Lake Effect Half Marathon (1:31)

You know this seemed like a great idea to do about 2 weeks ago when I got the notification that I had gotten into the actual race…but when it was snowing and windy all I wanted to do is bond with my personal heater and coffee.

Yes this is makeup from the night I didn't go out and drink so I can't type a post of how I raced hungover.
Yes this is makeup from the night before…no I didn’t go out and drink so I can’t type a post of how I raced hungover.

From when I left my house and during the 45 minute driving, during my warmup and to the front of the race…I wore my Russian headwarmer.  I think I’ll be notorious up here for it. The race itself was freezing (it’s on a lake and who knew Upstate NY is always cold…) but they gave out hand warmers at the start (let’s not even pretend I didn’t take about 10 of those!). I immediately started off in 3rd place for females…where I stayed…the whole time.  I thought maybe I had a chance to catch the second place girl but she kept creeping away since that is what faster runners do.

The course was out and back twice and being on the lake, it made for really windy one direction and not so much the other. It started to snow right at the start (not white out snow but coming down enough) but that is better than sleet, hail or rain at that temperature. My splits ranged from 6:19 to 7:14 depending on the way the wind was blowing.

Oh you know running...the wind is blowing my headwarmer off...
Oh you know running…the wind is blowing my headwarmer off…

During the race I mostly kept to myself, I was with a pack of different people but once we got to around mile 2, I basically stayed in the same position.  Thanking the poor volunteers that were working the race.  One said “You are at the front of the race, you aren’t supposed to talk to me”.  Yeah, they better get used to that.

My watch kept measuring every single mile short. The mile markers were at .9, so I though oh finally a short race…ain’t no one got time to run a full distance half marathon…then they added some weird loop at the very end. So 12 miles I read at 11.81 and I finished at 13.29…that was the worst experience of my life. I would not have minded a short race. (maybe I would have been under 1:30).


Other thoughts:

This was a good race for me.  It wasn’t great or amazing (and four minutes from my PR), but I’m sure I’ll get those comments that it was amazing.  It was still a good race for me.  I didn’t take any gels and that is something that I really would like to work more on.  I’ve been running 90 minutes almost every morning on nothing but water, but I’ve been running 10 miles not 13.

About a month and a half ago I ran the distance series 20k (12.4) at around a 7 minute pace on completely flat ground and no wind. (I also can count it as a top 5 worst race of mine) so this was a bit of confidence booster that I am inching towards PRing. Finally for your comical amusement I had to drive through a white out to get home.

I am getting the award for best Russian hat (Can you tell I'm obsessed with that thing?)
I am getting the award for best Russian hat (Can you tell I’m obsessed with that thing?)

So in short…I ran 10 miles the day beforehand, I have done no speed work and it was cold and windy.  I’m also still using one of the thousand hand warmers that apparently never go bad.  😉

Question for you:

Ever done a race in the snow? 

How about in long pants?  (This is only my second race ever in tights)

Have you ever been to upstate NY?