Black Forest Pancakes (Chocolate Cherry)

These were inspired by one of my twitter friends, Jason.  He posted a comment that he had just created this masterpiece and I knew I had to give it a whirl. Actually, I had no idea the combination of dark chocolate and cherries is called black forest,  which is actually really sad because one of my favorite food combinations ever is chocolate and cherry.  Shows my foodie knowledge…moving on…

Black Forest Pancakes: 

½ cup flour

1 egg

1 tablespoon baking powder

¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder (dark hersheys is what I chose…and always choose)

½ cup cherries

¼ cup tart cherry juice and ¼ cup milk (depending your liking of consistency)

Or just ½-1 cup milk if you don’t like to cherry bomb


Mix and pour on a griddle or pour in a waffle maker.

*Here is the thing about these.  I have made them without oil and with oil.  I have found the cherry juice really adds enough moisture that the oil tastes funny in there.  (Not something you’d problaby notice) so anyways that is up to you. 

Question for you:  Fill in the blank: Chocolate+_______________ is my favorite combination.  (for me either cherry or orange)


  1. Chocolate + sea salt OR chocolate + pb… god a miss pb… those look yum! My next paleo batch will need to cocoa powder in them!

    1. I must not be eating sea salt correctly because it seems like a lot of people are obsessed with that combination…I like it in chocolate bars but I don’t know if it would make a good pancake. least to my extend of cooking skills.

  2. I did not put together that cherry and chocolate is black forest either. Chocolate + mint for me. 🙂

  3. Chocolate + coconut or chocolate + pretzels. Hard to choose. I had no idea this was called black forest either. All I know is that I’ve been going through a cocoa powder obsession lately so these look great.

  4. Chocolate + peanut butter. Forever and always.

    I knew black forest cakes were chocolate and cherry, but somehow, I never really made the connection that black forest = chocolate and cherry. Yup, I’m a bright one.

  5. These are genius! My grandma makes a delicious black forest cake, so I would totally be behind enjoying this flavor at breakfast. 🙂 Basically, anything paired with chocolate is a winner in my book–peanut butter, strawberries, etc.

  6. Thanks for the shout out and glad you liked them. I have been thinking a ton about chocolate and orange lately so that may be next.

    I am also going to try my hand at a different type of waffle on Wednesday and hopefully it turns out well and I will post a pic to twitter but just know it involves chocolate and peanut butter but not in just any old way.

    1. I’m about to just live my life on recipes from your blog…I can’t wait to see the recipe. We could rule the world (or the cookbook breakfast world) you and I LOL!

      1. I am proposing a cookbook idea to a publisher this week actually. Finally getting off my duff and putting one together.

        And ruling the breakfast world would be ideal. I would just eliminate the words lunch and dinner and replace them with brunch and brinner.

  7. These make me think of cake – black forest is actually probably one of my favorite cakes of all time… aaaaaand now I’m conveniently craving a slice at 8 AM. Nice 😛 I’m a big fan of the chocolate and mouth combination… you can never go wrong with that one.

  8. My dad LOVES black forest. There’s this place that only makes black forest ice cream in the summer and our freezer is full for those months.

    Chocolate and peanut butter is my fave for sure.

  9. Chocolate + caramel is my favorite. Yummmmm. Although the cherry sounds pretty delicious too!! Now that I make pancakes multiple days a week for breakfast, I need to start trying some more recipes!

  10. I never knew that chocolate + cherry was black forest either! Cool! Another pancake recipe to bookmark! I honestly love chocolate and anything but I think chocolate and almond is my favorite

  11. Chocolate+coconut is my favorite combo! Also I thought (and I’m no foodie either) that black forest had coconut in it too? Or is that german chocolate? Hmm need to google this lol

      1. German chocolate has coconut in it. Black Forest will have almonds sometimes so you can use almond flour or crush some almonds and toss into batter. Or I have used almond extract before as well but be conservative with it b/c it can have an alcoholy (is that a word?) taste to it.

  12. oo yum! Those must have tasted like cake 😀 hmmm.. I do like chocolate and mint, but I would def go for chocolate and orange any day… oranges are my favorite 😀

  13. Chocolate cherry is such a good combo. I’ve never tried it with pancakes though! One of my favorite combos is chocolate and potato chip. Seriously soooo good!

  14. OOOH chocolate cherry is an amazing combo!! I’ve made muffins that way but never pancakes. Dear lord I can’t choose what my fave thing to pair chocolate with is….I think it goes well with coffee and hazelnuts….but if I’m feeling fruity then definitely oranges! I love putting a few drops of orange flavor in my hot chocolate lol

  15. Chocolate + cooler ranch doritos are awesome! Random, yes.. but delicious, YES! You simply just melt chocolate ontop of the chips & call it a yummy treat 🙂

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