Blogging about Blogging

I write this with no target or no one I’m directing this at.  I am merely just collecting all my thoughts about blogging-the good, the bad…the whatever else in between. 

On vacation I did a lot of thinking away from the blog.  I had scheduled a couple of posts and read a few blogs in some downtime I had but other then that…I existed…outside of the blogging world.  Not only existed but I don’t even feel compelled to give you a play by play and daily schedule of what I did…I don’t really share my entire life (shockingly) on social media and I prefer it that way.

I’ve come to realize as I move into another stage of my life, I don’t relate with a lot of bloggers who I used to read very regularly.  I find myself reading a few blogs and just complaining to myself or wanting to offer advice that they don’t want, need or it’s not really my place to say…after all I’m only reading a section of their lives too.

There was a point in my blogging career that I was reading about 30 blogs daily.  (Granted some didn’t post daily but there were upwards of 30 on my reader).  I found myself skimming posts and just wanting to write a comment to get the approval of said blogger.  It got to a point that I was stressed when I couldn’t read blogs.  I would always post blogs because scheduling blogs is easy.  I could write them all on Sunday…have them scheduled for the week and then read blogs and edit them throughout the week.  During that time period, the more peoples blog I commented on…the more that read mine.  I was achieving ultimate blogging status.

My “blogging” was golden…for me at least.

But then I realized or maybe grew up a little bit…if I don’t read the blogs (by read I mean skim) that I have no interest in…I’m saving myself time and I’m saving myself the issue of coming up with things to say that are really forced.  Point blank: Your blog can’t appeal to everyone and that’s fine.  I don’t need to pretend that I enjoy reading something that really just bothers me…or I don’t care about.

As I “grow up” and move into the “real world” I’ve found some blogs that I can’t relate too…

  1. A younger mindset.  I am young and I get that…I’m 22 and that certainly puts me into the younger category of bloggers.  But when you are still in a slightly immature mindset and half the posts are whiney or day to day boyfriend, school and work drama I can’t relate.  You will probably notice I almost never talk about work…day to day issues or drama…you don’t know whose reading and believe me on that one.
  2. Too many giveaways and sponsors.  I love free stuff…but really when every other post is laden with it…it loses its draw.
  3. If all you do is day by day themed posts…marvelous Monday…terrific Tuesday…WIAW…thirsty Thursday…erg you get the point.
  4. Multiple posts daily.   I have a job and a life so will probably only read one. ..Same goes for long posts….(I’ll eat my words for this post).
  5. This shouldn’t bother me but it does and will probably be the first for you to lose me as a reader.  I’m not sure if people realize that when you comment on someone else’s’s still you.  You can’t post “I hate peanut butter” on your blog and then tell another blogger “oh my lanta, peanut butter is the bomb”…but it works with everything.  Be who you are…don’t make up things on your blog, comments, social media…at least if you are going to lie…streamline it all and be believable.

That being said (and this post is getting wordy) but there are a lot of bloggers I can relate too.  Those who leave mystery to their life, aren’t the first to comment on every single persons post, honest…we all have bad days and bad races, runners, swimmers, even some of you bikers who I enjoy reading dearly.  The 12 blogs I am subscribed too come from all different walks of life: still in college, 30 years old, athletes of all backgrounds, losing weight, gaining weight, overcoming long term injuries, struggling to find a real life job, preparing to get married…met in real life…wish I could meet in real life…wordpress…blogging…tumblr…Those who chat with their readers or offer advice when asked.  (lesson learned: don’t give advice unless someone asks point blank).

But that’s that.

Questions for you:

  1.   How many blogs are you subscribed too?
  2.  What makes a good or not so good blog in your opinion? 

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  1. all of this is spot on. i was reading who knows how many blogs for a while-I easily have 50 or so in my reader and that can be very overwhelming. I’ve learned I don’t HAVE to comment on every single one and honestly, with my new job, I dont have as much time for any social media-so I need to be picky on how i spent said time. I used to feel obligated to post xx amt of times per week-now I don’t care. I never started my blog to make $$ or become a “big” blogger-it was just an outlet and a way to track a goal. I have met a TON of people IRL and I am very thankful for that.

  2. I agree about giveaways. I usually don’t even read giveaway posts unless they’re for something I super want. I follow way too many people, I don’t know why. Some I started following because everyone seemed to follow them and it just took me a while to figure out that there was nothing interesting or fun about them. That’s still a mystery to me but I guess people like what they like? A good blog doesn’t stress me out, bring me down (bummers in life once in a while, sure, but I read blogs for fun), and makes me laugh for whatever reason from time to time.

    1. I only enter giveaways if they are something that I’m legit interested in. If I’m not interested in what they are giving away…what is even the point?

  3. I so wanted to be that blogger whose blog got read daily by hundreds (or even 10’s), and then I realized that maybe that just isn’t me. I don’t have the time or energy to come up with a post every single day. I’m not all about some great amount of weight loss and ohhh you are so inspiring etc. I’m just a regular gal that goes to work every day, takes care of her kids and does triathlons too. Those that read my blog and comment, actually WANT to talk to me and maybe even care about what I write. I’ve met a few of them IRL and that has been great.

    But I totally know what you mean. My list has 40+ blogs on it, but I really only read 5-7? I figured if I followed them, they would follow me. If I cared about them, they would care about me. Not so true.

    So for now, I read and comment on blogs that are from people I care about, or are about a topic I care about. The others, I just skip over.

    To quote a popular gif–ain’t nobody got time for that! 🙂

    1. HA! I always enjoy your musings. If you spend your time entire time commenting and blogging how will you even have any content to post about? Plus commenting on 100 blogs daily just makes you seem see through to me.

  4. I think you read my mind! I recently had to delete/unsubscribe from a lot of blogs because they made me frustrated (or even #rage status), and they weren’t interesting/I couldn’t relate. Blogging and reading blogs should be fun, so once it seems like a chore–or in my case, starts to affect your mood–that’s when things need to change.

    1. That’s what I did too…possibly similar blogs who knows. I found myself feeling like it was another thing to cross off a todo list…which isn’t really the point of blogging.

  5. The giveaways get really annoying and I’ve stopped reading blogs that are always offering them. It becomes less personal and kind of robotic at that point. I’ve started unsubscribing from blogs I’m not interested in too. I think it’s totally natural to realize you’re at a different stage of life and if you can’t relate to someone, what’s the point in reading their blogs? The only thing I have a tough time with is not commenting on people’s blogs who comment on mine even if I’m not necessarily interested in what they’re saying. Blog reading should be something I’m doing for fun, and when it gets stressful, it loses the purpose that you started for.

  6. I can totally relate to this post! When I first started blogging i read so many blogs and HAD to comment on their blog! Now I read maybe like 15 blogs religiously if I am really bored at work I may seek out other blogs to check out. I had several blogs on my reader that I would just skim and finally I did a huge purge of all the blogs I kept on my reader but never really read! Oh and I hate WIAW posts and I am tired of seeing what ppl had for breakfast everyday, awesome you had oatmeal for the 6th time this week!

  7. I was looking forward to reading this post when I saw you tweet about it yesterday. I find that I go back and forth a lot with blogging – there are times where I love it, and times when it annoys the crap out of me… but the more time that goes on, the less I find that it bothers me because I guess I just stopped taking it so seriously? Like it’s not worth getting upset/annoyed over? I don’t know… I’ve gotten the chance to connect with some really awesome people thanks to blogging, and while I’m still trying to filter out some of the crap, all in all I’d say that I’m finding a little niche that works for me.

    1. I love what you said here! I think people get way to invested in the blog world and let it determine their mood and their life. It’s so not that important and just a fun aspect that should be used as more of a hobby rather than a focus!

  8. I’ve only been blogging for a little while now but I have come to form my own conclusions about a few things.

    I wholeheartedly agree on EVERY single post should not be sponsored or a giveaway, it seriously makes me lose interest. At first I was like wow, these people get all this free stuff ALL the time, must be nice, wish I could do that. But the more i think about it I’m like I don’t want my blog turning into that. I was recently approached by a company to do a post for them, and I said yes and am very excited to do it, but it is not something I want to do all the time.

    The biggest problem with the blogging world is that it enables people to be fake. People who write whatever they think someone wants to hear, commenting about something on someones post when they really don’t believe what they are writing.

    I don’t relate to many peoples blogs, but there are quite a few that I do. Oddly enough I relate more to the crowd with kids/careers more than the people closer to my age. I’m trying to settle down in life, I have 2 jobs and keep very busy almost like if I had kids. I don’t relate to the “omg look at these pictures of me in vegas drinking my face off, and 2 seconds later a run photo, and a giveaway, and a sponsored post”

    Omg, dear lord Hollie, we have SO MUCH to talk about this weekend.

    1. I don’t care if giveaways or sponsor posts are once a week but I can’t relate to someone who posts every single day a review, giveaway or whatnot.

      I can’t wait for our chatting. It will be glorious.

  9. I agree, in fact you are the only blog that I ever even comment on. I follow quite a few blogs on bloglovin (about 30) but that is all I am, a reader… I follow some of the ‘big blogs’ but if a blog starts to annoy me… I stop reading. I am more of a reader than a person that answers questions etc… thats what I quite like about tumblr… that we don’t have to end all our posts with questions – because sometimes I do actually have a question, and then I ask it – but I have always found on a lot of the blogs the questions at the bottom of the post strange (and thats because I am from a different blog world) – like sometimes they don’t actually want you to answer them but they feel they need to be there….

    But I totally agree, life exists outside a blog – that is why I mostly just blog about running – because If I tried to blog about my life – well I’d probably be super stressed or people would send me to counselling hah.

    I take most blogs with a pinch of salt… I take sponsored posts with a pinch of salt too.. because they always seem to have the same type of language…. quite political. They are instantly in LOVE with that product…

    Anyways, I think what you blog about is a nice mix 🙂

    Oh and I was totally serious on Facebook about you coming and running with me in santa monica… I’m totally going to chill in santa monica alone for 2 weeks (no idea where I am staying yet… I’ll probably just find a little rent apartment on the beach) and have big plans of just running up and down the beach every morning…. and eating lots of great food and being sad that I have to go back to the real world 🙂

    1. If I blogged about all the crazy that went on in my life, I’m not sure I’d have to many followers either.

      AH. I would really enjoy running with you over there in West coast land (and just hanging out). I actually have absolutely no idea where I’ll be this summer (I’m looking at some pretty big changes as far as life goes).

      1. Sounds interesting… and scary! Life changes I think are so important in reminding us what is important to our lives and hour strong we are…. hell my life is going to be pretty different this summer, leaving England for 3 months to work at a sports camp in california – definitely not something I’ve ever done before – but I think it will be good for me to get out of a routine and have to live a simple existence for a while. Plus I’m hoping the canyon I will be on will have some awesome trails to explore. I think the beauty of the ages we are at is that we don’t always need to have a definite next step – yes, obviously careers are important to us, but I’m sure you’ve heard it a lot – we are still young 🙂

        Offers always open anyways, I wish I knew I was going there early – I would have been able to run another disneyland race – missed out on that boat massively. Nevermind – I have my whole future to rundisney 🙂

  10. I almost couldn’t get to your points because this was so long! I kid, I kid, but you’re spot on with a lot of things. I did a few giveaways on my blog, then realized how quickly I was getting away from the “blogging for myself” purpose of why I write. Now that I’ve had a blog for nearly 6 years, I’ve established some guidelines for myself, which includes a 500-word limit on posts — most, though, are now 300 words (or less). I’ve also cut way back on blogging in the past few months. Some of that is intentional, some of it is because I don’t feel the need to blog just because I call myself a blogger.

    1. I’m glad you made it down to comment! I generally like to keep posts at 500 cap too becaause I know I don’t care to read that long so why does anyone else?

  11. I think I have about 20 blogs in my reader. That number is dwindling though; I’ve found myself unsubscribing to a lot of blogs lately because of some of the things that you’ve mentioned here. I can’t stand when every other post is a sponsored post. I’m not trying to be gossipy/catty here, but there’s this one blog that I’ve been reading for awhile and lately she has about three or so sponsored posts a week. She even hawked a diet, delivery meal service…after she’s exclaimed numerous times that she doesn’t believe in diets or diet food. Ummm…. okay?

    There are a lot of bloggers out there that seem like wonderful people but I just can’t relate to them. They’re in a different stage of life. And that’s fine. Overall, I’ve decided that I won’t let blogging stress me out because I’ve got more important “real life” things that I’d rather devote energy to. 🙂 Always enjoy reading your posts, though!

    1. I’m sure we are thinking of similar blogs. I agree about more important real life stressors. I don’t have time to read 1000 blog posts about things I don’t even relate to anymore,.

  12. I was thinking the other day about how many blogs I read while I was a junior in college. After I started student teaching, I only go to a few blogs EVERY day. I like skimming other blogs but I find if I cannot relate to them, I lose interest right away. Also, I was thinking the other day about the comments from those who obviously don’t read my posts… And… I just don’t understand? Why would you comment? To get more readers directed to your blog? Uhm, okay? Now what? Where does that get you? I’m just confused. I always like when people stumble on my blog but when it’s obvious they don’t care about what I’m talking about… Then, don’t come on my blog. It’s just kind of annoying, really. We’ve talked about this before so I know we both are a little annoyed at the skimmers. Aside from Janae, Julie, and Courtney,, I’m pretty sure every blog I read now I never read when I was in college.

    1. My thoughts are that some people feel a bit obligated, they fear if they don’t comment that you think they haven’t read and then you’ll stop commenting. For some, blogging is an escape from reality (I guess that’s fine) but those are the types of blogs I can’t relate to anymore. Skimming and pointless comments are the number 1 way for me to unsubscribe. That and (like I said I shouldn’t be bothered) but those people that seem to be number 1 comment every single post. How can you even comment 2 minutes after the post comes out? LOL

  13. I used to write blog posts {albeit intermittent} to try to gain readers and all that jazz. lately with the struggles i’ve been going through i use blogging as an outlet. it’s a journal that is easy to keep for me-i could care a less who reads it. but i took a while to grasp that. i, like you, don’t want to devote all my free time to writing mundane posts about my monotonous days. that way when i do write a post it has purpose.

    i do follow a lot of blogs but that’s only cause i enjoy them not because i hope they come and read my blog too-if i don’t like them, i won’t comment, i won’t return. i would say that there’s about 20 that i check daily just because they’re relateable or give me good ideas. or the blogger had similar issues i encounter once upon a time.

    1. I think blogging is a great way to bounce ideas and connect with people with similar issues. I’ve met a lot of people that have as well. No one needs to be mandated to a post or tied down. That does nothing for anyone! 🙂

  14. I’m subscribed to tons of blogs… BUT, not all of them are personal blogs or running blogs, etc. I also have to read blogs for work and I follow a few money-saving blogs. However, I have trimmed my reader and a lot of people I follow, I do not read every post or even try to.

    I also cannot stand constant sponsored posts, or retweeting every tweet from someone who agrees with you… I just don’t see the point in that. Yes, I occasionally get the comped race entry (which I disclose), but I could ultimately care less about what brand of yogurt you eat or the shoes you wear. I do have to promote TrySports Mt. P, but you don’t have to overtly plug to promote something. I recently unfollowed a lot of blogs, actually.

    I think it’s cool you took the week off from blogging. It shows your priorities are in the right place :).

  15. I have about 15 blogs that I read regularly; although, I have other blogs that I try to hit about once a week or so. I think I kind of fall into the a-typical blogger category. I only post 3 times a week and I try to make them quality posts (although my workout roundup is an easy out post). I use social media but I’m really bad about actively building my blog and just figure that if people like something they’ll come back. I just don’t have time to try to make blogging a career, it’s just a stress relief outlet for me. Great post, Hollie.

    PS – Peanut butter is the bomb, yo!

  16. Blogs about real stuff and real people. None that complain about the same problems yet never come to a solution – because it makes me plain annoyed and I have been trying to be either uninvolved or diplomatic about others dramas…and it is really hard to hide sarcasm these days lol. And….I like goals, and reading about how other people define and chase after theirs.

  17. I go back and forth on my feelings about blogging…there are things I absolutely love about it, and there’s things that drive me nuts. I have done a big edit of my reader lately though, and got rid of bloggers that I wasn’t relating too/not particularly enjoying, or were so disordered that I wasn’t doing myself any favours by reading them.

    1. There are a lot of really nice people that have such disordered blogs that I can’t read them. It upsets me to see them struggling and not realizing it or just struggling and I don’t have any place to call them out or try and “help” them.

  18. I TOTALLY agree with the whole weekday alliteration posts! Once in a while it is awesome to participate in a blogger link-up but, if that is ALL you post I think it shows lack od creativity. But do people actually do Thirsty Thursday posts?!?! Because I think that might be pretty funny……

  19. I agree with Amanda, i was intrigued when I saw your tweet. I feel like I am in that love/hate as well. It is something i do love to write and do but when it comes to reading others, i tend to just feel not connected as much as I used to.Not sure if it is who i am reading or the topics lately but sometimes it just doesn’t feel worth it.

  20. I actually follow over 100 blogs. Shame, shame, shame. I don’t comment on more than about five a day though, and only 10% of those blogs have any posts that I read properly – the other 90% are skim and/or hate-reads.

    What makes a good blogger? Honesty, without question. I’ll put up with pretty much anything from a blogger as long as they aren’t disingenuous, smarmy and/or a liar. I do tend to follow bloggers who have a running focus, but I also have a few ‘lifters’ (or just people who think they are…) in there too. And there are about a dozen bloggers who are there simply because I want to be around when life hits them square in the face 😛

    I can never keep up with people who post more than once a day – as the meme would say, ain’t nobody got time for dat.


  21. This is such an interesting topic… I’ve met so many friends through blogging, but it’s overwhelming to try to keep up with them all. I used to feel like I had to comment on every post, but I’ve gotten better at giving myself a break and reading what I can, and not feeling guilty about the rest. I try to be responsive and reply to comments as much as I can, and follow up with their posts as well because blogging is about connecting with others (for me). But yes, it’s impossible to keep up with everyone all the time. There are definitely blogs that I really connect with, and I tend to comment on those more frequently,

    1. Yes and I agree with that completely. I have met a lot of people that I never would have met otherwise and I truly enjoy reading their blogs. Then there are others that I read a few times a week just to keep up but I wouldn’t consider myself “close” but I enjoy reading.

  22. First of all, THANK YOU for your honesty. I appreciate honest bloggers (and people) so much. Second, the comments are fantastic. I found myself nodding along and agreeing out loud as I read them.

    I did an overhaul of my Reader awhile back, but need to do so again. So many blogs have become a constant advertisement or are no longer relatable. Frustrating? Sure. However if that’s how they want their blog to be, so be it. I will just choose not to read it.

    As for the best type of blogger? One that is honest, real and stays true to themselves. I realize that we will all relate to different things, yet a blogger that is honest about their real life (job, kids, training, etc.) are the ones I respect.

  23. You are the only young blogger that I read! There is a world of difference between age 22 and 28, and I have no interest at all in reading about what college kids are up to. You are my exception, because I relate to your love of running. I fell for it in college too. Oh my lanta. It is a relief to move beyond any duty you feel to read or comment on blogs you don’t care for. Glad you figured it out.

    1. I have to say. The fact that you approve of approve of my blog is probably one of my best accomplishments. If I could make myself a blogging award with a RoseRunner approval badge…I probably would. Though I didn’t major in graphic design so that doesn’t work out ha ha.

  24. I know I have never commented before, but I just wanted to say that I loved this post–and your honesty. I think it is so easy to get “addicted” to reading blogs, so to speak, and easy to forget that there IS life outside of blogging! I follow about 15 blogs, and after reading this post, I will definitely be following yours as well:) I do my best to be as truthful as possible in my blog posts, talking about whatever I feel like discussing, instead of trying to cater to a particular audience. Still, there are times when I feel almost “pressured” to write so many posts a week, or chat about a certain topic in a certain way. Ridiculous, I know…But I have gotten better at just spilling out my random thoughts, regardless of whether or not certain people will “approve” of them. Anyway, thank you for the wonderful post!

    1. Thank you and that really means a lot. I used to feel the same way but realized…I should pressure myself to do anything. If I want to blog..I should…if I don’t…no one will really mind! 🙂

  25. I am definitely subscribed to way too many blogs – but I hardly read them all. I used to comment on a million a day just to “promote” myself, but I quickly realized how dumb that is – it’s not why I blog. Yes, I have fewer readers now, but my blog is much more ‘me’. I’m constantly figuring out how much is too much to share, but enough so I can get my thoughts out and tell a good story.

    A good blog is honest, tells interesting stories (but not whole life stories, just anecdotes) and HAS VARIETY. If I see the same things in every other post, it’s just plain boring. And I know I’m definitely guilty of that as well, but like I said I’m always trying to figure out what works for me.

    And I pretty much get everything you wrote here. A lot of which I only just started to understand, and it has certainly made my life a lot less blog-centric. And more relaxed.

    1. I agree. I actually find that those who I comment back and forth with now are just so much more relate able because I know they are reading and I am reading.

  26. awesome post Hollie!! I used to be subscribed to over 50 blogs, but I’m down to about 15 now! quality over quantity 😉 I also can’t stand 90% of reviews/giveaways/sponsored posts! some I actually enjoy reading like running shoe reviews or whatever, but most I don’t even bother reading!

    But if I’m honest, Thirsty Thursdays sounds likes a pretty good idea to me 😉

  27. Love this!

    I’ve been cleaning out my reader now that it’s closing and I kind of enjoy it. I’m not skimming useless posts and stuff. I know my blog isn’t appealing to most people, so why should all blogs appeal to me?

  28. I only subscribe to a handful of blogs, but I also only use the WordPress reader to subscribe. I do read a handful more when I get the time though! I used to try to blog everyday about a year ago, but then I stopped and now I blog a couple times a week and sometimes go a good week without blogging. I enjoy reading blogs in the morning with my coffee to help produce my morning movements, if you know what I’m sayin. I’ll stop reading if the post gets boring or too wordy though. I need pictures, LOTS of pictures to keep my attention.

  29. I definitely can relate to a lot of these blogging grievances…and I too have cut back on a lot of the blogs I read. I just don’t have the time to be reading a million blogs and commenting on each one. The only time I comment is when I really have something to say that cant contribute to the discussion…not just something silly like “awesome” or “yummy!”. Those types of comments make it pretty obvious that the person is just grubbing for page views. As for giveaways…I think once weekly is acceptable. That’s typically what I do! That type of schedule works well for my blog because I think it adds some excitement to the week and it also garners participation for my Lend a {Healthy} Hand project which I love! Plus I actually really like when my readers are able to try things I’ve enjoyed!
    It’s funny that you mention the whole blogging holiday trend, where everyday is a specific theme or something. Blogs that participate in every single one of those make up the majority of the blogs I stopped reading. It was fun and interesting for the first couple of weeks but then it just gets boring to read essentially the same post over and over again.

  30. I’ve had a blog since I was 14 and I’m about to be 27. In that time, I went two years without a blog. I spent 9 years blogging daily and about 6 being aggressive with “subbies” (so 2000). But this time around, it’s ALL for me. I like all the blogs I read and only respond when I want. Most are dating blogs. And I’m anonymous. I like it this way 🙂

  31. well you know I feel the same way because we have chatted about this and how I too used to read and skim until I realized I was doing nothing for me, wasting my time, and doing nothing for the blogger. There should be no offense taken if I don’t like a blog, someone else out there will. I used to follow all health and food blogs until I realized that was boring. Now my reader (like yours) follows blogs from all walks of life. It is refreshing and allows me to decide what I am feeling in that moment. 😀

  32. First I want to say again how excited to do some HARD CORE judging whenever that will be premiering… I’m thinking a text exchange will be a good way to do it, or email, twitter, whatever. I’m excited 🙂
    Anyway, I definitely enjoyed this post, as any feelings you have with blogging are rather similar to mine, especially these days when I continue to become enlightened each and everyday about the blog world that I so used to be a part of. A particular website is just one I love way too much, and finally have found people that feel the same as I do! Not all of the time though, wanted to be clear on that
    But yeah, I clean out my reader often, even now and just don’t read blogs that bother me in anyway at all, even if I feel “obligated” to. I know I sound a bit like a twat when I say that, but I just can’t read such things that make me feel like crap, especially when I am already stressed, angered about my lack of running, etc. I will admit that I used to be a person that would comment on to not only read them, but to also get traffic to my own. And I am sure I “messed” up what I was saying as far as claiming to love something that they were talking about, but then admitting something completely different on another blog in accordance to what THAT person was posting about.
    So yeah, I have learned so so much through my break from blogging and also slowly being enlightened by other sources out there that are seeing the fakeness I have been speculating for a long time.


    And yeah, I hear you on this. I’ve only been blogging for like…a year and a half? two years ish? But at the beginning, blogging kinda took over my life, I was reading everything, commenting on everything, trying to get as many comments as possible….oh man, it was toxic. I was reading things that annoyed the crap out of me (disordered blogs, people making new food recipes but it was really a way to “healthify” something…like Greek yogurt ice cream, what the fuck), and the worst – things that made me feel bad about myself. Which is kinda stupid, but like…if something is dragging you down, then you need to just cut it out of your life. Now I read about 12 blogs and they’re all people that I relate to and wish I could meet in real life. I’m so glad I took a long break from blogging this past fall, it was good to remind myself that hey….real life is WAY BETTER – connecting with the friends and family in my real life, experiencing things, not seeing the world through a camera lens but through my own eyes.

    And yeah, if something doesn’t interest me or I can’t relate to it, then it doesn’t belong in my life. There are better things to fill my time and thoughts with! Like planning a trip to Williamsburg and VA Beach so we can get greek food and beer together 😀

  34. I like blogs that show someone’s real life. Not a blog that just is surveys all of the time and stuff like that. That stuff’s nice every once in a while (and I do them) but I want to know about your life and what makes you unique!

  35. I think I’m subscribed to about 20, but most don’t post every day. (Some of them post a LOT and so I usually just read the most recent post.) I’d rather get to actually READ A post, rather than skim 100, you know?

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  37. This post really resonates with me right now. I am just getting my blog to grow a lot lately. I also see that when I’m reading other people’s blogs, they come to read mine. It’s so hard for me to have time to keep up wtih the blog world though. And I agree – I don’t even like every blog I read.

    I also agree that days of the week posts are getting old. I was thinking about it the other day, and my favorite blogs are the ones that only do maybe one of those or no days of the week posts. I ended up (sort of by accident) creating two days of the week posts that others partake in now, though, so I feel like I can’t ever quit them! Two a week is definitely enough in my opinion.

    Love the insights in this post. hope you enjoyed my book!

    1. I sometimes partake in the weekly posts but after a month or so, I get super bored with them and they become repetitive…there is only so much you can post about food…or that you are thankful for without repeating yourself. As if life though, they are interesting for a while!

  38. This was a really great and honest post. I think as bloggers we all go through that phase. Where it kind of takes over and we think it’s SO important to stay on top of it/ comment on EVERY blog. I definitely went through that and then became a little burnt out.

    Like yourself I finally did a “google reader cleanse” and narrowed it down to two handfuls of blogs that I genuinely enjoy and am inspired by.

    The first ones to go we’re DEFINITELY the ones doing giveaways like three times a week. Also, mass product reviews – ugh, no!

    I’ve done two giveaways in the past. One was sponsored and one was a handheld/gels that I enjoy and bought myself. I gave it away to a reader who could most accurately predict my upcoming half marathon time. It was fun!

    I think what makes a blog a good blog is being GENUINE. Not just writing about the frills or only the awesome workouts, but writing about it all. Okay, not like OVER sharing but just having a good balance ya know? aka: keep it real, yo!!! 🙂 🙂

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