Boring Weekly Training Post (74 miles)
  Core: Workout:
Monday: Nike Core Crunch 2 hours elliptical to loosen out the legs.  I ended up seeing a friend after an hour so just chatted with her for an extra hour.
Tuesday: Nike Ab Burner 11.5 mile run outdoors easy
Wednesday: 50 Crunches 10.6 mile run treadmill
Thursday: Nike Core Crunch 11.21 treadmill
Friday: 50 crunches 10.6 miles treadmill easy
Saturday Nike Unlocked Ab Workout 11.8 miles treadmill progressive (6.5-8.5 pace)
Sunday:   18 miler planned with Laura
Total:   74 miles

Thoughts of this week:

This was an extremely productive recovery and training week for me actually.  I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel after my half marathon but I actually didn’t feel that bad.  The thing I think is because though it was a quick half marathon, it was still 4 minutes off of my PR so still somewhat felt like a workout for me.  I also was pretty careful and really working on my recovery methods (stretching, leg massages at my gym..ect.  Paying the extra fee for that is def worth it).  I don’t have much to say about this week.

Yesterday a logged my first “speedier run” which ended up having an overall 8 minute pace.  I started off at 9:00 pace and progressively worked down to just under 7 minutes.  Felt pretty good, though it’s hard to believe I ran a half marathon at 6:50 pace last week.  I really need it to warm up to start some speed work.

I was also really motivated to do core work this week.  I mean not that I’m not normally motivated to do my 50 daily crunches but I was feeling extra motivated this week to get 15 minutes of core work done.  I think it was all because I was close to unlocking a new Nike workout.  The cool thing about the app is when you log a certain amount of exercise minutes…you unlock new workouts…so it doesn’t get too stale.

Well I’m off to run with Laura and eat hang out.  

Question for you: 

What was your favorite workout this week? 

Do you stick to a workout schedule or you just figure it out when you start your workout?