Running Injuries and Pace

It’s no secret that I love to run.  I love running and it is one of my favorite parts of the day.  Is every run good?  No, of course not.  Are the majority of runs good?  Yes, yes they are. Do I let a bad run ruin my day, week, month…year? 

No, no I don’t.

And honestly I think that sets me apart from a lot of runners and bloggers.

I’ve had my fair share of running related and not running related injuries.  I’ve had a tibial stress fracture on my 21st birthday from poor training.  I ripped a muscle in my knee from running too quickly on the treadmill.  I had a rampant overgrown cyst in my foot that caused a bone to break and ruined my chances to go to nationals for no apparent reason related to running.

But want to know a secret? 

I’m still a person outside of all of that (even blogging too!) and still have other things that keep me going.  I can do other fitness related things and be as happy as running.    

Running means a lot to me, it does but it is not the only thing in life that keeps me going (neither is fitness).  I think that is where people get confused of my running motives.  I want nothing more to be the best runner I can be, but I’m not so the most aggressive and obsessed about it.  I’m not someone that cares IN THE SLIGHEST if I run an 8:05 mile or a 9:05 mile…if they are still injury free.   (racing that is another story but daily runs…who cares).

Here is the thing I guess I want to really promote in this post.  You should never let an individual run bother you.  You should never let a series of runs bother you.  Should you be sad if you are injured?  Of course, but you should realize…you will heal.  99% of injuries, you will be back to your old self in time. 

You should never leave a run in tears or be so upset after one because in a day, week or month…will it matter?  No, not at all.  You have good runs and you have bad runs…that is what happens.  The day I got my first running injury (ie: my 21st birthday and tibial stress fracture), I thought my life was over.  I thought my running career was over and I was devastated.  That was almost two years ago…and neither held true.  I healed.  I’m running better than ever.  I’m running better than ever recovering from my cyst injury three months ago.

I have found when I worry about pace, exact mileage or the very fine details of running is when it stresses me out.  So I don’t.  I don’t care if my recovery run or easy paced run pace.  It doesn’t bother me.  I know a lot of people struggle with running too fast, I never have that problem.  This is one instance that I can say you have to trust yourself.  You wait and train months trusting yourself for a race that your legs can run fast.

Trust your legs in a recovery run they can go slow.  If you are forced on a treadmill, do not be afraid to keep the pace slower.

Questions for you?  Thoughts?