Elizabeth River 10k (42:07)

Okay I lied yesterday-I decided to post a recap today.  Not that it really matters. 

This previous weekend, I raced my first nonhalf marathon in god knows how long (close to 6 months!).  It was a weird, very hot experience.  I promised that I would take my summer races “easier” to allow to peak appropriately for cross country in the fall.  That is easy enough because I don’t have to try it’s so darn hot.

Anyways we (dad and I) got to the race around 7:00 I warmed up with the young kids running club.  (I help coach them periodically when I’m home).  They were racing the 1 miler.  I helped pace a female who ran a 7:25!  I’m so happy for her.

Anyways after the 1 miler, I quickly changed shoes and got ready the 10k.  It was already extremely hot but I was over it.  (This was the most I’ve warmed up for a race in well…at least 6 months because I don’t warm up for halves and 10ks are pushing my warmup factor).


As per usual race start, I needed to get up front to chat to all my friends.  I NEVER go to the race start without chatting a bit.  (Saturday mornings are my big dailymile social hour).

The first mile I ran with a pack of four other females.  We were fighting for the spots 3-8.  (The first two ladies were god knows how far ahead! )  By the second mile it was me and two other woman and we were somewhat separated.

By the middle of the race I had sweat through my entire singlet (I’m not a big sweater..ever).  There was a water hose and I took full advantage of running through that.

This is where I caught up to the next female who had separated herself.  We are both rather small (meaning we don’t take up the entire two lane road between us), but she was running up my ass.  I wanted to pass her but she continued to cut me off (nearly tripping me several times).  Literally she would swerve in front of me and 100% prevent me from passing.

I’m not aggressive-at all (in life or running) but she about drew my last nerve.  I started to surge and then hault, alternating between 6:00 min and 7:00 min pace.  I ran to her left and then to her right.  Honestly, I was just trying to be as annoying as possible.   I like to get under people’s skin and this seemed to be rather annoying her.  She was trying to beat me and my antics were not amusing her…

Finally around mile 5 during one of my surges (I knew she was dying), I took off.  Downgraded and got my tempo going.  I ended up beating her by about 45 seconds. 

I was fourth female overall and first in my age group.  I’m certainly content with that.  Of course I’ve gone faster in half marathons and harder courses, but the heat is no joke and I’m not about to race like a moron. 

You might actually think I’m legit or something here…

Take away from this race:

Heat forces to you to slow down (good for my peaking for XC in the fall)

Question for you:  What are your optimal race conditions? 

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  1. Hahaha I am proud of you for pissing her off. That sounds like something I would want to do but wouldn’t have the guts to do. Nice race especially in such heat!

  2. I am a doormat in most areas of life but running? You can bet I’d have rugby-tackled that girl off the road. Glad you beat her in the end anyway.

    ‘…the heat is no joke and I’m not about to race like a moron-‘ thanks for saying that because I was beating myself up over racing my marathon on Sunday conservatively and I’m not pleased with my time, but it was either that or risk being one of the many runners dropping like flies beyond mile 18. So your words confirm to me that pushing things might not have been worth it.

  3. You look really determined in your finish pic! Congrats on your AG award and doing so well overall, especially in this heat. Those paces are amazing for the humidity and heat right now!

    Totally don’t blame ya for racing conservatively and you still did great!

  4. you take really awesome race pics, btw.
    oof, heat – not looking forward to running in it. It hasn’t broken 75 degrees in nothern Europe and I’m used to running in near-wintry conditions. Not great for when I get home in a few weeks and it’s going to be 80+ and super humid! I’m a *really* sweaty person, so I’d much rather wear an extra shirt than be horribly hot and sweaty.

  5. I ran a 19:31 5k yesterday, and then a 20:42 this morning… Im so confused, does that ever happen to you?

  6. hehehe I loveee your re-caps because you remember so much detail! darn girl, I might have tried to elbow her outta my way! 🙂
    I LOVE the heat, but I’m a dumb-dumb while racing in the heat!! <–workin on that this summer!
    I hope you've been having a great weekend!

    1. Ha next time!

      I write my race recaps in the car ride. Normally they aren’t so long, but this one has many interesting events I guess! When are you coming to VA?!

  7. Awesome that you annoyed and beat that girl. Haha. Great race!! I haven’t done much racing but living in AZ I am used to the heat. My ideal race temp would probably be around 75. I have never experienced humidity though- that must make it tough!

  8. Great job Holly! You have a serious skill at race pictures. That other female sounds annoying, I’m glad you got to pass her. My ideal conditions are 60 and overcast or 50 and sunny. 🙂

  9. hey girl I just discovered your blog – love it! And congrats on the 10k, that’s definitely a legit time for this heat. Nice work putting that woman in her place too – for me things like that always make races more fun (especially if you come out on top haha)!

  10. Way to go Holz! That’s so awesome that you can do X-Country next year.

    I have Duathlon Nats this Sunday (as you know)–I looked at my best 10K from this race 3 years ago… and damn. It was like my best race ever!

  11. Hey Hollie, elsewhere on this page you have your 2012 PR as a 42:20. Since you ran a 42:07, I’d say that is your fastest 10K this year! Woot!

    1. Oh thanks! I really need to update that. I guess “officially” my fastest 10k was in the Plattsburgh half last month. I haven’t really raced the distance too much! 😛

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