Mud In Your Eye Cross Country 5k (19:43)

I had mentioned last Sunday that I had done a cross country 5k.  (Did I mention how long the title was? I had actually run this course before (in the summer) and ran a 20:21.  Six months (and a large cyst) later I ran it in 19:45.  All good.  It is a completely cross country course (I ran in spikes). 

I love any excuse to run in spikes.  I’ve been doing most of my runs on as much trail and grass as possible.  I used to believe that pavement was the best and I wouldn’t run on anything else.  It took me a very long time to truly love running on dirt, mud and grass.  Moving on.

I had no idea how this race would go because my blood sugars had been seriously out of whack prior and I hadn’t really been running a lot.  As well as I had two back to back pretty decent 8 mile runs which meant my legs were pretty tired.  Meaning, I just wanted to enjoy myself in the race.  (but when do I not?)

We all lined up on the grassy null behind the prison and were off.  There were a lot of high schoolers at this race because it is a certified high school and collegiate (though not sure if they use it for that) cross country course.  They thrive off this course since they spend a season…or four just running this course over and over again.

Anyways, we all lined up ready to go.  I immediately saw the percentage of high schoolers at the front compared to normal road races.  Such a different crowd, so I knew the competition would be tough.  (then of course the ones that die off after 1k) And the high school age boys…would be…well themselves and slightly creepy.

So with that we started and I was probably pretty far back (maybe 30th?).  I felt pretty strong and started with the hilliest mile at 5:53.  I tend to run my races conservative and would rather be too slow (for me) then too fast die and cry through the race.  I’d rather run 5:5X and not be dead then 5:4X and die…but that could also be a mental block.

When I realized I felt pretty good (which surprised me) I noticed there was one other female in front of me.  So I began my tunnel vision.  So with that, I started to crank out the next two miles (through the mud) with a 6:27 and 6:13 and took over first for females.

I finished chasing after an 11 year old boy (Is that weird to say I’m chasing after someone born in 2002!) but alas I couldn’t catch him.  I’m pleasantly surprised and happy with this race.

Dad and I post race
Dad and I post race (I don’t think I could look more awkward)

Questions for you:

What is your favorite terrain to run on?

How would you feel chasing an 11 year old LOL?

(in his defense he is an incredible athlete and a very sweet kid).