Training Blog Somewhat

I didn’t post a training post last week (or the week before) but I highly doubt you noticed.

Monday: Off (recovering from the Shamrock half and flying to Texas)
Tuesday: 10.35 with Tim (8:12 pace)
90 minutes elliptical (Tim had to work and I had nothing else to do)
Wednesday: 10.25 with Tim (8:25 pace)
Thursday: 13.1 (8:35 pace)
Friday: 10.1 (8:16 pace) Hot hot hot.
Saturday: 12.1 (10:34 pace) trail running up a large mountain.
Sunday: 15.5 (8:50 pace)
Monday: 10.51 (8:23 pace) after traveling for 10.5 hours.  Coincidence?


My running has been pretty easy as of this past week.  Obviously because I was on vacation I wasn’t really stressing about anything (let alone reading blogs and telling you how my running is going).  If I got miles in-good…if I didn’t…well oh well.  Though dating someone who also runs has it’s advantages so I was pretty sure that was game.

Saturday was certainly our hardest run last week.  We ran up a mountain and while 10:34 pace seems “slow” to some…it was the equal of us hauling butt up this mountain. It was really hard stuff and you can’t compare any sort of trail running to road running ever…so don’t.  Was it hard to see 14 minute pace at some points?  Sure…but it was a lot of fun.  I rolled my ankle on a rock at some point which nearly led to tears.  I really think I’m the biggest drama queen running.  Ask Tim…he knows.  I just fear every little thing will lead to injury…mostly because I get bootleg injuries that are caused from weird circumstances.

Why were we the only ones running up here…

None of my runs were really on road this week.  Tim loves trails (not trails that are paved or flat and easy (I’m looking at you First Landing State Park)  but trails with rocks and going up mountains…) so it was a nice change of pace…and scenery.

Cross training:

Last Tuesday I did 90 minutes of elliptical.  I didn’t have a lot to do…Tim was working and I wanted to stretch my legs with something other than running.  Other then that I haven’t done any cross training in the last week and a half.

**I almost went swimming…we had everything good to go…but then OF COURSE (the one time I was motivated)…the pool was closed for a mechanical issue.


As far as my recovery from Shamrock goes I think it’s going to be a full two weeks before I fully recover.  My legs took a serious beating during the race so I’m not really surprised.  Most of these paces are on the abnormal slow side for me and I didn’t do a tempo run last week and I’m not really sure I’ll do one this week.  All in good recovery though.  I am racing this weekend, but I’m not tapering in the slightest and will run right through it…literally.

Finally, I’ve been using Bloglovin for a few years but never actually linked my blog there.  Now that it is getting popular due to google reader closing, it keeps harassing me asking if I blog or want to claim a blog…little do you know’s like I live a double life…So there.

Questions for you:

Did you race lately?  How did it go?

How have your workouts been going?