The Light Beer Waffle

Light beer is not my thing but finally I have one more beercake recipe for you light beer lovers.  It’s just as easy as dark beer and Guinness pancakes…maybe easier then winocakes but no matter if you like light beer I suppose it deserves it’s own little recipe.  I make things and say…it’s all for […]

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Okay don’t get your panties in a bunch.  After last week’s Guinness Pancakes those who did not like Guinness (weird) asked if there were any alternatives.  Did you ask that at college ragers too?  Of course there are alternatives to beer.  I’ll probably spend the next couple of weeks experimenting with my inner alchi.  (YAY […]

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Carrot Cake Waffle

I know a few people love carrots in the blogging world…I enjoy them…in my cake.  Or in this case, in my waffle.  I created the carrot cake waffle last year as a way to get more vegetables without sautéing an entire container of kale and being bloated all night. Plus the more orange, the more […]

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Pineapple Upside Down Waffle

One of my favorite fruits is pineapple.  I know a few weeks ago I said strawberry…but come on…how can you hate on pineapple?  With that being said pineapple upside down cake is another favorite cake of mine (besides lemon cake).  Okay so fruity trends have always been a sort of theme of mine clearly. Pineapple […]

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Chunkless Strawberry Pancakes

Sometimes I think of cool fun things that seem weirder when I post them.  Blending a cup of strawberries and making hot pink pancakes could be one of them.  Oh well, they came out really well and strawberries were evenly distributed…so how can you really go wrong? Bring in: Chunkless strawberry pancakes I won’t lie, […]

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