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I didn’t post a training post last week (or the week before) but I highly doubt you noticed.

Monday: Off (recovering from the Shamrock half and flying to Texas)
Tuesday: 10.35 with Tim (8:12 pace)
90 minutes elliptical (Tim had to work and I had nothing else to do)
Wednesday: 10.25 with Tim (8:25 pace)
Thursday: 13.1 (8:35 pace)
Friday: 10.1 (8:16 pace) Hot hot hot.
Saturday: 12.1 (10:34 pace) trail running up a large mountain.
Sunday: 15.5 (8:50 pace)
Monday: 10.51 (8:23 pace) after traveling for 10.5 hours.  Coincidence?


My running has been pretty easy as of this past week.  Obviously because I was on vacation I wasn’t really stressing about anything (let alone reading blogs and telling you how my running is going).  If I got miles in-good…if I didn’t…well oh well.  Though dating someone who also runs has it’s advantages so I was pretty sure that was game.

Saturday was certainly our hardest run last week.  We ran up a mountain and while 10:34 pace seems “slow” to some…it was the equal of us hauling butt up this mountain. It was really hard stuff and you can’t compare any sort of trail running to road running ever…so don’t.  Was it hard to see 14 minute pace at some points?  Sure…but it was a lot of fun.  I rolled my ankle on a rock at some point which nearly led to tears.  I really think I’m the biggest drama queen running.  Ask Tim…he knows.  I just fear every little thing will lead to injury…mostly because I get bootleg injuries that are caused from weird circumstances.

Why were we the only ones running up here…

None of my runs were really on road this week.  Tim loves trails (not trails that are paved or flat and easy (I’m looking at you First Landing State Park)  but trails with rocks and going up mountains…) so it was a nice change of pace…and scenery.

Cross training:

Last Tuesday I did 90 minutes of elliptical.  I didn’t have a lot to do…Tim was working and I wanted to stretch my legs with something other than running.  Other then that I haven’t done any cross training in the last week and a half.

**I almost went swimming…we had everything good to go…but then OF COURSE (the one time I was motivated)…the pool was closed for a mechanical issue.


As far as my recovery from Shamrock goes I think it’s going to be a full two weeks before I fully recover.  My legs took a serious beating during the race so I’m not really surprised.  Most of these paces are on the abnormal slow side for me and I didn’t do a tempo run last week and I’m not really sure I’ll do one this week.  All in good recovery though.  I am racing this weekend, but I’m not tapering in the slightest and will run right through it…literally.

Finally, I’ve been using Bloglovin for a few years but never actually linked my blog there.  Now that it is getting popular due to google reader closing, it keeps harassing me asking if I blog or want to claim a blog…little do you know’s like I live a double life…So there.

Questions for you:

Did you race lately?  How did it go?

How have your workouts been going? 

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  1. Running up a mountain sounds HARD. I don’t blame you for bringing the drama. Glad you got to see Tim!

  2. That’s so nice Tim runs too! I’ve reached the point with my training that whatever guy I’m with basically needs to swim, bike, and/or run as well. I mean, that’s what I’m doing all the time, lol.

    1. I could never in a million years run with Tim for every run. It’s nice that I didn’t feel guilty for going to workout or something while he sat bored though.

  3. Wow now that is hill training!
    That’s cool that you and Tim run together. I wish Ben (my husband) and I could run together but we’re just have completely different paces. Plus I think Ben gets annoyed at me for talking to much when I get bored haha.

    1. Tim and I are pretty far off in paces as well but both of us are pretty casual so neither of us were that worried…I’m speaking for him though too…but I guess he gets no say on my blog. LOL 😉

  4. I love that you got all of those miles in with the man while you were there. Great that you can do that together. John needs to stop having knee surgeries so I can run with him again.

    I’m a serious drama queen when it comes to trails because I am always afraid of falling or getting injured because almost every time I have run trails, something happens.

    P.s.4 days. just saying

  5. I love trails too. 10:30min/mile is not slow running up in a hill like that. 🙂
    I do trail running once in a while. It’s more forgiving to my knees. 🙂

  6. See, that’s why people should never judge paces, because they can vary by 2-4 minutes depending on the terrain and weather conditions. It’s neat that you and Tim both live such an active lifestyle and did so much on your vacation! Good luck recovering from the half as well.

  7. Running up a mountain at a 10:30 pace is no joke. I don’t know if I could go faster than like a 15 minute pace lol but I think it’s awesome that you were able to run together so much! It makes it so much more enjoyable plus it’s an easy way to stay active without feeling like you’re missing out on anything. I don’t think I’d be able to handle trail running at that pace since I’m not even a drama queen about it- I’m flat out paranoid that I’m going to trip over something and adjust my speed accordingly. I’m a wimp and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  8. Glad you didn’t roll your ankle too bad! But I totally would have cried. Ha!

    I’m not gonna lie… I kind of want to go run up a mountain now! Sounds like a great challenge! What was your pace coming back down?

  9. Trails are nothing like roads – no-one ever maintains a road pace on any decent trail, although I agree that some commercial ‘trail’ runs are anything but and are just really road runs with nicer scenery 😛

    I had a reasonable race on Sunday – 10 miles and I didn’t get the pace I was after (though as some lovely person pointed out on GOMI, I don’t deserve decent PRs anyway :P) but I was happy to have five consecutive 6:xx miles, which is better than I was initially hoping for.

    Careful what you call ‘training’ – I’m not ‘allowed’ to do that because the same person on GOMI said it was an insult to people who ‘really’ train because I do too much exercise. Probably the same people who snark on others for doing 90 minutes of the elliptical in the same day as a 10 mile run, but I think your PRs speak for themselves on that one. If you want to do the elliptical and run in the same day and you know your body can handle it, why the heck not?


    1. I looked around for that post but missed it on GOMI. I don’t understand the issue with the elliptical. I know plenty of serious athletes that bike X number and run 10 miles. I don’t like biking and if I don’t cross train occasionally I’ll get injured. Everytime I stop and just run…I get injured. People get their panties in a bunch too easily.

  10. trail running is a whole other ball game, you feel like you are going way faster than you actually are just because of the energy it takes to keep your footing.

  11. Those are some great miles. Isn’t it so nice to get to run with the man? I love running with Ty. Except I always feel guilty for slowing him down but it’s such good time spent together 🙂

    My workouts have been great. Starting to actually miss running… just in time for spring weather (hopefully!)

  12. Maybe I did really miss your training post lats week 😉 I read some of your post on daily mile and the one with the snake really made me chuckle! Anyways – great miles for being on vacation in Texas!! I’ve never run on trails, mainly because I am scared to death of breaking a bone…
    Random question – do you like running in the heat or colder temps more?

  13. You are EXACTLY like me! Seriously, if I hear something crack I immediately freeze and pray to the bone Gods everything is okay. Then slowly start to move again testing all of my limbs. It’s funny but not funny at the same time. Oh hey, paranoia! I love how you have Tim to run with, it’s so cute. I need a guy who has two bionic knees.

  14. Great job this week! I definitely agree, trail running and road running are two different beasts! 10:30 is really great for trail running, my paces always go down to 12-13 minute miles haha. I think the 11 mile trail race we did was at about 13 minute pace.

    We did race this past weekend, we did a 30K in Hamilton, Ontario. It was a lot of fun!

    1. YEAH I saw! I couldn’t imagine a train going through during the race. If I had been here at the time, I would have def wanted to do that…though I would have needed to find my passport first. 😉

  15. Sounds like a fun week with the boy! I need to start researching some trails to start running – I am going to do one Saturday just not sure where…

  16. I will begin with laughing at the bloglovin double life 😀 And then say I think you are awesome and I miss you! I cannot wait to hear more about your time in Texas with Tim. I know your runs were awesome this week simply because you were there and happy! What race is this weekend?

  17. it SO pays to date a guy that also runs! one of my first boyfriends was a non-runner (and didn’t really support my running either, fail), and it just made things super difficult. ANyway sounds like you had a lovely recovery week, getting to run in warm weather with your man! WIN!

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