah okay it bothers me too, but 1. you’ve said that about six billion times, so either 2. do something about it or 3. stop fucking reading those blogs….like seriously they’re clearly not doing you any favors….AND YOU’RE CLEARLY READING SHIT THAT BOTHERS YOU JUST TO GET COMMENTS arrrrrgrhhh.

  22. Hahaha! I love this post and the comments are hillarious! 🙂 I can totally relate to everyone here! I am sooo glad I’m not alone. I thought I was the only one annoyed by the themed posts. I do the Foodie Penpal which is only every month. I like it coz I still get to be real and I get to meet awesome people across the country. The weekly ones are just way too much! 🙂 LOL. 🙂

  23. I guess because I have a small and totally anonymous blog that usually averages 0 comments a day, I just don’t get it. I read big blogs. Is that bad in the blogging world? I comment on ones if I feel the need to say something. My whole blog is about my personal life because I don’t do any hobbies that people would care to read about. Man. Blog drama.

  24. People who “read” and comment on tons of blogs baffle me. How do they find the time? Especially those who post the first or second comment on the bigger blogs. Do they just hang out online and wait for posts to go live? Ha! One of my biggest pet peeves is when a blogger forces content; they don’t have any true news or happenings to share, but they post just to post. I’m in the quality bot quantity camp.

  25. You’ve written what’s been bothering me for so long (and that I’m too chicken to blog about). Thanks for making me smile this AM =)
    It’s funny b/c I feel like there was a time I did most of what you described above (and some of the readers commented) b/c I was too focused on getting page views and comments. I think I just needed to figure it all out for myself. I read blogs but I don’t comment nearly at all.
    I also get irritated when someone feels the need to tweet their link 100x during the day. Is that really necessary?

  26. Haha, nice.

    I think my biggest pet peeve is with bloggers who use twitter a lot and each tweet has like 1,000,000.000!!!! hash tags. They’re like #move #run #eat #food #apples #FF #pancakes


  27. Biggest blog pet peeve….Product reviews. I don’t have anything against doing them but I make sure that it’s something I either 1.) want to try, or 2) already know I love. I get irritated when I read a blog and every 3rd post is about a new product I can’t live without (followed up with “I was compensated…. all opinions are my own).

  28. I’m all about open and honest blogging and being yourself in each post, but this one stings a little, doesn’t it? Is it fair to tell people how to comment properly on a blog so it’s not annoying?

    1. I’m not telling anyone how to comment. I’m just personally discussing what bothers me. If they want to comment and blog like that…thats fine for them. It annoys me and I won’t read it LOL.

  29. I like to blog because it keeps me accountable, not because I give a damn about anyone else out there. There isn’t much about blogging that annoys me because really the only time I spend on here is to write my own post and quickly glance at others. I feel kind of bad, but I really can’t be bothered actually reading blogs unless they’re REALLY interesting to me. So when people follow my blog, I feel a little guilty inside because chances are… I’m not going to read theirs.

    However, instagram? I can write a book on things that piss me off about that!

  30. I’m commenting months late to the party but I can’t stand it when people blog in a type that’s hard to read, i.e. using cursive for the bulk of their posts. Why even bother? At that point, I just say ‘nope.’

  31. I have nothing briliant to say, other than this was awesome! Made me laugh. Just found your blog and started poking around (creepy, but that’s how blogging rolls, right?)! Thanks for the honest and snarky post! xoxo, ganeeban

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