Chunkless Strawberry Pancakes

Sometimes I think of cool fun things that seem weirder when I post them.  Blending a cup of strawberries and making hot pink pancakes could be one of them.  Oh well, they came out really well and strawberries were evenly distributed…so how can you really go wrong?

Bring in: Chunkless strawberry pancakes


I won’t lie, I also enjoy the berryful pancakes that are just normal pancakes with strawberries thrown in but these seemed fun.

½ cup pureed strawberries

½ cup flour

1 egg

1 tablespoon baking powder

½-1 cup milk

Mix and add on the griddle.  I ended up topping mine with vanilla yogurt because I like the flavor addition.   I’m sure you could do this with blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries…whatever.  I think it switches it up instead of having fruity pancakes.  Plus who doesn’t love oddly colored foods?

The second time were more pink!

The second time were more pink!

Question for you: What is the most oddly colored food you have ever eaten?


What you didn’t do that in your youth?

My fellow blogging besties.  I have returned after a rather short but much needed personal time off.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  It is kinda of flying by for me.  Maybe that was because I was too busy being a real girl wearing real girl clothes.

Before I begin and partially the reason I needed to come back so quickly.  My bestie Anna, (better known as aDuBs…but only because I call her that and she hates it) has created and a blog and I’m going to personally make sure each of you become her biggest fan.

So go there now because she is amazing and fabulous and the only one to put up with me for 10 years.  God knows no one else can.  So go.   NOW!

And because I’m on the topic of aDuBs…I goggled her name into my 1500 photos and found some winners.

This must have been over Thanksgiving.

This was in the middle of glassblowing class last summer. Clearly we were studious.

In one of those mall booths. I was so confused of what we were doing bahaha.

10th grade cruise! (and yes my hair is that color when I don't dye it)

As you can clearly see she puts up with my crap.  ha.  😉


Fun fact of the week: I wore real girl clothes and looked presentable every single day.  I also wore a bathing suit and running spandex most days too but there were clothes that wouldn’t make you question that I was a member of society (as my dad says).

Whenever I don’t wear “real girl clothes” the daddykins always tells me I’m not ready to be a productive member of society for the day.  Which 9/10 days I wear real girl clothes so I don’t have to put up with his sassyness.

Speaking of the daddykins, if you are in the VA Beach area and you go over the bridge right after the downtown tunnel off of 264, my dad’s old ship is in the drydock.  I tried to have a photoshoot with the ship but it was an epic fail.  No, I wasn’t driving and yes I will capture more photos because it will be there for a while.


Noms of the week:

I had like 20 salads this week.  Have you ever just craved your greens? Each was pretty decent but the one at my favorite diner ever (the Silver Diner) was the best.  Salmon, cranberries, mango, strawberries, spinach…other random things.  The lady asked if I wanted to salmon filets and I responded with…a fatties got to eat.  I guess that meant two because that is what she gave me.

oh yes and this deliscous black bean quasadilla too

Because I was feeling rather down in the dumps all week, my family thought it acceptable to fatten me up with ice-cream.  I’m addicted and if you ever come visit we are going on many dates.   My mom loves froyo but quite frankly nothing beats some good ole cake batter ice cream.

once here

another time here...

I have also been putting my magic bullet to good use and making blueberry smoothies a lot.  Nom nom nom.

My dad asked when I took this photo what the hell I was doing. I asked him didn't do this in your youth.

You know of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without some good ole pancakes and waffles.

dark chocolate cherry pancakes

Strawberry waffle...we have a plethera of strawberries in these parts...

peanut flour pancakes

Well anywho.  I am alive and well and I hope you guys are too.


Question for you:

Tell something fantastic that has happened to you that you have been dying to tell me about. (I guess that is more of a statement but I’m over it).

Calculus and Food.

Happy Saturday Blogging BFFS!

I got a few questions about my 50 page paper so I thought I would give you a “light” overview of it.  It’s basically a culmination of all my education classes together, presetudent teaching information.  I have to provide worksheets I’ve created, my interests in math, my career at college, anything and everything about math and education.  Basically why I want to be a math teacher.

But wait!

I don’t want to be a math teacher.

This would be extremely useful for later if I did, but seeing as it is 50% (yes ½ of my entire grade in the class) I still need to do it because failing the class isn’t really my jive..

I chose to change my major so I’m not complaining.  Besides-it’s not awful, it’s not like I’m writing a 50 page proof.  Dear God help me now.

Oh wait (round 2)

I’m doing that too.  My homework for advanced calculus is one problem.  This is ½ of it. 

I forgot this class earned me the writing intensive gen ed credit. Not.

So yes-I have been terribly busy and not okay with it.
But enough complaining only one more week of classes.

But back to my last couple of days.  I have really been into my inner foodie by eating on campus and preparing decently photogenic meals….

Broccoli quiche and wheatberry salad

“Adirondack Salad”=Greens, cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese, chicken breast salad.

Fondue (is the greatest thing to ever go in my belly)

These are just the dipping noms

Wanna be bffs?

I made the greatest chocolate waffle this morning, or at least it was 10:00am and I don’t know the last time I have eaten past 8:00am so I think I was just starving.

Chocolate waffle+homemade strawberry jam

(Home made strawberry jam)
Enough strawberries to fit into your magic bullet/blender
1 tsp xanthium gum
¼ cup water
Sweetener if you are into that

I’m not savvy enough to stuff my own mushrooms so I bought them at the local supermarket.  I love stuffed mushrooms and all kinds of mushrooms actually.

Steak, stuffed mushrooms and spinach

Speaking of the supermarket, yesterday I went and saved 12 dollars on a 35 dollar purchase.  Seriously-I felt like an extreme couponer…minus I just looked for instore deals and had one coupon.  In fact, I got a giant package of bacon (for spinach bacon waffles) for 79 cents.

But they were out of kale.  ugh.

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to skip the Arctrainer. 

Don’t be too shocked!  I was just completely not in the mood at all.  I kept telling myself it was okay but it was kinda in the back of my mind.  Skipping a workout, my endurance is done, I’ll never run quickly again, blah blah blah.

But then this morning I ran.  7.3 miles at nearly a 7 minute pace.
So I’m not devastated anymore..not that I really was yesterday.

Take your rest days.  Your legs will love you for it.

PS: Get your Q’s in for my next FAQ post.  If you have any…I don’t have too many secrets.

Question for you:
Are you a big couponer?

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