Training for the Arctic Tundra (80 miles)

You know those blog posts you struggle to write.  Yeah this is one of them…don’t know why or if I should even care entirely.  So motivate me to blog…I guess.   I’m sitting here while my parents shower and get ready for the day writing it (they visited me and it was a lot of fun).  I really enjoyed getting away from work, gym, and schooling to hang out with my parents.  I added some grumpy cat memes…just for good measure.


You should know by now (because I mention it every post I can how close I am with them).  This week was optimal for running, not optimal for core training (I was pretty tired from running) and not optimal for cross training.  We can’t win every battle I guess.

I can say, however, my body is certainly feeling the effects of an 80 mile week-especially my first 20+ mile day EVER and then three days later a 17 miles.

Monday: Nike Training core 10.15 Easy treadmill
Tuesday: 50 crunches AM: 10.2 treadmill easy
PM: 10.5 tempo outdoors
Wednesday: 50 crunches OFF
Thursday: 50 crunches PM: 10.52 (8:33) treadmill
Friday: 50 crunches AM: 11.43 (8:18) treadmill
PM: 5.65 Shakeout run outdoors
Saturday: 50 crunches 10.6 miles with dad easy outdoors
Sunday 50 crunches 11 miles with dad easy (treadmill)
Total: 80 miles total

I’ll go into detail about my 20 mile day since it was most important.  I wanted to do a somewhat tempo run in the pm because I would be near my favorite park so I decided instead of easy, I’d attempt to go a little faster.  It was very very windy.  (around 40 mph winds in some spots…the park is on a lake) but I did get the run in.  My miles going into the wind were about 8:00 minutes and going with the wind were around 7:30.  I think it was a success for me personally.  I haven’t really done much speed since coming back from my injury and I don’t plan to start until the weather gets warmer.  Some may do speed on a treadmill…I’m not some.

The rest of my miles were pretty easy and volume miles I’d say.  But in reality that is how I feel when people whine about running.


Where does this take me for next week?  Well, I don’t really plan to taper for the Lake Effect Half Marathon in the snow and ice next weekend.  If you know this is one of the most cold, miserable half marathons in the country.  Think windy and unenjoyable only doing this for the medal ..but really I needed a race to look forward to I haven’t raced since early January.  (My big race is the Nike Women’s half in April).  So I’ll just continue running and hopefully have another 70+ mile week.

Question for you:

Best workout of the week?

Highest mileage day ever?