Lifetime Training Peak Weak

I was asked if I would do a day by day breakdown of my runs and workouts this week with paces.  As you know-I don’t really keep track of a lot of my paces because I find it helps me, but here you go.


5.1 Mile run.  Easy (untimed) in the rain.

AM: 18.9 Mile long run @ 8:32 pace (3:41.30).  This is my longest run ever and the only reason I timed it was to make sure I was keeping it easy and not pushing the pace.

PM: P90x Chest and Back


Easy 8.2 mile run.  No watch…no anything.  Just easy.  Felt good.


AM: 6.3 miles with a teammate of mine.  Still easy.

PM: 6.3 miles (again).  I had planned to do this also as an easy run, but alas stress and life got in the way.  I quickly knew when I started running that I wanted to change it to a tempo run.  Good thing I started my watch.  6.3m @6:32 pace=41:15.  I’m very happy with this run and it served as a good motivation, now if only I can keep that pace through my half next weekend.  😉 (no).


AM: Easy 12 miler, solo and without music.  I forget if I’ve mentioned but my stupid ipod stopped working so I’ve had to be a “real runner” and run without music…until I buy a new ipod.

PM: P90x Legs and Shoulders + Ab Ripper X


11.75 miler.  I was just running by myself, but ended up seeing my assistant swim coach (around mile 7) on the roads and ran a few extra miles (around 10-11min pace) with her.  My overall pace was 8:05, and I felt strong running a sub 8 pace on the 10 miles alone.


AM: Tempo 4 miler.  This one was rough but I reminded myself tempos are good for the soul and racing myself means I’m the ultimate victor.  I have dubbed my tempo runs the Pancake Series.  The winner gets free pancakes…Well considering there is one person and that one person is me…you know where this is going.

PM: Easy 10.2 run with my assistant swim coach again.  It was her first double digit run!

Total 83.5 miles

This is my lifetime highest mileage week.  The best part was-they were quality runs.  I had 2 tempos and a long run.  The rest were easy and recovery.

All in all it was a very solid workout week.  Very solid.   Next week, I’m going into taper for my half next Sunday.   I get to significantly cut my miles in hopes to run a sub 1:30 half.  I can’t wait. 

I know I have a couple speed workouts (Wednesday and Thursday) to get my legs in the right mind frame, then off to Plattsburgh.

Questions for you:

How was your training week? 

What is your favorite workout? 

Do you like to workout in the AM or PM?