Unprepared for College Part 2

Last Friday I posted an infographic about high school students not being prepared for college.  There were a lot of responses…some people agreed…some people didn’t.  Some people felt as though their high school prepared them enough and they easily graduated college (go you guys!) and some people felt they could have been more prepared. 

I just wanted to follow up with that one because it sparked a lot of commentary.  One of the main themes that people chattered about was that college is NOT for everyone (which I 100% agree with).

There are many jobs that do not need or require college.  We NEED people to do these jobs in society just as we need people to do college based jobs as well.  Without having all types of jobs, our society will fail to exist.   It is not possible for everyone is our society to go to college because of expenses or because of job opportunities in such fields.  Not everyone in this world can or needs to be a doctor or something that requires an extensive amount of schooling.

Let me give you an example that I’ve had a VERY hard time putting out there.  I don’t want to go to graduate school.  Not in the slightest, it doesn’t interest me and I could honestly go the rest of my life without going.  I don’t feel like I need too either.  The amount I have been told oh you’ll change your mind.  You’ll want to eventually is not only sad but obnoxious.  It’s almost as if it’s expected to go to college, graduate and then go to grad school in the culture I’m living in.  Graduating college for me, was A HUGE DEAL.  A HUGE DEAL.  I’m not belittling it, I’m not saying it was easy.  I’m not saying by any means that I got perfect grades (does it seem like a lot of graduates say that?) I’m saying I worked my butt off to get through college, had a good time and graduated.  I learned a lot in my studies but also about myself.

I changed (read about that here) majors after my junior year of college.  It took me three years to realize that math education was not for me.

A lot of people take college for granted…oh I was supposed to graduate college, it’s frowned upon in my family if we don’t…wasn’t bad… then they look at the infographic and they wonder…well why didn’t the other 46% of people who started college graduate.  When your parents are paying for it, you don’t realize that college is very expensive.

Question for you: Talk to me about your college thoughts.