Boring Weekly Training Post (74 miles)

  Core: Workout:
Monday: Nike Core Crunch 2 hours elliptical to loosen out the legs.  I ended up seeing a friend after an hour so just chatted with her for an extra hour.
Tuesday: Nike Ab Burner 11.5 mile run outdoors easy
Wednesday: 50 Crunches 10.6 mile run treadmill
Thursday: Nike Core Crunch 11.21 treadmill
Friday: 50 crunches 10.6 miles treadmill easy
Saturday Nike Unlocked Ab Workout 11.8 miles treadmill progressive (6.5-8.5 pace)
Sunday:   18 miler planned with Laura
Total:   74 miles

Thoughts of this week:

This was an extremely productive recovery and training week for me actually.  I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel after my half marathon but I actually didn’t feel that bad.  The thing I think is because though it was a quick half marathon, it was still 4 minutes off of my PR so still somewhat felt like a workout for me.  I also was pretty careful and really working on my recovery methods (stretching, leg massages at my gym..ect.  Paying the extra fee for that is def worth it).  I don’t have much to say about this week.

Yesterday a logged my first “speedier run” which ended up having an overall 8 minute pace.  I started off at 9:00 pace and progressively worked down to just under 7 minutes.  Felt pretty good, though it’s hard to believe I ran a half marathon at 6:50 pace last week.  I really need it to warm up to start some speed work.

I was also really motivated to do core work this week.  I mean not that I’m not normally motivated to do my 50 daily crunches but I was feeling extra motivated this week to get 15 minutes of core work done.  I think it was all because I was close to unlocking a new Nike workout.  The cool thing about the app is when you log a certain amount of exercise minutes…you unlock new workouts…so it doesn’t get too stale.

Well I’m off to run with Laura and eat hang out.  

Question for you: 

What was your favorite workout this week? 

Do you stick to a workout schedule or you just figure it out when you start your workout?




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  1. The app sounds neat that you can unlock new workouts and that’s cool that it pushed you to do a little more so you could :). I like that. Looks like you had a great training run and hooray for being able to run with friends or staying at the gym (working out) longer bc of chatting and seeing friends :).

    1. I think that is what keeps me interested in it is that there are always new programs to unlock. I haven’t tried a lot of the leg/arm/ect work but eventually I want too.

  2. Woah enjoy that 18 miler today! That number sounds terrifying but I bet it will fly by since you’ll have company. I downloaded that app but haven’t tried it yet. It sounds intimidating lol

  3. What a great running week for you! This cold I had was the WORST. I’m FINALLY going to try to run tonight with the man. It will be slow and difficult but miles are miles.

    Enjoy the 18 miler… I miss my high mileage runs like that. 🙂 Always the best when you have good company for it too.

  4. Hope the 18 miler went well! I am jealous that you have friends that will talk to you when you workout. I know zero people who work out here, especially Travis…hahaha

  5. I hope your 18 mile went well! I ran 11 this weekend and it was killer for me (new reader but I can see that 11 is nothing for you)!

  6. ah yes the reward system for core work motivation 😀 love it. This does sound like a really good training week for you – glad you recovered well from the half and I hope the 18 miler went well! I’m basically living vicariously through your running right now 😀

  7. 74 miles.. danggg you are a beast. I’m just curious, how many new pairs of running shoes do you have to buy a yr since you put so many miles on them?

  8. I think you have almost convinced me to get the Nike app. It just sounds cool. crossing my fingers for it to start warming up for ya!

  9. I always wondered about that Nike app- I always see you have Nike Core posted on here. I’m going to download it- curious what it’s all about. Look at you rocking your runs- love the random numbers to leave off- not 11 miles…but 11.5 & 11.8 😉
    I don’t really have a schedule, I typically just run as long as Gabriella will nap in the stroller- haha! Quite a plan, huh?! 😉

  10. Nice week Hollie. I follow a schedule right now, I’ll probably keep it up for most of the year because of how my races are spaced out. Might up my Sunday runs just because to challenge myself but we shall see! I didn’t particularly love any work out last week but I am excited about this weeks work outs… I decided to join a Rugby team and my first practice is Thursday! The only thing I’m not excited about is that my speed work day is Thursday so I’ll be working off of dead legs.

  11. That Nike app sounds pretty cool. Great job on your recovery week (crazy calling 74 miles recovery)! Hope your 18 miler went well.

  12. I’m glad you had a pretty good week of training! One day I would love to even reach past 50 miles a week, so props to you for being in the 70s!!

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