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As promised, I would actually talk about my graduation versus post photos and call it wordless Wednesday.  Really it should be called Lazy Wednesday because that post takes like 5 seconds to do.

Also grades hadn’t officially come out, so I couldn’t blatantly say I finished all my classes.  (I just let you assume…).  This semester, I struggled with one particular course.  The teacher is notoriously difficult (half the class was not passing going into the final), and the course is only offered in the spring.  Meaning me failing would mean taking a semester off of school (I wouldn’t need to frill my schedule  with courses for an entire year…) and then coming back Spring 2013 and taking that one class.

So yes…it’s good I [barely] passed. 

Right then.  I can’t really say commencement though was anything to thrilling.  In fact the one day that is 88 degrees with no shade in Potsdam was the day that we were wearing black robes.

So needless to say it was a sweat box.

Another glorious thing of my school is that you don’t have to sit in alphabetical order.  So I could sit with my housemate Julie.  Then we could walk up together and be obnoxious…well…together.

So we listened to a few speeches, they first announced all the music school graduates (my college is a prestigious music school).  Then the arts and sciences.  Community health is a science don’t cha know.

In front of my favorite building ever Dunn Dungeon.  I only nicknamed it the Dungeon because I never left...ever...

Then as fast as much time as we had spent to get ready for this occasion-it was over.  My parents, brothers and I took a few photos and we were back on the road (both of them had airplanes to catch down in Syracuse).

Moving on to my post college life.

A lot of people have asked if I’m going straight into my internship and that is a negative.  Since I’m working on a college campus (not mine), my internship goes along with (somewhat) with the school year.  I have most of the summer off to prepare a few programs that I’ll be working on and start that in early-mid August. 

I’ll also be doing a bit more research on high protein diets for a side project with one of my professors. I’ve really learned a lot about the importance of fats and protein into our diets and how you can survive with minimum carbohydrates (I’m not taking minimum calories-but carbohydrates).  My personal opinion is that we will be seeing some major changes to myplate and the food pyramid and nutritional guidelines in the next 10 years.

I must say, throughout the semester I’ve been working on this bonus work and I’ve actually learned a lot.  The one thing I’ll miss about college is learning learning learning, but I suppose I can do that in real life.

Since not one person answered my question yesterday,

How was your graduation?

What do you miss most about school? 

I miss creating so much drama and being a mean girl…

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  1. Happy graduation to you, and I love your dress! My grad was ridiculously hot & 88 out too on Sunday. I’d be interested to hear more about your research on fats/proteins, and I’ve learned so much about their metabolism in my biochem class last semester. Low fat is NOT the way to go, and most people could lower their carb intake (even if it is most/all from whole grains).

    1. I 100% agree. I think high fat/low carbohydrate diets get a bad rap because of diets such as the atkins. In our society, we don’t need to consume as much as bread as most believe!

  2. So jealous that you could sit in random order!!! I got to sit by people I never even met!

  3. Happy graduation! I love your shoes/dress! The new research on lower carb diets is so interesting. Are you thinking about doing a post on it? I’d totally be all over reading that. Anyways, high school graduation was boring and I’m graduating college next year! I miss my friends at college though. 🙁

  4. I didn’t go to my own college graduation because I graduated a year early, so it wasn’t really “my class” and most of my friends still had another year…plus I went to a really huge university, so it would’ve taken hours just to see my name on a screen for five seconds. 😛 I did go to my brother’s graduation down in VA a couple of weeks ago, and it was also about a million degrees out. I was holding the program over my face the entire time, and I may have looked ridiculous buuuuut I wasn’t sunburned at the end of the day like everyone else!

    CONGRATULATIONS, and hope the research and internship go well! So agreed on the carb thing.

    1. I didn’t really feel too close to many people in my class and I was with them all four years so I can certainly understand that!

      There were so many people waving their programs at their face. Some girls even took off their gowns while sitting because it was so hot.

  5. Congrats!!!! My graduation was lame. no family, just me and my classmates really. I think I got drunk after hahaha high school grad was over and done with and I was home in bed right after since I had rowing at 5am. I was cool

  6. haha nobody answered your question? well, my graduation was mom, dad, step-dad, and brother all came. I had a morning ceremony so we drove back home (to Mississippi) after the ceremony

  7. thats really nice that your university allowed you to sit with who you wanted! I would feel weird sitting next to a kid i’ve never met before..
    glad that your internship doesn’t start until the fall – you can enjoy your last free summer! woot woot.

  8. My graduation was good. It was 5 years ago but I was sober and not very many people were. It was a happy day even though I wasn’t employed right after it. I just miss the fun times of school, I’m around high school kids enough to not miss that at all.

    I love all the graduation pictures and I’ve also read a lot about high protein, high fat, low carb diet. There are lots of people moving toward that and also paleo instead of carbs. Even as a runner, I feel like too much emphasis is placed on carbs like breads and pasta, I don’t like that.

  9. I miss everything about school.

    And even though we don’t need tons of carbs, My Plate and USDA won’t change. It’s not based on science but economics and the farm subsidies to agriculture are huge so therefore we are encouraged to eat that way. It’s sad

  10. Congratulations on graduating. 🙂 I think what you’ll be researching on is really interesting. High fat and high protein diets really might just be the way to go; it doesn’t mean we need to rely only on not-as-efficient carbohydrates as our primary source of fuel.

  11. “In fact the one day that is 88 degrees with no shade in Potsdam was the day that we were wearing black robes.”

    Oh, I can relate to this. It was chucking it down with rain the day before my graduation, chucking it down with rain the day after but for graduation day, it was blazing sunshine. Lovely. Except for the long black robes. Except that I was cooking inside them. Except that I kept tripping over the hem. Matters weren’t helped much by the fact that I got shouted at by Mrs Busybody from “Graduate Robes R Us” or whatever the company was called for being “improperly dressed”. Never mind that someone else from “Graduation Robes R Us” had helped me put the robes on in the first place and assured me that everything was in order.

    Needless to say, I was not in a good mood by the time we were all herded into the hall for the actual ceremony. Then we had a delusional speaker who was bent on convincing us that we had nothing to worry about, that graduate jobs grew on trees, that it was plain sailing from here. Laughable at best, downright irresponsible at worst. What we really needed to hear was that we were likely to find it hard, but that we were equal to it. That, at least, would have been true.

    With hindsight, there isn’t much that I miss about university. But at first, it was the sense of being alone. Don’t get me wrong, I was never the party animal at university, I’m thinking more along the lines of you hand in a piece of work, you’re graded, you’re given feedback and it’s either a nice little massage for your ego or a much-needed kick up the backside. Safe, predictable, familiar. After graduation, that’s gone, and I felt like no-one knew I even existed. Of course, it passed and I adjusted but it’s not the nicest feeling I’ve ever experienced.

  12. I miss the freedom of setting your own schedule and picking fun electives. Not to mention getting to meet all kinds of people and involvement in activities. There are aspects of this in the real world, but not really.

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