More Graduation Talk

As promised, I would actually talk about my graduation versus post photos and call it wordless Wednesday.  Really it should be called Lazy Wednesday because that post takes like 5 seconds to do.

Also grades hadn’t officially come out, so I couldn’t blatantly say I finished all my classes.  (I just let you assume…).  This semester, I struggled with one particular course.  The teacher is notoriously difficult (half the class was not passing going into the final), and the course is only offered in the spring.  Meaning me failing would mean taking a semester off of school (I wouldn’t need to frill my schedule  with courses for an entire year…) and then coming back Spring 2013 and taking that one class.

So yes…it’s good I [barely] passed. 

Right then.  I can’t really say commencement though was anything to thrilling.  In fact the one day that is 88 degrees with no shade in Potsdam was the day that we were wearing black robes.

So needless to say it was a sweat box.

Another glorious thing of my school is that you don’t have to sit in alphabetical order.  So I could sit with my housemate Julie.  Then we could walk up together and be obnoxious…well…together.

So we listened to a few speeches, they first announced all the music school graduates (my college is a prestigious music school).  Then the arts and sciences.  Community health is a science don’t cha know.

In front of my favorite building ever Dunn Dungeon.  I only nicknamed it the Dungeon because I never left...ever...

Then as fast as much time as we had spent to get ready for this occasion-it was over.  My parents, brothers and I took a few photos and we were back on the road (both of them had airplanes to catch down in Syracuse).

Moving on to my post college life.

A lot of people have asked if I’m going straight into my internship and that is a negative.  Since I’m working on a college campus (not mine), my internship goes along with (somewhat) with the school year.  I have most of the summer off to prepare a few programs that I’ll be working on and start that in early-mid August. 

I’ll also be doing a bit more research on high protein diets for a side project with one of my professors. I’ve really learned a lot about the importance of fats and protein into our diets and how you can survive with minimum carbohydrates (I’m not taking minimum calories-but carbohydrates).  My personal opinion is that we will be seeing some major changes to myplate and the food pyramid and nutritional guidelines in the next 10 years.

I must say, throughout the semester I’ve been working on this bonus work and I’ve actually learned a lot.  The one thing I’ll miss about college is learning learning learning, but I suppose I can do that in real life.

Since not one person answered my question yesterday,

How was your graduation?

What do you miss most about school? 

I miss creating so much drama and being a mean girl…