Chunkless Strawberry Pancakes

Sometimes I think of cool fun things that seem weirder when I post them.  Blending a cup of strawberries and making hot pink pancakes could be one of them.  Oh well, they came out really well and strawberries were evenly distributed…so how can you really go wrong?

Bring in: Chunkless strawberry pancakes


I won’t lie, I also enjoy the berryful pancakes that are just normal pancakes with strawberries thrown in but these seemed fun.

½ cup pureed strawberries

½ cup flour

1 egg

1 tablespoon baking powder

½-1 cup milk

Mix and add on the griddle.  I ended up topping mine with vanilla yogurt because I like the flavor addition.   I’m sure you could do this with blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries…whatever.  I think it switches it up instead of having fruity pancakes.  Plus who doesn’t love oddly colored foods?

The second time were more pink!

The second time were more pink!

Question for you: What is the most oddly colored food you have ever eaten?


Birthday Post

Every October 30, I dedicate my blog to someone special. 

Someone who showed me running could be fun (kind of). 

Someone who inspires me. 

Someone who is kickass at life.

Also..someone who will not judge me love for coffee.

We do have coffee somewhere in there…

And finally someone who photobombs my Chobani pictures.  (Don’t ever question if we are related…and no I had no idea he did that)

Someone like…


So Happy Birthday Dadyooo and glad you stalk my blog.

Question for you:  Are you close with your parents/family? 

Food Staples

Food de Hollie
After my WIAW rage, (ha) I got a few emails about what I stock at my house to cook. I can assure you some of it is probably weird, some is strange I guess not all of it so whatever.
Breakfast Foods:
1. Greek yogurt

I like to hoard the containers like no big deal…

2. Peanut flour (I have at least 1 serving daily normally…my “odd food”)
3. Eggs (I go through a dozen eggs once a week)
4. Liquid egg whites
5. Sugar Free syrup (for waffles/pancakes)
6. Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder (once you try this stuff you’ll never go back)
7. Stevia and truvia (depending on my mood)
8. Peanut butter
9. pumpkin
10. skim milk
Lunch foods: (While I normally have lunch on campus, I occasionally pack my lunch)
Which is normally a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a greek yogurt. Well actually it’s two because I have one at 11 and one at 2.

1. Lots of frozen vegetable steamers (broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts!)

My favorite dinner ever.  Salmon, brussel sprouts and mushrooms

2. Fresh vegetables include onions, garlic, kale and mushrooms
3. Frozen steak and chicken to grill on my george foreman
4. Fresh fish normally bought day of from the supermarket to grill

1. Quest protein bars (these are my current favorites).
2. Greek yogurt+ pumpkin
3. Protein shakes made of Xanthem gum, pumpkin, skim milk and greek yogurt
4. Hard boiled eggs

Random other things  I like:

1. I always have hot cocoa stocked
2. and ice cream

3. Coffee creamer (I am in a Baileys Irish Cream mood lately)

But other then that I have dessert at restaurants because they are clearly better then anything I could make
Question for you: Name your top five staple foods.

1. Eggs
2. Greek yogurt
3. Peanut flour and cocoa powder (for pancakes…it counts as one)
4. Salmon
5. Xanthem gum for smoothies

Lunchtime Leftovers

Tis the season to still be jolly (one would hope!).  Or use all your left overs and no, I’m not making turkey and stuffing pancakes, can you say ew? Mom and I (mostly mom) did come up with a great way to use leftovers and all this Chobani that I’m loving.

I hate to call anything I help to make a recipe considering it’s easy (and I’m clearly no Betty Crocker) but you know we all start at different points in our cooking skills.  Mine just happens to start at that easy bake oven level.


Turkey Salad


All your delicious leftover turkey (or roughly 2 cups shredded).

¼ cup almonds

½ cup apple slices

½ cup Greek Yogurt

Add everything and mix. 

I’m thinking you could make different specializations with this.  For me personally, I might integrate vanilla yogurt and cranberries because I like the sweeter things in life.  Dad doesn’t have a sweet tooth (at all), so this was perfect for him.  He is a mayo addict and even agreed it was perfect for a sandwich and was okay that it didn’t have mayo.

Mom with the final product 🙂

So there you have it.  Leftover week here and more recipes to come!

Question for you: How do you use leftovers?  

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Can you believe it’s Christmas? 

If you said yes, than well you can skip my ramblings.  I guess it must be that has been in the 60s all week in VA that have convinced me it’s still September. Although I’d rather not go back there.  I’ve only been back from school for a week too and have had a lot going on.


Nevermind.  Lolz got a Christmas Present from Chobani two nights ago.  (Yeah the dad photobombed…thanks dad). 

I ate the peach first.  Love peaches.  I love yogurt.  So peach yogurt is fabulous.

Had the vanilla Chob on my waffle yesterday morning.

Had the blueberry today for a snack. 

Apparently I had some lentil soup yesterday.  I’m sorry it’s not too appetizing looking.  I mean stare into a green bowl of mush and say give me some thanks.

What else did I have today on Christmas?  Gah.  Good thing I have my camera to take photos and document the process eh?

Dad told me and Matt that Santa does not come to people who are not functioning members of society.  Ie: change out of leggings and sweats.

I had a lovely Christmas with the family.  We celebrated with an annual get out of mom’s hair 10 mile run (Dad, Matt and I) and chilled.  Most of my family lives very far away so I don’t see them a lot.  

Like I said in my last post, I’m moving domains (well getting one) and I need a lot of help/advice.  If you can help that would be awesome.  Just email me at

Question for you:

How was your Christmas? 

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