Chunkless Strawberry Pancakes

Sometimes I think of cool fun things that seem weirder when I post them.  Blending a cup of strawberries and making hot pink pancakes could be one of them.  Oh well, they came out really well and strawberries were evenly distributed…so how can you really go wrong?

Bring in: Chunkless strawberry pancakes


I won’t lie, I also enjoy the berryful pancakes that are just normal pancakes with strawberries thrown in but these seemed fun.

½ cup pureed strawberries

½ cup flour

1 egg

1 tablespoon baking powder

½-1 cup milk

Mix and add on the griddle.  I ended up topping mine with vanilla yogurt because I like the flavor addition.   I’m sure you could do this with blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries…whatever.  I think it switches it up instead of having fruity pancakes.  Plus who doesn’t love oddly colored foods?

The second time were more pink!
The second time were more pink!

Question for you: What is the most oddly colored food you have ever eaten?


  1. Strawberry pancakes are a great idea. I’m assuming you could probably try the recipe with other fruits, too…I’m wondering if strawberry banana pancakes would be any good. Did you remove the seeds before adding the puree to the batter? I think the most oddly colored food I’ve eaten was that ketchup that one of the big companies used to make that came in green and purple. I’m sure that was an awesome thing to be putting in my body. 😉

    1. If you try it with bananas then you’ll have to let me know. Though I don’t care for bananas in the slightest I know a lot of people love using them for recipes.

  2. Ooooh I like the idea of pink pancakes! I’d probably add food coloring since I’m more of a fan of plain flavors but I bet chocolate strawberry pancakes would taste pretty good adding some chocolate chips in 🙂
    Most oddly colored food? I’m going to have to go with Beth on the ketchup colors. I loved them even though they tasted pretty nasty haha that, or weird colored goldfish. I still love those.

  3. so the word ‘chunk’ is a total no no, freaks me out more than life itself. but I still think this sounds pretty good, pink colored pancakes are perfect for making for people

  4. I think the sludge that resulted from using vegan protein powders in smoothies pretty much tops my list of strangest colored foods ever eaten. All I can say is thank god things taste better than they look…

    1. I’ve never tried a vegan protein powder and didn’t know they could result in sludge! Amen though, there is a lot of food that I’m like…thank goodness this tastes better than it looks.

  5. I actually kind of hate chunky pancakes unless the chunks melt (such as chocolate chips) so these sound awesome. Unfortunately my pancakes this morning were just plain, but i did put some strawberry on top!

    1. I had green pancakes LOL. I think green colored food just instalooks worse then normal colored food personally. (green food not meant to be green).

  6. Ahhh, I almost made strawberry banana bread today–we were both thinking about strawberries. Although I’ve never had this combo, green eggs and ham would probably be the most colorful thing I’ve eaten. Or funfetti cupcakes. 🙂

  7. Yay for chunkless pancakes LOLZ. I love your weirdness. It’s my favorite. Weirdest colored food… yesterday I ate orange corn bread .. it was pumpkin corn bread. Pretty good!

  8. I’ve been all about strawberries lately. They’ve been suprisingly good fresh, even for February! I normally don’t even bother with them this time of year. So I’m happy! Weirdest colored food would have to be my smoothie concoctions that normally turn out a lovely dark green-brown shade.

  9. Truth: I wish I were as creative as you in the kitchen
    Truth: I never thought to puree strawberries
    Truth: Umm…. you’re f-ing awesome.

    Have a great day!

  10. hot pink pancakes, HOLLAAA!! having colored foods makes the day that much more fun. I have never done this myself, but sometimes when I make blueberry pancakes (my fave) the blueberries burst from the heat and make blue swirls which is kinda funky

  11. O these are awesome! Seriously you should apply for a job at a pancake restaurant as a recipe maker! I could totally see these as some restaurants special! I would add chocolate chips 😉

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