Treadmill Training and Lazies

This workout week has been all over the place as far as running (perhaps), and my core workouts are enough to get by (like college).  Kidding.  Not really though about core workouts because I was just tired, lazy and busy this week and I own that. 

  Core Workout”
Monday: Ab ripper X AM: 10.83 8:25 pace
PM: 45 minutes Cybex 100i
Tuesday: 50 crunches 11.4 miles (8:15)
Wedensday: 50 crunches 7 miles easier (8:34)
Thursday: 50 crunches 11.55 miles (8:15)
Friday: 50 crunches 10.55 miles (8:34)
2 hours elliptical
Saturday: 50 crunches  
Sunday: Ab ripper X 15 miles running (outdoors)
  Core?  Done.  (barely) 65 miles running


I know I complain about the winter and I don’t deny that I hate the winter and I hate the cold.  So I run on the treadmill and don’t complain about it.  I would have ran a 70 mile week completely on the treadmill but then the weekend happened…Saturday I didn’t feel like running outside or inside or really at all. You can see that I’m a little happy clam running on a wheel and watching trashy tv.  I’d rather do that until it’s AT LEAST 30 degrees.  Why 30?  Because we also have a wind tunnel here and I still have a wind rash on my face from running outside last Sunday. 

On Saturday, I just didn’t feel like running.  My body was extremely tired and I was running on nearly empty as far as sleep went…so it was basically an unplanned sleep day.  Pretty sure I slept at least 75% of the day and now typing on this on Sunday, my body feels great.   If I can maintain a 60 mile base until the warmth I think I’ll be relatively happy. Taking Saturday off from running, also ensures I’m not building mileage to quickly.  (at least that is what I tell myself…). 

The other fact of the matter is although I got a shot of cortisone 3 months ago, cortisone generally wears off after three months.  That makes me really anxious because in all honesty, I have no idea if my cyst will come back.  Plus running all of those miles on a treadmill can start a lovely case of plantar fasciitis, which I’m more prone too due to the cyst invading my plantar fascia.  Anyways, enough rambling because I know no one reads this part of the blog, leave a comment with the word righteous if you do.  Needless to say, right now is not the time to be overzealous with miles. It’s the time to start cross training and adding weights though.

As far as core…mentally I’ve been rather drained from work and life (obviously) so I haven’t really been that consistent with it.  I can sit here and do 50 crunches every day (which I might) and although that is keeping the “streak going”, I didn’t intend to that every week.

Cross training has been good…got a few days of that in.  Getting my cross training in, I know will keep my muscles balanced.

Questions  for you:

What was your best workout of the week?

How was your weekend?

Mine was lazy…mostly just slept but I’m all for that.

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  1. righteous :-p considering your mileage, I would imagine that taking a day off Saturday was what your body really needed. And I wish I could take a day to sleep that much – but right now no matter what time I get to bed, my body seems to refuse to sleep in past 7:30. Slightly frustrating, because I really don’t want to be awake at 7 on a Saturday. That wasn’t cool.

    I think my best workout this week was my heavy leg day last Thursday. It was my 3rd week in a row PR-ing on barbell deadlifts – can’t go wrong with that.

      1. I hate my internal alarm!!! I get up at 6 for work and come hell or high water my body does not allow for me to sleep ok past 7 on the weekends.

  2. wind is my nemesis, if it was windy it can totally ruin a run and motivation for me. I would have done treadmill as well. however, the miles you can do on the treadmill is impressive. my legs just feel so wonky after treadmill running so an hour on it is like my max. nice job though, I think you deserve some props for this indoor week

  3. Looks like a pretty righteous week of workouts to me 😉

    Ugh, it was running 70 odd mile weeks on the treadmill that gave me PF last winter, and it still hasn’t really gone. I am counting down the days until I can go outside again in bare shoes instead of YakTrax.

    I didn’t really have a best workout this week – I’ve been enjoying Body Attack classes but this snow really just makes me feel sour about everything. Lots of treadmill punching going on 😛


  4. Keep stretching and i think you’ll be ok! Scaling back is a great strategy as well!

    My weekend was ok. It was my birthday but I was sick. I’m finally feeling a little bit better, but my workouts have been really lacking because of my cold.

    1. I’m not scaling back actually because I have’t been at this mileage since before my injury. I’m just being cautious of running too many miles on the tread. Boo for being sick on your birthday…that is terrible!

  5. Your mileage totally blows me away, Hollie! Sixty-plus miles is impressive, not to mention those are treadmill miles (which I would argue are more challenging). Will you have to get another shot of cortisone? (PS – righteous! ;))

    1. LOL you crack me up. It depends in the cyst decides to come back..if so then I’ll have to get another shot…if not then I don’t. What cortisone did was shrink the actual cyst, it’s not completely gone (that I know of).

      1. Gotcha. The world of cortisone/shots is totally foreign to me, so I wasn’t sure if you automatically needed another dose/booster of if it’s a wait-and-see deal.

  6. 60 mile a week base… RIGHTEOUS!!! keep up the great work. love reading your blog. i’m with you on the treadmill.
    if it’s accessible i don’t get the point in killing yourself over trying to run in frigid temps!!! my body and muscles never warm up.

    MUCH higher risk for injury, PASS ON THAT!

    also, my highest PEAK week while training for my first marathon was 63 miles. after a week entirely off from running i started training for my 50 miler (in july) this week. should hit about 35 this week and then up from there!

    1. Exactly! It isn’t the cold that keeps me inside but the conditions. I already slipped and fell on ice last year to break my arm…no need to do that again.

  7. Wind is really tough, I think the conditions really matter more than the temperature, you can’t just look at the number on a thermometer and know if it’s a good running day or even what to wear sometimes. Glad you’re being cautious about the mileage, sometimes we just all need days off anyway.

  8. SOME of us care what you have to say, little missy. So righteous! Also, Shippensburg was a freakin’ wind tunnel, too, I got wind burn SO bad up there one time I thought my cheeks were going to peel away. It hurt so.fucking.bad.

    And don’t worry so much about your cyst. If something starts to hurt YOU KNOW WHATS UP, so just go see your doctor asap. Until it hurts, don’t worry about it because you MIGHT have nothing to worry about anymore.

    1. LOL and I care about what you have to say!

      The cyst isn’t completely gone sadly though. What the cortisone shot did was shrink it…so it may come back…or may not. UGH! I’ve run through Shipp a few times and that is a serious (and painful) wind tunnel as well! I’m feeling whiplash just thinking about that one!

  9. I’m with you about hating winter. I’d much rather run through the winter on a treadmill than not run at all though. I also hear you on the wind. We haven’t had much snow in Chicago this year which I’ve really appreciated but it has been cold and we have a lot of wind. This morning I was running into the wind and even my eyeballs felt cold lol.

  10. Ewww winter running. I’m actually not sure what I hate worse, the dreadmill or the windy cold. I usually end up choosing to suffer outside thought because there’s no turning around once I’m out the door. I’m not sure I could do as many miles on the machine as you manage to pound out every day. I have too much trouble turning my brain off.
    I hope your cyst doesn’t come back! When I had a steroid shot in my foot to determine if I needed surgery a few years ago, the pain actually did go away for good. I’m not sure if it works the same with cysts but I’ll be crossing my fingers for you!

  11. Righteous workouts… you’ve been my inspiration this past week as it snowed and I had to get through treadmill miles.

  12. Seems I’m a bit late with the righteous bit but there you have it. I haven’t had one in a while, but sometimes sleeping most of the day feels SO NICE. I just wish I had an excuse to do it more often!

  13. Hmm I didn’t know that I had to pick complaining about the treadmill or the weather. I have been doing both 😉

  14. I’m glad you were able to run outside today! We ran inside during the week, but outside yesterday and today. I would say today’s hill workout was the best workout, tough but enjoyable.

    Our weekend was relaxing, and we saw The Hobbit finally!

  15. I hate feeling like a hamster too, but I bite my tongue because I hate the cold more and I appreciate being able to get some movement in without feeling like I’m going to lose my toes or nose. And I was going to say that I had a pretty productive weekend, and then you have to go show me up with your amazing mileage. Pft 😛

  16. RIGHTEOUS! lol…..would we call Saturday “listening to your body”? ahaha omg I can’t stop I’m sorry. Good decision, I like how you take days off when you feel like it. I always hated that about my training, I would plan rest days but then never feel like I needed them and then when I did need a rest day I was like “noooo but my plan has me doing X miles today” lol. epic fail. I hear ya on the cyst concerns too, but I would guess that you’re probabyl already being proactive with PF type exercises and preventions for the foot…it wouldn’t hurt anyways.

    My weekend was lazy too but when you’re on crutches that’s kind of how your whole life is. I slept a lot and went to the movies…I got to do a shift at work on Saturday though, which made my day!

  17. Fingers crossed for your foot as the cortison wears off! I would get in to how I can commiserate with your situation but then this would get long, basically I’m in a similar boat.
    Good luck!!

  18. righteous 😉 Nothing wrong with having a day when you don’t want to run. It shows how normal you are! Plus after all of those miles on a treadmill anyone would be a tad drained! We live in a wind tunnel too! Wind burn all the way until May here! And I flash people sometimes when I forget to hold my dress down… True story it happened once. Anyway core work is core work no matter what! Keep being epic girl and be safe with your body!

  19. Can I be in on the righteous thing 😉
    Anyways – I admire you more than you know for not ripping out your eyeballs on the treadmill! I have a feeling the 1:25 at Shamrock is SO happening as long as that stupid cyst doesn’t come back! I had no clue that cortisone last for so long – I thought it was a one shot deal (wrong choice of words, but im going with it haha) Does that mean it is just a guessing game as to if the pain comes back?

    1. Exactly and you can only be in on being righteous if you and Shannon come let live in ya’lls room. LOL, anyways yeah the cortisone is guessing…it may never come back and first shot killed it off…but it may come back and need a booster. Then I have to keep getting shots every 3 months until it goes away? Which it might not…life get’s complicated then I guess. Who knows. I’m just glad today didn’t involve the treadmill for once LOL.

  20. Righteous dude. I’m baffled how you can log that long of a run on a treadmill but when push comes to shove its better than freezing your butt off or not running. Best work out was the 11 miles today followed by that Animal Flow class – I felt like my quads had a million tiny fire ants having a party in every fiber of my muscle. Not looking forward to sore I know is coming tomorrow…

  21. I was feeling rather righteous going to church earlier today 😉 I am a newer reader (and struggling with PF and other random foot pains). Looks like I’ll have to click though your blog archives to find more info about your cyst and cortisone shot. Did it help???

    1. I spent close to 2 months with a cyst lodged in my foot. It was veyr similar to a blood clot (and had nothing to do with running). I spent two months not running and being in immense pain. The cortisone shot was the only thing that helped. I’ve heard it helps with pf but I’ve heard it doesn’t too I think that really depends on the person and I think they have a hard time giving that to someone who hasn’t had pf for at least 6 months…at least that is what I hear! 🙂

  22. OMG, that is SO much running! you may as well be training for an ironman!!
    maybe you should look into that if you are into endurance sports! you would probably enjoy it, especially since you used to be a swimmer

  23. Looks like a great week (a righteous week!) of workouts. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a sleeping day! I really should have had one today and listened to my body as now I feel so tried, in a bad way. Normally after a run I’m all rejuvenated but not today 🙁

  24. Righteous, woman. 😛 I am also experiencing the treadmill blah because of the weather. I had a sleep day on Friday and it was amaaaazing. I’m gonna have to start channeling your treadmill prowess. I ran 6 the other day and it felt like forever. But I definitely need to start running at least 10. I wish it would get warm!

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