Last Lolligagging Training Week

Training week.  This was my last week of lolligaging training.  What does that mean exactly?

Well running half marathons because I like too.  Running a random amount of miles because I feel.  Whatever.  Next week starts the beginning of the summer training, which coincidently begins with some rest.  But let’s review last week really quick:

69 miles of running.

Broken down as followed:

13.1 miles racing 1:30.35 (I’ll recap that at some point)

4 miles coaching and creating clones of me

6.5 miles of a somewhat tempo at 7:27 pace

45.4  easy miles

Roughly 2 hours swimming


Next week:

Rest my legs a lot most of the week to begin an intense summer cycle.  Rest is key because I cannot *repeat* cannot get another stress fracture or any sort of injury really.  

Run my first 5k in 6 months (probably be sore as crap the next day).  I need to get some sort of a baseline.  Optimally I would love to be under 20 minutes, but I am not…by any stretch of the imagination very good at 10ks let alone 5k.  Why yes my fastest half marathon pace is FASTER by 15 seconds per mile then my fastest cross country 5k…let’s work on that…

For my best half time, I should be well under a 19 minute 5k.  Am I close to that? No not really.  Enough musings from the peanut gallery.

Swim a lot (I still have that ocean mile swim coming up)

Then after some nice resting, I’ll be primed and ready to run next week some good workouts.  I’m hoping this week rejuvenates my legs.

With that I leave you of this photo of me and a muscle milk truck, because who doesn’t love that stuff.

Questions for you:

  1. Do you like muscle milk?
  2. What is your favorite running distance ever?